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The Graters are six different souvenirs in WarioWare: Twisted! All six are found on the far left side of the Other folder. They involve shredding various objects, mincing them into fine particles that are vaguely the same color as what was ground. The six objects that can be grated are a carrot, a big carrot, a slice of cake, a full cake, a sedan, and an SUV.

Carrot Grater[edit]

Carrot Grater The Carrot Grater features a regular orange carrot with a short green carrot top.

Big Carrot Grater[edit]

Big Carrot Grater The Big Carrot Grater features an orange carrot with two "legs" at its bottom, posed in a human-like stature.

Slice of Cake Grater[edit]

Slice of Cake Grater The Slice of Cake Grater features a cake with yellow and white bands and a strawberry on top.

Cake Grater[edit]

Cake Grater The Cake Grater features a yellow-and-white cake with three strawberries on top of it.

Sedan Grater[edit]

Sedan Grater The Sedan Grater features a red two-door sedan. Unlike the SUV, its wheels can be shredded.

SUV Grater[edit]

SUV Grater The Sedan Grater features a white four-door suburban utility vehicle. Unlike the sedan, its wheels fly off instead of being ground.