Sand Court

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Sand Court
A screenshot from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Ball speed Slowest
Bounce strength Weakest
Appears in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

The Sand Court is one of the many selectable unlockable skins for the main stadium court in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. It is unlocked after 20 plays or by spending 4,000 coins on the unlocks menu. Playing similarly to courts in previous games such as Mario Tennis Open's Wario Dunes and Mario Tennis's Wario Court, the court features the lowest ball speed and the weakest ball bounce. Drop shots are thus more effective on this court than other courts.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンドコート
Sando Kōto
Sand Court

Italian Campo in sabbia
Sand Field
Spanish Pista de arena
Sand Court