Magic Silver Whistle

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The Magic Silver Whistle is an item in Leaping Lizards. Using it is the only way to reverse the effects of the Magic Wand, which was used by Morton Koopa Jr. to turn the Mushroom King into a rabbit. It is in the possession of Iggy Koopa, who obtained it after cheating his way through the International Mushroom Games. By law (specifically Fungus Law X-27B of the Mushroom Kingdom Legal Code), it can only be sounded by its owner; if anyone else uses it, they can be punished with up to seven years in the Sponge Mines. As the Mushroom Games are held every six years, the Magic Silver Whistle trades hands whenever someone else wins the event. To legally obtain the right to use it, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad must win the International Mushroom Games, which is conveniently in three weeks. If the heroes win, Iggy begrudgingly gives them the Whistle, though only after they pay him five Coins, and they use it to turn the Mushroom King back to normal; if the Koopalings win, Iggy gloats about his victory and how they were unable to get the Whistle.