Lantern Ghost (character)

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This article is about the character from Mario Party Advance. For the species, see Lantern Ghost.
Lantern Ghost
Lantern Ghost from Mario Party Advance
Species Lantern Ghost
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“Ah, yes. Oo! And it's mint! Come on in!”
Lantern Ghost, Mario Party Advance

Lantern Ghost is a character in Mario Party Advance. He can be found in the basement of the Horror Condo, watching an episode of Toad Force V. When approached, he introduces himself and says that the TFV Fan Club is currently in session. He then asks if the player is a fan of the show. If the player claims that they are a fan, Lantern Ghost says that they don't look like one and asks to show him a Toad Force V figure. When the player fails to produce it, he says to go to the item shop and buy a figure. Once the player returns with a figure, he lets them in and holds onto the figure for them, and as a complimentary reward, gives them the Poochy Pal Gaddget. He proclaims that the player is now a member of the fan club and asks them to spread the word about the show.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カンテラくん
Lantern Ghost
French Fantôlamp From "fantôme" (ghost) and "lamp"
Italian Lanterasma From lanterna (lantern) and fantasma (ghost)