Violin (souvenir)

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Violin in WarioWare: Twisted!

Violin is a souvenir in WarioWare: Twisted! located in the Instruments folder. It features a brown violin on a white background, with blue flowers fading in and out. When the souvenir starts, an unseen teacher plays a series of notes from the Mona Pizza song on the violin before asking the player to repeat the notes. This is achieved simply by tilting the console. The distance that the bow is drawn, the time between each note, and how long the note is held is not taken into account. As long as the console is tilted enough to cycle through every note, the souvenir accepts it. After the first lesson, the teacher gives three more lessons, each demanding the same of the player. Once all of the lessons are complete, the player is given free reign to play the violin. However, the notes that the violin plays are completely random, and cannot be decided based on how the console is tilted. Holding down A Button before the souvenir starts skips the lessons and lets the player immediately start playing of their own accord.