Ukiki (character)

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Ukiki from Mario Party Advance.
Species Ukiki
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“Ook! You found me! That's my Akiki!”
Ukiki, Mario Party Advance

Ukiki is a character in Mario Party Advance. He was the mayor of the Jungle Area before quitting the job and the uncle of another Ukiki named Akiki, who lives with him at the Ukiki House. According to his description, he is fond of baked goods and adores children. Wanting to play a prank on Akiki, he writes a letter saying that he's been kidnapped, along with a hint on where he is located ("bIg teAM cAT leaTHEr fLAKE!? blarmpot"; the capital letters spell out "I AM AT THE LAKE"). After leaving it at his house, he goes to hide at Loch Dorrie. Akiki, however, started to panic, not realizing that it was meant to be a surprise, and asks the player to help her find Ukiki. At the loch, Ukiki jumps out, expecting Akiki to be there, but is surprised himself to find the player. After the situation is explained to him, he apologizes for the confusion, giving the Mini Maze Gaddget as recompensation, before running back to Akiki. The ending credits state that Ukiki resigned as mayor, though he is still on good terms with Akiki.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウッキー
French Ukiki -