Shock Panel

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Shock Panel
Shock Panel
First appearance Panel de Pon (1995, overall)
Tetris Attack (1996, Super Mario franchise)
Latest appearance Puzzle League Express (2009)
Yoshi matching four Shock Panels
Yoshi matching four Shock Panels.

Shock Panel is a type of panel that appears in the puzzle game Tetris Attack. Their appearance is gray with a white exclamation mark. This type of panel is rarer than the regular panels, and they only appear in VS modes.

When a player matches three of these in a line, they send a Shock Block to their opponent which prevents any garbage blocks or other Shock Blocks on top of it from being cleared. Players can send more than one Shock Block by matching more than three of these at a time. If they match four of these, they send two Shock Blocks, and if they match five, they send three.