Choropū (Haha)

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Choropū (Haha)
Choropū (Haha) from volume 54 of Super Mario-kun
Species Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 54) (2018)

Choropū (Haha) is a mother Monty Mole that appears in volume 54 of Super Mario-kun. She has a normal Monty Mole appearance, but with a bow on her head similar to that of Pūko.

She appears in chapter 17, in which she meets up with Mario and Yoshi. She proceeds to tell Mario that she wants her children, the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi), to have a good Christmas. She then tells Mario that she will pay him if he helps her children celebrate Christmas. Mario then puts on a Santa Claus costume with Yoshi dressing as a reindeer before heading to the underground Monty Mole home. At the end of the chapter, she thanks Mario for giving her children a good Christmas (although she forgets to pay him).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロプー(はは
Choropū (Haha)
Monty Mole (Mother)