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Princess Peach with a Golf Club.

Throughout the Mario Golf series and in other golf video games, the characters have obviously been required to use Golf Clubs. There are several kinds of golf clubs that are shaped differently depending on their use.

  • Approach Wedge – This club is used to hit the ball onto the green from short distances.
  • Iron – This club can make the ball travel long or short distances, depending on the number; a 3 Iron hits longest, 9 Iron hits a much shorter distance but has a much higher trajectory.
  • Pitching Wedge – This club is used to hit the ball onto the green from a short distance, and make it stop quickly without rolling. This is called 'pitching.'
  • Putter – This is a completely different club, used to gently hit the ball into the hole while on or near the green. It is never used for hitting into the air.
  • Sand Wedge – As the name implies, this club is designed for hitting the ball out of bunkers, as it has the highest trajectory of all clubs.
  • Wood – This is the most powerful type of club, which is used to hit the ball far, usually on Par 4 and 5 holes.

In Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Custom Tickets can be exchanged for clubs in the Custom Club Shop. In many other golf video games, golf clubs look like they do in real life, but in Mario Golf: World Tour, the characters use personally-designed clubs. Miis can also use these clubs in addition to their realistic-looking ones, as well as sets designed like Mario creatures, items, objects, and some of Mario's forms. These are among the Mii gear that can be bought with coins at the Castle Club's shop, which has a similar feature from Mario Tennis Open.

List of Custom Clubs[edit]

Mario Golf GBC[edit]

After Dune Club Tournament for getting at least 3rd place. Blocked trees are disappeared on ground of Club Maker's Hut. Exchanged club is only one selectable and can't change different clubs.

Golf Club Name Drive Height Shot Meet Area Control
Distance +10% - Outer+1 - -
Control -10% - Inner+1 +1 +1

Mario Golf: Advance Tour[edit]

Exchanging Ticket into Clubs. Ticket is limited and each 2, 2, 2, 1. and you can't exchange Clubs are into Tickets. MGTT is usable on after MGAT connectivity.

Golf Club Name Drive Height Shot Impact Control Spin Ticket Code
POW +10% - Outer+1 - - - A
Low-Fly - -3 - - - -1 A
Straight - - Inner+3 - -1 - A
Sweet - - Outer+1 +2 - - A
Control - - Outer+1 - +2 - A
Backspin - - - - -1 +2 B
Super Low-Fly - -5 - - - -2 B
Super Straight -5% - Inner+10 - - - B
Super Sweet - - Outer+2 +4 -1 - B
Super POW +20% +1 Outer+2 - -1 - C
Low-Fly Spin - -2 - - -2 +2 C
Straight n'Low - -2 Inner+2 - - - C
Sweet Control - +2 Outer+2 +2 +2 - C
Risky +40% -2 Inner+10 -20 -2 - D
Super Spin - - - -1 -2 +4 D

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