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The Choropū-san from the third Super Mario Kart volume of KC Mario
Species Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (Super Mario Kart volume 3) (1993)
“ほしければ 最後さいご番人ばんにんである。 オレをたおしてから いけ! ("If you want it, I'm the last guard. You'll have to defeat me first!")”
Choropū-san, Super Mario (Kodansha manga)

Choropū-san, as referred to by Peach, is a Monty Mole that works for Bowser and also the last guard of the Mega Mole-shaped temple located at the Pū Tairiku in the third Super Mario Kart volume of the Super Mario Kodansha manga. He wears a beret with a skull printed on the front.

When Mario and his friends are in the race, Bowser commands Choropū-san to ambush them. Though not initially intimidated, Choropū-san angrily throws a deadly scorpion at Mario and Peach. Luigi gets stung by the scorpion instead, with his head massively swollen. Mario and Peach then quickly go to the Pū Tairiku in order to get the serum to cure Luigi. However, Choropū-san returns to claim that he is the last guard of the serum in the inner temple, and that they have to beat him in order to obtain it. Mario, however, quickly runs over him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロプーさん
Monty Mole-san