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Real Name: Gamefreak75
Age: 18
Birthday: Febrauary 8th
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Any Game That Doesn't Suck!
Favorite Character: Wario and Waluigi
Least Favorite Character: Princess Daisy and Baby Daisy
Least Favorite Game: Any Game That Sucks!
State: California
“Oh my pork!”
Fassad, Mother 3

I am also found on the:

  • I am also a sysop here, so if you have questions or just wanna chat, drop me a line.

All under the same name. I can also be found on the MarioWiki Forums.

  • My Sweet Sig: FREAK ~Game GameBros.png Freak~ OUT!
  • Halloween Sig: FREAK ~GameHalloweenBros.pngFreak~ OUT!
  • Christmas Sig: MERRY ~GameMerryBros..pngFreak~ CHRISTMAS!

Sad video: