Choropū Men'iwa

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Choropū Men'iwa
The Monty Mole Stone Spirits from volume 5 of Super Mario-kun
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 5) (1992)
Variant of Monty Mole
“にがさんぞ~~!! ("Don't try to escape...!!")”
Choropū Men'iwa, Super Mario-kun
The Monty Mole Stone Spirit when it gets broken by Mario and Yoshi in volume 5 of Super Mario-kun
A Choropū Men'iwa when its rock body is broken, revealing its true form

Choropū Men'iwa are undead variants of Monty Moles that appear in volume 5 of Super Mario-kun. They resemble stones with Monty Mole faces, but when they are broken, they resemble ghosts with Monty Mole faces.

When Mario is in the graveyard, he meets the Choropū Men'iwa alongside other face rock enemies. They fly towards Mario before attacking him. Mario opens Yoshi's mouth to make him eat the Choropū Men'iwa, then punches Yoshi's mouth to break them. The spirits of the enemies including the Monty Moles fly out, now resembling ghosts.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロプー面岩[1]
Choropū Men'iwa
Monty Mole Face Rocks

French Topi Taupe en pierre[2]
Stone Monty Mole


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