Alarm Monkey

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Alarm Monkey
Marios Bombs Away TB-94 Bell2.gif
Alarm Monkey's appearance in the game manual of Mario's Bombs Away
First appearance Mario's Bombs Away (1983)
Latest appearance Game & Watch Gallery 4 (2002)

Alarm Monkey[1] is a minor character from Mario's Bombs Away. He is a mandrill that swings a bell, acting as the game's alarm indicator (he is located under the time/score). Alarm Monkey can be seen again in Game & Watch Gallery 4 in the starting sequence of the game's credits, where he is seen swinging a bell as in its original appearance.

In the Game & Watch game Parachute, there is an alarm monkey with a different appearance.


  • In Game & Watch Gallery 4, Alarm Monkey has a 1-bit look instead of the colorized look, unlike its first appearance.


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