Alarm Monkey

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Alarm Monkey
Mario's Bombs Aways Alarm Monkey (from the game manual)
Alarm Monkey's appearance in the game manual of Mario's Bombs Away
First appearance Mario's Bombs Away (1983)
Latest appearance Game & Watch Gallery 4 (2002)

Alarm Monkey[1] is a minor character from Mario's Bombs Away. He is a mandrill that swings a bell, acting as the game's alarm indicator (he is located under the time/score). Alarm Monkey can be seen again in Game & Watch Gallery 4 in the starting sequence of the game's credits, where he is seen swinging a bell as in his original appearance.

In the Game & Watch game Parachute, there is an alarm monkey with a different appearance.


  • In Game & Watch Gallery 4, Alarm Monkey has a 1-bit look instead of the colorized look, unlike in his first appearance.


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