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This is the article for the 11-year old Mariowiki user. for the Super Mario Character, see here.

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Full name Erik McEwan
Species Human
First appearance 12:37, 7 October 2015
Latest appearance Still Active

How I ended up here

Since i was 3 i was a big Mario fan. My first console was the Nintendo DS lite, Which came With my First Mario Game: Mario Kart DS. I Did Break my First 2 DS lites, but i Always get a New one. in Fact, my Old one is Badly Damaged, the Top Screen Completely Faded, and my New one is Slightly Damaged. However, my Dad is Planning on Getting me a New Nintendo DSi

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if you want to be friends with me, ask me on my Talkpage, then if i accept (which i probably will) you may take my friend user box here:


Mario Trivia

Time for Mario Trivia! Each Fact is True, Unless i Get it Wrong, but i Aim for the Most true i can get!

  • Princess Peach used to be Called Princess Toadstool, and Super Mario 64 is the Midway Point, where the Game Refers to her As Both.
  • Super Mario Galaxy Has an Easter egg Refering to The Legend of Zelda, In the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, there are lots of Star Bits Near the Bridge, when you Knock it Down, you cant see them, and they are Shaped Like a Zelda Rupee.
  • There is a File in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Called "Hell Valley Sky Trees" and if you look Left at the Shiverburn Galaxy, you Can see them. They appear to be Aliens or Ghosts Looking at Mario, and a Similar Easter Egg is in Super Mario 3D Land, where at the end of a certain Course, you can see a Ghost appear Behind a Fence, it Looks Like it is Calling for Help, and the mouth opening sequence Spreads Across it entirly, Making it Disappear. Neither look Anything like a Boo. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Has 4 of the Figures But only 3 Are Visible. seeing the Fourth Requires Camera Hacking, as Getting Closer will Make them Disappear. is That Game Really Suitable for Kids? (When i Found out, i Nearly had a Heart Attack!)
  • Super Mario 64 DS Makes it 100% Clear that Goomboss Knows Luigi, But Doesn't Know Wario. (Whom i Despise)
  • There is a Famous Glitch in Super Mario Bros. where if You do a Certain Jump Manouver at the end in world 1-2, you can enter the Warp Zone, but the Numbers do not show. Entering the Middle pipe Takes you to World 5, whereas the Maximum you can go in the proper way is World 4. but if you enter one of the Side pipes, you will be Taken to World -1, Also known as the Minus World or Negative World. it is Like world 7-2, but when you enter the Pipe, it Warps you Back to the Beginning. but in the Famicon instead of the NES, you continue across the Area, the Number getting Lower and Lower, eventually you will Reach a Place with the Layout of an Underwater Level, the Sprites of an Underground Level, and the End of a Bowser Level, Except with no Bowser. Once you go on, Mario Continues and The Same Text Appears as if you Beat the Game, and as Far the Coding is Concerned, you Did. the Game is Now in Hard Mode, with Buzzy Beatles Replacing Goombas. this glitch happens because first, the warp zone registers as the 2nd warp zone, That has just 1 pipe in the middle, so going into the side pipes Confuses the game, and it sends you to a non-existent level: World 36-1. but, since 36 Renders as Blank, all you can see is the -1. with hacking, the player can enter world -2, and keep going. once world -9 is passed, the Letter worlds appear, -A, -B, -C and so on. then, random sprites appear, since the numbers the game uses render as Sprites. in remakes, AKA super mario all-stars, and so on, do things to pervent the glitch. Virtual Console versions, however, being an Exact copy of the original, do nothing to pervent the glitch, so it is once again possible.

Wiki Suggestions

Sometimes people make mistakes that were never stated as against the wiki rules, and here are Suggestions to help Prevent that.

  1. DO NOT TREAT NEWCOMERS AS EXPERIENCED USERS That's putting too much on them. also, being an experienced user, you are familiar with the rules, so slip-ups are more likely done on purpose than with newcomers, who are not yet fully used to the rules. when they do become experienced, they are a new user that will continually advance the wiki to become even better.
  2. DO NOT RESPOND TO VANDALS you should tell an experienced user or an administrator and let them deal with it. or, you could pretend they didn't do anything. that way, they will think no-one minds, therefore, will eventually stop. antagonizing with them will give them the attention they want, which keeps them motivated, and will vandalize more to get even more attention.
  3. FOLLOW THE RULES, BUT DO NOT LIVE BY THEM you should learn the rules, but don't follow them to a really strict degree where a slight slip-up could result in a chance of being banned. let the experienced ones help you to become a better user.
  4. HELP THE WIKI BECOME A BETTER PLACE by helping get rid of vandals, help with pages requiring a rewrite, you too can contribute to the wiki, and therefore, help the wiki!

About me

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