Todd, Justin, Scott, and Ashby

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Todd, Justin, Scott, and Ashby are a quartet of violin-playing Piranha plants in Pipe Down! They are the only members of Ludwig von Koopa's orchestra, though their playing is described as a "swarm of sour notes." They serve as the accompaniment for Ludwig's latest ballet, starring a kidnapped Princess Toadstool, who has been forced to dance for him. Mario and Luigi come across the group in the middle of practicing while attempting to rescue Toadstool. If Mario and Luigi watch the whole performance without interrupting it, Ludwig asks them what they thought; though they try to hide it, they clearly hated the performance, prompting Ludwig to knock them out and force them to dance for him as well. If the cowboy boots had previously been released, a horde of cowboy boots attacks the stage (to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"), giving Mario the opportunity to kick over one of the flowerpots containing a Piranha plant. The kicked Piranha plant knocks over the others, and the four of them tumble down. If Mario and Luigi do not have any means of escaping Ludwig, he forces the group, including the Piranha plants, to perform across Dark Land in a nine-year tour.