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The poem of love in Mario Party Advance

The poem of love is a key item in Mario Party Advance. It is a message for Flutter written by Petal Guy. He wants to send it to Flutter, and asks the player to find out where she lives and deliver it to her. The poem must then be given to Flutter, residing in the Mushroom Condo's third floor. When Flutter receives the poem, she asks who Petal Guy is, only to be interrupted by Petal Guy, who left immediately after the player did to look for her. He then reads his poem out to her, and asks her what she thought of it. Flutter promptly says that she needs to leave and flies away, leaving Petal Guy disappointed. After the rejection, he proclaims that he is not giving up on his love, and gives the player the Bead Machine Gaddget for helping him.


Eyes like the ocean,
Nose like a mountain,
Mouth like the shining
Sun, you are my earth!
And I, a lone spaceman,
Crash into your love.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Poème