Coins from the Trevi Fountain

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Coins from the Trevi Fountain
The Coins in the NES release of Mario is Missing!
The Coins in the SNES release of Mario is Missing!
The Coins in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The coins from the Trevi Fountain are collectively an item in the NES, SNES and PC releases of Mario is Missing!. They are the various coins that have been thrown into the fountain, which is said to ensure that travelers will return to Rome. The coins are stolen by some Koopa Troopas when they invade the city, causing the fountain to be closed until they are returned. They are then taken from a defeated Koopa Troopa by Luigi, who then shows them to various people within the city. All of them recognize the coins as belonging to the Trevi Fountain. After gathering enough information, Luigi confirms the genuine nature of the coins with the Trevi Fountain's information booth and returns them to their rightful place.


  • Boy: "Can I add my two cents to your little speech? Those coins are worth two wishes each."
  • Tourist: "Legend says, over your shoulder before you go home. If they go in the Trevi, you'll come back to Rome."
  • Business Woman: "Those coins got wet in one of the most famous landmarks in Rome."
  • Scientist: "To coin a phrase, a lira for your wish. The Trevi was built in 1762—don't bean the fish!"
  • Police Officer: "I hope you have the "cents" to return those coins to the Fountain of Trevi."