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Toa 95's Userbox Tower
Ztar from Mario Party 5
Artwork of Mario
Shy Guy
Artwork of Waluigi, used in Mario Party 8 and Mario Party: The Top 100

No long bios anymore, now stay a while why don't you?

I'm on other places a lot as well but just send me something on my talk page here and I'll get to it when I do.

Mario-related games I own

Mario games

I should also note that I once owned Mario Party Advance, but lost it.

Related Series Games

I also once owned Donkey Kong Country for the GBA and Diddy Kong Racing DS, but somehow lost them as well.

Most recently obtained game(s): Yoshi's Woolly World / Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon / Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Games I want


Articles created

Note: This section only includes mainspace pages and article sub-pages. I do not count Redirects, Talk Pages, Featured Article Nominations, Templates, etc..