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With the glitch that lets you beat the game without using Mario, who flies down from the sky during the ending, and if it is Yoshi who beats him who stands at Peach's side? Is the ending affected by this? Time for a mission. If someone could do that and report back on my talkpage.

User:The real yoshiSMW2yoshi.gif

Yoshi, that may be hard to do. I tried it many times and just lost a life. So keep on trying and then maybe you'll find out. C.G.4.U.

i Believe since you can't beat the game without mario unless you perform the glitch, the ending is not affected. Mariokid (talk) 14:02, 2 November 2015 (EST)

Should be moved[edit]

I think the "White Mario" glitch should be moved to Super Mario 64 glitches. Why? It mentions the original cavern of the metal cap. C.G.4.U.

It's the same thing, really. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:36, 9 May 2013 (EDT)

How is it the same? Maybe compromise and say something like "this is also present in the sequel". Then maybe it would make more sense. C.G.4.U.

It's the same location, but with a different name, it seems. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 23:49, 15 May 2013 (EDT)

Then it will be edited. C.G.4.U.


WHAT?? Why did i see an "I MEAN IT" under Chill Bully Suicide? For whoever did that, no putting I unless it's a quote. Thanks. Da MegaDigga3!

I found a glitch[edit]

I found a glitch in Super Mario 64 DS, but it isn't on the page and the page IS protected. I also have to organize one of the glitches, considering that this is in alphabetical order. Bramblewhisker (talk)

I Found a Glitch too! i dont know how i did it but all i did on Purpose was Get the WIng cap at the Top of the mountain, Fly to the Warp Mushroom, but the Place it warped me to was flooded! anything else in the glitch i did was not noticed. hmm... maybe i did the secret pool in Tall, Tall Mountain glitch... Mariokid
Sounds a lot of like the weird pool glitch in Tall, Tall Mountain. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 14:43, 8 October 2015 (EDT)

Third underground pool glitch found[edit]

Hello :)
I found a new, third underground pool glitch: Perform the Town is gone-glitch as Luigi (or as Yoshi with a luigi cap - Luigi's cap is usally in the town, so you have to choose his cap when you enter the level with Yoshi) and go to the invisible town- ye,s you can't see it, but it is already there! At the end of the tunnel do a backflip to pass the invisible grid bareer. If you enter view mode, you can see the "overworld" part of wet-dry-world, where you came from. In the invisible town you have to go to the house with the small "tower" with a climbable pole on its top. Look at the map on the touchscreen, it may help finding the path ;) If you're on the top of the small "tower", you haave to backflip again - and now you're in water below the ground of the "overworld" path and you can swim around - but there's an invisible bareer which prevents you from going u and out of the water, so you will be drown. Sometimes, if you perform the "Town has gone"-glitch, the "pipe" to the town will be allready filled with water, so you can swim to the insiible town and up and up but there's again this stupid areer which prevents you from leaving the water to the "first" art of the level. Greets, Mariofan13 (talk) 04:25, 17 April 2014 (EDT)r

New Ukikki Glitch[edit]

If you let the Fire Guy by Ukikki spit fire at you and eat Ukikki as Yoshi then run into the water, Ukikki will stay in your mouth.

I have a glitch.[edit]

This is a glitch I have found. Go to Wet~Dry World as Yoshi and find any Flame Chomp. Right when it is enlarged (right about to attack), eat it. If timed correctly, Yoshi will eat it, stick his tongue out, get burned, and the game freeze. Or the enemy will fall in the floor and disappear.

Yoshi carrying an invisible object (Version 2)[edit]

While doing the Yoshi carrying an invisible object glitch in Version 2 (as confirmed by Freezing Your Version), I discovered that while Yoshi still holds an invisible object, the HUD will not disappear, nor will the game freeze, even if left for a long time. Fayti1703 (talk) 10:01, 30 May 2015 (EDT)

I had version 2 of the game and I could freeze the game for a few times, and later on the HUD wouldn't disappear and the game couldn't freeze. TheUnknown67 15:44, 26 July 2016 (EDT)

I don't know what to say[edit]

OK, Someone went to my Baby Penguin Inside Chimney Glitch and changed to to to a the. AND Removed the page history of doing so! who did that and why? because please don't do that! i do kinda take it as a very slight Vandalism-ish sorta thing. Mariokid (talk) 15:49, 19 November 2015 (EST)

Mulitplayer Glitch[edit]

I'd like to know why this page is protected, first off. But I do have a glitch. Apparently, in the Mulitplayer, if two characters touch a cap during the same frame (or very close, at least) the cap will duplicate, aka. you have two Marios, Luigis, or Warios. The specifics of when it happened: 1) Mario's cap on The Secret Slide. Two Yoshi's ran at it at the same time, and we had two Marios! At the bottom of the slide, one Mario got the Luigi cap, and the Mario cap reneged as normal. The second Mario got hurt. The cap blinked like normal, and was re-collected. When the Mario got hurt again, no one collected the cap and it disappeared. 2) Wario's cap on the Battle Fortress. One Yoshi ate the Wario cap from the original position. A little while later, another Yoshi ground pounded the hat out of the other one. The first Yoshi ate the hat at the same time the second one ran into it. Both Yoshi turned into Wario! Please note that both times there where three players. AmoongussForLife (talk) 15:56, 24 November 2015 (EST)

It's protected because it's prone to horrible writing with a bunch of unsourced claims, which is basically the entirety of glitch pages on this wiki. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 16:53, 24 November 2015 (EST)

Multiple Caps (Version 2)[edit]

When I try to do the multiple caps glitch on Version 2 (As confirmed by not being able to do the infinite 1-up glitch), after 64 caps have appeared and has been collected, it resets to 8 caps after. Naruto_64 (talk) 1:09, 28 June 2016 (PDT)

Yeah, I have version 2 of the game and it does it to me, too. The article has been updated to explain what you said. TheUnknown67 19:44, 18 July 2016 (EDT)

Amp Death Glitch update[edit]

I found out that anyone can do this and not just Wario. I tried all the characters and I found out that any character can do the glitch. Don't believe me? Try it out yourself and reply to me at my talk page. TheUnknown67 18:06, 14 July 2016 (EDT)

Invisible Item Glitch[edit]

Whenever I try the invisible item glitch, it sometimes crashes before having collision glitches. Naruto_64 (talk) 1:09, 28 July 2016 (PDT)

That happens to me, too. You do have version 2 of the game, right? TheUnknown67 19:15, 28 July 2016 (EDT)
Yes, I do. I use a DSi but I don't think that matters though. Naruto_64 (talk) 20:45, 29 July 2016 (PDT)

Weird Glitch[edit]

Apparently, I have found a glitch in the game without even trying. I got a Wario cap from Plessie then went into the water. When I tried to get out, I noticed that the hat was both on the top and bottom of Wario. And it stays at the bottom even if Wario's body moves. And when I say Wario, I mean Mario wearing Wario's hat. If the star is collected, the hat doesn't move, but Wario does. I am able to exit the course without any effects. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 16:51, 24 May 2017 (EDT)

Have you been able to recreate the glitch? Because it's always good to make sure it wasn't a one-time deal.
Ultimate Mr L sig.png Ultimate Mr. L (Talk-Contribs-Stats) 17:47, 24 May 2017 (EDT)
Apparently, it is get the hat, but land in the water while putting it on. It's little difficult. Wrong timing and it won't happen. I will keep trying though. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 17:49, 24 May 2017 (EDT)
Can confirm it is a recreatable glitch. Apparently, I slide down Plessie during the transformation and ended in the water afterwards. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 18:21, 24 May 2017 (EDT)
Getting hurt doesn't remove the hat, but long jumping seems to remove it. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 18:24, 24 May 2017 (EDT)

Infinite Coin Glitch in Big Boo Battle?[edit]

I think I discovered an infinite coin glitch by accident in Big Boo Battle. When you defeat the 3 Boos in the final room of the level (with the falling bridge), collect their coins, and instead of going into the boss battle with King Boo, backtrack and intentionally go through a wrong door to take you back to the beginning of the stage (and reloading the level), you can make your way back to the final room and the 3 Boos will have respawned along with their coins. This does not happen with any of the other Boos in the level. In my experience I've been able to perform this glitch multiple times in a row (there may be an upper limit although I haven't been able to test that far). Bear in mind that I am using an emulator right now (I don't have my DSi with me at university), so it may just be an rom/emulation error. I was wondering if someone would be able to test this out on a real console? Or if anyone has found this before? Kackers 19:19, 3rd May 2018 (GMT)

Can confirm on actual hardware that the final three Boos do respawn and retain their Blue Coins when you restart the level, and all other Boos do not. Not sure how far you can go with this, leading the Boos across the pit takes more time than it should >_>. However, I wouldn't call this a glitch, more of an oversight. It seems like the developers simply forgot to add the trigger to these Boos that prevents them from returning if they are defeated and the player restarts the level, unless the trigger is there and it for some reason doesn't play. Noteworthy trivia for the Big Boo Battle page, though. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 15:54, 3 May 2018 (EDT)
Alright, thanks for the input! Kackers 22:08, 3rd May 2018 (GMT)

This game's version of Permanently Crushed[edit]

Mario being Permanently Crushed

As you all know, it is impossible to clone the 100 Coin Power Star (or clone anything). But, I found a way to do this in the DS version. So, I decided to include a picture. I found this while crossing the Tox Box area of Shifting Sand Land with a Crate. While carrying the Crate across that area, I was crushed/squished by a Tox Box. I was also low on health. So, I thought I was going to lose a life. But I did not. Instead, I was crushed/squashed and didn't return to normal form. Like it would be if death continued. But here's the thing. I can't do anything but pause the game (and thus exit the level and have it return to normal) or turn it off. So I decided to see I can replicate it. And I found out the coins were the things that saved me. Otherwise I would lose a life. And it can't be done with too much health or it won't happen. Also nothing significant happens if I have 0 lives. Also, no cap isn't required, but makes it a bit easier, as no cap causes more damage. Now. Should I add it here, or talk about it on the Super Mario 64 glitch page? I thinking the former, but wanted to make sure. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 16:38, 27 October 2018 (EDT)

Yeah, this can be added. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 10:11, 3 March 2019 (EST)

Chuckya as a small object in Wet-Dry World/Battle Fort[edit]

A Chuckya in a location which would normally be unreachable

I found a set-up which allows you to hold a Chuckya as if it were a small object (like a crate or a Bob-Omb) in WDW and the Battle Fort. The way I did it was to lure a Chuckya to the edge of the platform they roam, wait behind it just as it turns around, and grab it while simultaneously running off the platform. With just the right timing you'll fall off the edge to the platform below whilst holding the Chuckya. Then carefully make your way to a Heave-Ho and have them flip you in such a way you don't take fall damage. In WDW this is a little complicated as you have to avoid the Keronpa Ball's attacks and get the angle on the Heave-Ho right to have it flip you back to the Chuckya platform, but in Battle Fort you can have the Heave-Ho flip you directly into the ceiling above it. If you've done that successfully then the Chuckya now acts as if it were a small object (i.e. you walk/run faster than normally, you can jump with it). There are no other interesting effects from what I can tell, collecting a star (you can reach Top O' The Town easily from the Chuckya platform) will freeze the Chuckya in place as the level exit plays. Collecting a silver star in Battle Fort will just drop the Chuckya. I don't know if this is possible in the original in WDW, I know that this specific setup doesn't work, but I can't for the life of me get the Portable Chuckya glitch to work to test it out properly. Is this worth adding here or should I ask over on the glitch page for the original? Kackers 09:38, 3rd March 2019 (GMT)

Yeah, this can be added. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 10:11, 3 March 2019 (EST)

Frame-perfect high dive recovery = injury[edit]

Discovered a few months ago: If I jump and dive from the top of the castle roof, then press A very quickly, Mario might make the wwuuuuaaaaooouuuuuwww sound a second time and take fall damage, possibly because of hitting the A button in the exact moment of impact. -- 05:33, May 20, 2020 (EDT)

Dive recovery in toxic place = stun-free[edit]

When performing a frame-perfrct dive recovery (FPDR) in a toxic place such as the goomba world, the character takes no damage and does not get stunned. -- 05:33, May 20, 2020 (EDT)

Potentially useful source of information[edit]

Josh65536 makes Pannenkoek2012-style videos for Super Mario 64 DS. Last upload yesterday. -- 18:50, May 22, 2020 (EDT)

Invisible fence in Bowser's sky world[edit]

Near the thwomp in Bowser in the sky (not Bit File System), there are invisible fences.

I am not sure whether it is like that on the N64 version. I will check it soon.

-- 19:28, September 25, 2020 (EDT)

Turning around after fall damage[edit]

After standing up from the kind of fall damage that subtracts four health points, the character suddenly looks in the opposite direction.

-- 19:28, September 25, 2020 (EDT)

Occasional fall damage on lava[edit]

When falling on lava, one usually takes 3 units of damage.

When falling from tall heights, there is only sometimes additional fall damage (2 or 4, depending on fall height).

I don't know under which conditions the fall damage is taken and when not.

-- 19:03, October 12, 2020 (EDT)

Do you have a source? --JumpPumpkinPlant SMW.pngDarkNightSMW Pumpkin Plant.png (Boo!) 19:09, October 12, 2020 (EDT)
Sorry for late response. While I could not find a source, it can be reproduced by trying it out a few times in BitFS (Bit File System Bowser in the Fire Sea) or using Mario's power flower in the lethal lava land. -- 10:18, October 29, 2020 (EDT)