Army Boots

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The Army Boots in Dinosaur Dilemma

The Army Boots are an item in Pipe Down!. They are black with metal toes and thick soles and come inside of a shoebox. They originally belonged to Princess Peach's aunt, Duchess Puffball, who is the only person kicked out of the Mushroom Kingdom for snoring too loudly. They are one of three pairs of shoes, alongside the Cowboy Boots and the Wading Boots, that Mario and Luigi can obtain from Peach's magic shoe vault. They can be given to the Clawgrip tolling a tunnel, which satisfies it enough that it lets Mario and Luigi pass, or they can be used while Ludwig von Koopa is conducting his ballet. Once Mario pulls them out, they march around the two of them and then stand in place. Peach then says that she wanted them to bring the Cowboy Boots, and in fact, the only way to defeat Ludwig is if the Cowboy Boots are used.