Mushroom Court

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Mushroom Court
A screenshot from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Ball speed Fast
Bounce strength Strongest
Appears in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Mushroom Court is a type of unlockable court in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. It is unlocked with 10 plays or by spending 2,000 coins on the unlocks menu. While a mushroom-themed court is first used in Mario Tennis Open under the name Mushroom Valley, this type of court returns in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash as a selectable skin for the standard court. The ball speed is as quick as it is in the Grass Court and Carpet Court, but the bounce strength is the strongest out of all courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash; as a result many opportunities to execute a Jump Shot appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノココート
Kinoko Kōto
Mushroom Court

Italian Campo fungo
Mushroom Field
Spanish Pista de champiñones
Mushroom Court