Island Museum

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Yoshi and Baby Mario viewing Woozy Guys at the Island Museum.

The Island Museum is a gallery of enemies in Yoshi's Island DS. Whenever an enemy is hit by an egg, one of the species appear here. The enemies are separated from visitors by walls and other means, and enemies are grouped based on type. This is similar to the gallery in Luigi's Mansion, or to a Bestiary. Some enemies can come out of their exhibit, but they will not harm Yoshi.

If the player completes the museum, a congratulatory message will appear the next time it is visited. This message appears only once per save file.

Aquatic Enemy Exhibit[edit]

This exhibit holds enemies that are found in or around water.

Botanical Enemy Exhibit[edit]

The enemies that are found here are plants.

Shy Guy Exhibit[edit]

These enemies are Shy Guys and Shy Guy sub-species.

  • Note that the two types of Spear Guys (walking and poking) are classed as different enemies - the player must egg both types to complete the museum.

Subterranean Enemy Exhibit[edit]

These enemies are mainly found underground.

Land Enemy Exhibit[edit]

These enemies are found on land.

Airborne Enemy Exhibit[edit]

Most of these enemies are found in the air.

Haunted House[edit]

These enemies are spirits.

Giant Enemy Exhibit[edit]

These enemies are huge.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーパーク
Yosshī pāku
Yoshi Park
Italian Museo Museum
Korean 요시 파크
Yosi Pakeu
Yoshi Park