Lakitu (character)

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This article is about the character from Mario Party Advance. For the species, see Lakitu.
Lakitu from Mario Party Advance
Species Lakitu
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“I wanted to ask you about Toad Force V. I'm a huge fan. I'm a little crazy for it.”
Lakitu, Mario Party Advance

Lakitu is a character in Mario Party Advance. He can be found at Lakitu House, and when approached, asks the player for a favor. If accepted, he explains that he's a huge fan of the show Toad Force V, and can name just about every single line of dialogue from memory. However, he says that he forgot one of the most notable lines from episode 28, and tells the player to go ask another fan of the show who lives in the Mushroom Condo. Once they go to his apartment, Mushbert says that the classic line is "I'm an iron 'shroom!" After going back to Lakitu and telling him the line, he thanks them and as a reward, gives them the Bait 'n Wait Gaddget. The credits state that Lakitu secretly desires to become a screenwriter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジュゲム
French Lakitu -
Italian Lakitu -
Spanish Lakitu -