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The article states that there are 100 Boos inside, yet with the list given I count 99. Either we're missing one, the total given is incorrect, or I counted incorrectly (and I'm sure I didn't).

Toa 95 (talk)

I think that the Big Boo boss also counts. --- ThePremiumYoshi
The Big Boo is a combination of all the Boos there, though.
Toa 95 (talk)
There's only 99. --FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!
Nope, there are 100 because 1 wasn't mentioned: the one being bullied by the Scardy Rats. YoshiHeadSSBU.png Tails777 Talk to me!SSBUStockIcon - Robin.png


Please add a section for the music that plays during this level. I don't know how and this level deserves it.