Fortune Cookie

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Fortune Cookie
The Fortune Cookie

The Fortune Cookie (known as the Written Oracle in Japanese) is a souvenir located in the Doodads folder in WarioWare: Twisted!. The Fortune Cookie, as its name implies, contains a fortune that is removed by shaking the fortune out of the crack of the cookie. On the tip of the fortune is a color that represents whether or not it's a good fortune or a bad fortune. If it's a good fortune, alternating red and white stripes will flash in the background. If it's a bad fortune, nothing will happen. Every color also plays a sound unique to it. The quality of the fortune range from red to purple: red represents the best, while purple represents the worst. White can also appear, which is neutral.


  • Four-Leaf Clover (good)
  • Horseshoe (good)
  • Shiny Penny (good)
  • Good Times (good)
  • Black Cat (good)
  • Broken Mirror (bad)
  • Doom (bad)
  • Try Again (neutral)