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Pūko from volume 46 of Super Mario-kun
Species Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 45) (sneak peek only) (2012)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 46) (2013)
Pūko when she looks like a Rocky Wrench in volume 46 of Super Mario-kun
Pūko taking the appearance of a Rocky Wrench in the first chapter of volume 46

Pūko (プー) is a Monty Mole and a member of AKG48 (a parody of the Japanese girl group AKB48) that appears in volume 46 of Super Mario-kun. Her name comes from「チョロプー」(Choropū), the Monty Mole's Japanese name, and「子」(-ko), a common female given name suffix. Her name is very similar to Choropūko's.

She first appears in the first chapter of volume 46, where she is shown alongside the other AKG48 members. She wears goggles, taking on the appearance of a Rocky Wrench.

She later reappears in the fourth chapter at the Mogura Matsuri (もぐらまつり, Mole Festival), now without goggles. She introduces herself to Mario, Luigi and Toad and gives them a tour around the place. She shows them carnival-like games such as "Choropū ga Tataku Game" (チョロプーがたたくゲーム), a game where Monty Moles whack the participant, and a target practice game that uses a bazooka. She then shows Mario and his friends the food, which consists of mostly aquatic enemies. After putting a Spike Eel in a pot, a Morty Mole arrives and starts destroying the festival due to it being in his home. Mario and the Morty Mole start fighting, with Pūko cheering the former on. After Mario loses, Pūko gives him a Monty Mole heirloom, a super-metal, invincible powered suit for him to use, which he discards almost immediately. As Mario continues to getting attacked by the Morty Mole, Luigi wins two Statue Leaves from a raffle, which Pūko then tells the Mario Bros. to use to defeat the Morty Mole. She offers them a cooked Goomba to eat before they fight the Morty Mole. After Mario and Luigi defeat the Morty Mole with their Statue forms, she thanks them for saving the festival, and gives them both a cooked Fuzzy as a reward.

Pūko is one of the very few characters in Super Mario-kun to be established in one chapter/volume and return in a later chapter/volume.