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This article is about the character from Mario Party Advance. For the species, see Ninji.
Species Ninji
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“It's no mere TV show. It's a lifestyle! It's so cool! The hero is so incredibly-- Oh, sorry. I got a bit carried away there.”
Ninji, Mario Party Advance

Ninji is a character in Mario Party Advance. He resides on the first floor of the Horror Condo. When his room is entered, he asks for a favor on his behalf. If his request is accepted, he explains that he wants a DVD of Toad Force V. He rambles about the show, saying that it's a lifestyle and constantly praising it, but he realizes that he got carried away. After his monologue, he further explains that the DVD is limited-edition, and that someone in Mushroom Condo might have a copy of it. After the player gets the DVD from Mushbert and gives it to Ninji, he's ecstatic about having a copy of the DVD, and gives the Tile Trial Gaddget in gratitude. He then begins to happily watch the DVD.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Ninji -