Chitei Kaijū Indy

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Chitei Kaijū Indy
The Chitei kaijū indī from the seventh Super Mario World volume of KC Mario
Species Mega Mole
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (Super Mario World volume 7) (1992)

The Chitei Kaijū Indy (地底怪獣 インディー, Underground Monster Mega Mole) is a kaiju Mega Mole that appears in the seventh Super Mario World volume of the Super Mario Kodansha manga. It was created by Bowser alongside various other kaiju enemies. The Chitei Kaijū Indy is also assisted by a Ninji who studies the various enemy strategies and is instructed by Bowser to act.

It first appears as a shadowy figure on the cover for the third chapter. It makes its actual appearance in the main chapter by bursting through the ground, starting to terrorize Sarasaland. Luigi warns everyone about the Chitei Kaijū Indy, so he uses g-force to grow bigger to protect everyone from them. The Chitei Kaijū Indy dodges Luigi's kick and proceeds to burrow quickly into the ground, quickly grabbing Luigi and throwing him into the ocean of Birabuto. The Ninji quickly jumps off the Chitei Kaijū Indy as Mario and Yoshi arrive at Birabuto Kingdom to save Luigi.

While Mario and Yoshi save Luigi, the Chitei Kaijū Indy and Ninji sneak behind Peach and Daisy to capture them. Daisy tries using Tatanga to defeat them, but the Chitei Kaijū Indy quickly defeats him with a stomp and attempts to deliver Peach and Daisy to Bowser. However, Mario uses g-force to quickly attack the Chitei Kaijū Indy, steal its sunglasses to burn its eyes in the sun, slice them in half, and save both Peach and Daisy.