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Not to be confused with [[this guy]].
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I'm pretty much retired from the wiki. The only way I'll probably come back is if I get promoted to patroller, but I bet that's wishful thinking. Sigh. Oh well, see you on the forums and YouTube, where my name is Danny Hayes.

Vacation Image.png
"Mama-mia! I'm-a gonna vacate for a while!"

Roy Koopa is on a trip to Deering, NH to do more things than I could list here and will return July 23rd.

Roy Koopa, as he appears in The Super Mario Wiki.
Full name Roy User Koopa
Species Autoconfirmed User
First appearance 6 November 2012 (under the name C.G.4.U.)
Latest appearance [Probably] Whatever today's date is
Latest portrayal Himself

“Did someone pile-drive your head, or what? There's no TV here, nutjob!”

“Ow Ch Ch!”

“My fiery breath is very hot! Those spiked balls are certainly not!”
Cloudjin, Yoshi's Story

“Nah, books are dumb. Into the trash it goes!”
Roy Koopa, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

“Loons don't honk!”

Those are my favorite quotes. (also I said the loon one) Oh, and by the way, here's my userbox if we do become friends.


GSYoshi's Userbox Tower
Captain toad powerstar.png
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Hate Donkey Kong? Take this userbox free of charge!


About Me

Real name: Danny

Most likely to be found playing: Mario Kart 8

Favorite character: See below

Edits with: Wii U, LG G Vista, Acer laptop

Favorite Mario Game: Mario Kart DS

Favorite non-Mario Game: Smash Hit

Birthday: March 5

State: Massachusetts

Favorite Font: Verdana

Favorite Song: Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band

Things To Do

Note: idc if you do any of these, I'm not working on them much anyway.

  • Create the missing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker articles.
  • Work on splitting SMG2 missions into their own articles.
  • Finish up my CSS.
  • Remove all instances of "in/outside of" from the wiki.

Bold and Italic: Very Important
Bold: Important
Italic: Semi-Important
Plain: Not That Important

Where to find me

I'm usually on the forums yapping about game shows, so if you need to contact me there is the best place to do it, since I'm not active on the wiki much anymore. I'm also on IRC quite a bit, under the name Roy_Koopa, Roy|Deals, Roy|PYL, Roy|SotC, etc. depending on what I'm watching at that time.

Other Stuff

I own legit consoles by the names of:

  • N64
  • GameCube
  • DS*
  • Wii**
  • 3DS***
  • Wii U

System I now do not own indicated by one asterisk

System I have transferred data from indicated by two asterix

System I have formatted the memory on indicated by three asterix

Mario games I own are as follows:

  • Super Mario Bros.* (7/10)
  • SMB:Lost Levels* (6/10)
  • Super Mario Kart* (3/10)
  • Super Mario 64* *** (9/10)
  • Mario Golf* (4/10)
  • Yoshi's Story* (8/10)
  • Mario Kart 64* (5/10)
  • Mario Party (8/10)
  • Mario Party 2* (8/10)
  • Mario Party 3 (9/10)
  • Super Mario Sunshine (9/10)
  • Mario Party 4 (2 copies) (7/10)
  • Mario Party 5 (8/10)
  • Mario Party 6 (8/10)
  • Mario Party 7 (10/10)
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (5/10)
  • Mario Kart DS** (10/10)
  • Mario Party DS** (10/10)
  • New Super Mario Bros. (idr)
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2/10)
  • New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (idr)
  • Mario Kart Wii (3/10)
  • Mario Party 8 (6/10)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (7/10)
  • Mario Party 9 (9/10)
  • Super Mario Galaxy (8/10)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 (7/10)
  • Fortune Street (9/10)
  • Mario Super Sluggers (8/10)
  • Mario Kart 7 (5/10)
  • Mario Tennis Open (3/10)
  • Yoshi's New Island (3/10)
  • Super Mario 3D Land (8/10)
  • Mario Party: Island Tour (9/10)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 (1/10)
  • Mario Kart 8 (10/10)
  • Super Mario 3D World (10/10)
  • Mario Party 10 (9/10)
  • Super Mario Maker (9/10)
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (8/10)
  • Yoshi's Woolly World (9.5/10)

One asterisk denotes Virtual Console game.

Two asterix denote both hard copy and Virtual Console game.

Three asterix denote ROM game.

Ratings of "idr" denote game I haven't played in a really long time.

The best minigame from each Mario Party

I have some amiibos too:

  • Yoshi
  • Toad
  • 30th Anniversary Mario - Modern Colors

More Other Stuff

Favorite Characters

Favorite soundtracks, in no particular order

More coming at some later point, maybe

  • Vamoose the Lava Sluice! - YWW
  • Tick-Tock Clock - MKDS
  • Fluffin' Puffin Babysitting - YWW
  • Vs. Burt the Bashful - YWW
  • Anything from Smash Hit essentially
  • Super Bell Subway - MK8
  • Sunshine Airport - MK8
  • Wonderful World of Wool 3 - YWW
  • Electrodynamix - Geometry Dash
  • Deadlocked - Geometry Dash

My favorite song from each year of the 80s, and then some

  • 1975: "The Hustle" by Van McCoy
  • 1976: "Dancing Queen" by ABBA
  • 1977: "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees
  • 1978: "Mr. Blue Sky" by E.L.O.
  • 1980: "Him" by Rupert Holmes
  • 1981: "Double Dutch Bus" by Frankie Smith
  • 1982: "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club
  • 1983: "Jeopardy" by the Greg Kihn Band
  • 1984: "Go Insane" by Lindsey Buckingham
  • 1985: "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive
  • 1986: "The Captain Of Her Heart" by Double
  • 1987: "Fake" by Alexander O'Neal
  • 1988: "Don't Be Cruel" by Bobby Brown
  • 1989: "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul
  • 1993: "Macarena" by Los Del Rio (It's so stinkin' catchy!)
  • 1997: "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba
  • 1998: "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" by Will Smith
  • 2000: "Oops! ...I Did It Again" by Britney Spears
  • 2012: "Bom Bom" by Sam and the Womp
  • 2013: "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake f. Lil Jon
  • 2015: "Lean On" by Major Lazer & DJ Snake f. Mθ (I don't have the actual symbol on my phone so I'm using something similar)

My sig

MK8 Roy Icon.png Roy Koopa Poochy Dancing.jpg

Why would our "Lord and Savior" be uncontrollably spinning? Shouldn't he stop himself like maybe? Or do something else?


How I edit

Mostly I just sit around recent changes, but sometimes I click random page

Some things about me

  • I have all but one of the Mario Party and Mario Kart series.
  • I hack Mario 64. (see userbox)
  • I am trying to apply for the 'Shroom.
    • However, I have been rejected three times i think?
      • I was accepted on 27 November 2015.
  • I have tinninitis, a chronic beep sound in the ear.
  • My nacho bake is always better than that cheap Mexican restaurant's.
  • I do some great opening/closing speeches for old game shows.
    • Thanks, Buzzr!
  • I admit, I'm ridiculously nitpicky about people's grammar, although sometimes mine is wrong too. It's dialect!
  • To get my total number of edits, add 1,426 and 1003.
  • For all those Waluigi haters out there, Peach, Toad and I made him go bankrupt in one Fortune Street Game. His net worth was -103.
  • Here's my cat.
  • Because my links are the same color as the page for me, I can't actually see links on this page.

Ok enough about rl me, time to talk about my oc

Too many asterix. How about a Userpedia article instead?

Before you leave here are pictures of bowsers in lots of colors

Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Red.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - White.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Green.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Blue.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Tinted.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Black.jpg Bowser SSB4 Artwork - Yellow.jpg

aren't recolors so fun?