Ninji (character)

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This article is about the character from Mario Party Advance. For the species, see Ninji.
MPA Ninji Screenshot.png
Species Ninji
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“It's no mere TV show. It's a lifestyle! It's so cool! The hero is so incredibly-- Oh, sorry. I got a bit carried away there.”
Ninji, Mario Party Advance

Ninji is a character in Mario Party Advance. He resides on the first floor of the Horror Condo. When his room is entered, he asks for a favor on his behalf. If his request is accepted, he explains that he wants a DVD of Toad Force V. He rambles about the show, saying that it's a lifestyle and constantly praising it, but he realizes that he got carried away. After his monologue, he further explains that the DVD is limited-edition, and that someone in Mushroom Condo might have a copy of it. After the player gets the DVD from Mushbert and gives it to Ninji, he's ecstatic about having a copy of the DVD, and gives the Tile Trial Gaddget in gratitude. He then begins to happily watch the DVD.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハックン
Italian Ninji -