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The Hockey games are four different souvenirs in WarioWare: Twisted! All four are found on the far left side of the Games folder. They are based off of one of Wario-Man's microgames, Wario Hockey, as well as the real-life game air hockey.

Spitz Hockey[edit]

"I'll take a break from work to play a round with you."
Spitz Hockey Spitz Hockey has Spitz as an opponent. Unlike Ana Hockey and Unfair Hockey, the arena has no hazards. However, Spitz has a special move that causes Dribble to appear for a short time. This will make his mallet much bigger, and thus make it harder to score.

Ana Hockey[edit]

"Yeah, play against me! I may be little, but I know a trick or two!"
Ana Hockey Ana Hockey has Ana as an opponent. This stage's hazard is moles that pop up from the middle of the arena and bounce the puck away. Occasionally, Ana will activate a special move that creates many fake blue pucks in order to confuse the player.

Unfair Hockey[edit]

"You might be shocked if you challenge me."
Unfair Hockey Unfair Hockey has Wario as an opponent. This stage's hazard is electric currents on both sides of the arena. If the mallet touches these, the player will be incapacitated for a moment; however, the electric currents can also prevent Wario from moving. Wario will sometimes activate a special move that will launch the puck at an extremely fast speed.

Eternal Wario Hockey[edit]

"I can play all night. And day. And night."
Eternal Wario Hockey This game also features Wario as an opponent, and the stage is the same as the one from the original Wario Hockey. As the name suggests, this game lasts forever, and the goal is to hit the puck as many times as possible, for Wario never loses the puck into the goal on his side.


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