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Appears in WarioWare: Twisted!
Type Game Souvenir
Info "Pyoro's back! This time, his beak stretches! Protect your flower friends from the attacking bugs!"
Controls Tilt motion control - Change direction of beak
A Button - Snap beak

PYORO R is the Pyoro minigame in WarioWare: Twisted!, and is a souvenir found in the Games folder. The "R" in the title stands for "Rotated", and all future Pyoro minigames followed this standard of adding the first letter of the minigame's control mechanism to the title. This time, Pyoro is protecting four flowers on what looks like a garden from various insects. Pyoro must extend his beak to defeat the enemies but, unlike the first two Pyoro games, Pyoro no longer uses his tongue as a weapon.


PYORO R gameplay

The player can tilt the GBA to move Pyoro towards the enemies and press A Button to attack them. However, larger enemies cannot be automatically defeated and the player must tilt the system to make these larger foes explode. Pyoro's stomach increases in size whilst doing this action.

Most bugs are worth 10 points, in the same fashion as eating a seed in the most easy way would earn the player 10 points in the original Pyoro. However, also like the original, the harder the enemy, the more points earned, again, like the way getting seeds in the hardest way would earn Pyoro points up to 1000.


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