Beneath the Keep

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Beneath the Keep
SMO Bowser's Moon 11.png
Greater location Bowser's Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Beneath the Keep is a location in Bowser's Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is found toward the very end of the kingdom, shortly after the Inner Wall and just before the Showdown Arena. After scaling the wall, Mario must cross a bridge over a moat of poison, where one of the final Checkpoint Flags in the kingdom can be found. Right after this is a set of stairs with a spark pylon taking Mario toward the arena. He is placed on the roof of a Tenshu with a massive golden model of Bowser's head within it. This is where Mario encounters Bowser and initiates the battle with RoboBrood over the arena.

Right before the stairs are six torches, each of which Mario may use Cappy to extinguish for coins. Behind the stairs, Mario may find a couple of Spinies and a few crates covering up a hole in the wall. Mario must capture a Pokio from the Inner Wall and bring it here, sticking its beak in the hole to receive a Power Moon.

After clearing this kingdom, Mario may return to the large gate with the giant golden Bowser statue and drop down onto its nose to find a glowing spot. Mario may Ground Pound this spot to reveal a Power Moon. Two rabbits have also appeared atop this building, and one of them may be caught for a Power Moon. Once this kingdom's Moon Rock has been opened up, another glowing spot appears on the left horn of the golden statue. Mario may toss Cappy onto it and hold him down for a moment to reveal another Power Moon.

Shortly after the keep's checkpoint, Mario may find Talkatoo, and later on, the leader of the Roving Racers, providing a challenge beginning in this area and ending at the very beginning of the kingdom, near the Odyssey.

Though most of the keep is surrounded by poison, there are a few additional Power Moons as well as regional coins Mario can pick up. One of the buildings near the keep has a frame with Japanese writing. Mario must throw Cappy at it to knock it down, making the Power Moon appear. Another building in this area has a scarecrow initiating a timer challenge over the poison. Lakitu can also be found in this area, and may be used to "fish" in the poison moat. Reeling in the largest fish reveals Poochy, and subsequently, a Power Moon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ城 天守下
Kuppa Jō Tenshushita
Bowser's Castle Beneath the Keep
Spanish (NOE) Bajo el torreón del Castillo de Bowser Beneath the Keep of Bowser's Castle