Morph Court

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Morph Court
Morph Court from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Ball speed ?????
Bounce strength ?????
Appears in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Morph Court is the last unlockable court skin from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. It is the successor to the Galaxy Arena court in Mario Tennis Open, specifically the Morph version of the court. The ball speed and bounce strength is determined by the current layout of the court, which is taken from all subsequent courts in the game; for example, if one section of the player's court is sandy, the ball behaves as if it is on the Sand Court. Players can change their opponents' section of court by using Chance Shots and (Ultra) Smashes and having the affected ball bounce on their side of the court. The court layouts rotate; when the final version is reached, it resets to the first one and continues.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタモルコート
Metamoru Kōto
Metamor(phic) Court
Italian Campo metamorfico Metamorphic Field
Spanish Pista mutante Mutant Court