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This article is about the item in Flown the Koopa. For the form in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, see Form Baton.
The Remote Control in Flown the Koopa

The remote control is an item in Flown the Koopa. It is obtained from Bowser after Mario and Luigi successfully defeat a group of Mechakoopas. Bowser attempts to hide it from them, but Luigi happily swings a wrench into Bowser's stomach, causing him to howl in pain and run away while leaving the remote control behind. Luigi picks it up and presses its "Off" button, shutting off a second group of incoming Mechakoopas. He then presses button 28, the one for the all-sports channel, and the Mechakoopas start attacking each other in a way that vaguely resembles football. Luigi gives the remote control to Mario, and the two make their way ahead. The remote control is necessary to defeat Magikoopa during the final confrontation against him. If Mario has it, he pulls it out as Luigi and Magikoopa are fighting inside Magikoopa's enchanted television set and presses a random button. The television switches to a bowling channel, and a giant bowling ball rolls towards Luigi and Magikoopa. Luigi jumps out of the television in time, but Magikoopa crashes into the bowling ball and rolls to the end of the lane until he is pinned by a pile of giant bowling pins. Mario then presses the remote control's "Off" button, and the television goes black.