Batting Practice

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Batting Practice
Batting Practice
Appears in WarioWare: Twisted!
Type Game Souvenir
Info "The secret to hitting a home run? A fastball and a swing that packs a punch!"
Controls A Button – Pitch
Tilt motion control – Swing
Batting Practice gameplay

Batting Practice is a WarioWare: Twisted! souvenir, which can be found in the Games section. In this game, the player controls both a bat and a pitching machine. After setting the speed of the pitch with A Button, the pitching machine will launch a baseball. The player then has to swing the bat with Tilt motion control. The speed with which the bat is swung affects directly the length of the hit. A "Home Run!" announcement will be heard if the player manages to hit a home run. After five pitches, the total length of each hit is added and the game ends.

  • First home run: The announcer and sign will simply say "Home Run".
  • Two home runs in a row: The announcer will say "Home Run" and is joined by fireworks with Mario sound effects.
  • Three home runs in a row: Same as two in a row, but cheerleaders that look similar to Mona join.
  • Four home runs in a row: Same as three in a row, but an airplane is flying in the background.
  • Five home runs in a row: Same as four in a row, but there are falling meteors and instead of a airplane, Orbulon's UFO flies in the background.


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