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Status: feeling somewhere between crappy and really crappy

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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! I'm Time Turner, also known in some places as GreenDisaster and Reversinator. I'm an active editor with a focus on overlooked subjects and finding names, and I am also a dork.


I am a stalwart defender through the night, purveyor for righteousness, seeker of the truth, and intermediary between all who seek companionship.

This is a fancy way of saying that I'm an all-around decent, friendly guy with a knack for editing and terrible, terrible insomnia.

I spend plenty of time on this website and its forum counterpart discussing the ins-and-outs and intricacies of the Super Mario expanded universe, arguing and discussing over which character serves as the best punching bag or why every item deserves an individual article. I keep myself busy by creating plenty and plenty of articles: if you look below, you can see that the exact amount is far too many. These articles have made me the foremost expert on such classics as Mario Party Advance and Mario's Time Machine, an honour which I am definitely and certainly unsarcastically proud of. On the plus side, I've become a better writer and spellerer thanks to all of the time I've spent writing for this place.

To-Do List


They're not just kids books, I swear.


They're tattered and archaic, but they're mine!


I'll keep 'em coming one after the other!


You win some, you lose some.