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DarkNight across NIWA
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Hello, I'm DarkNight. My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Maker 2. I like the Pokémon and Minecraft series as well. I switch between the Computer and Mobile frequently. Also, if you have your own userbox, I will probably ask you to be my friend.

Status: Active, but not usually on weekends. Also frequently checking on the recent changes page. Not active on ssbwiki though.


DarkNight's Userbox Tower
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If you want to be friends with me *shrugs* here are the codes.

Nintendo Switch: SW-4975-3530-5700 (If you want to follow me, then use your Mariowiki username so I know who you are)

Super Mario Maker 2: P7V-SXW-2JF

Also, if you want to be wiki friends with me, just remember to ask on my talk page first, so here is my userbox:



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My Template for asking if you want to be my friend


Do you want to exchange userboxes?


Enemy: Goomba/Bowser

Game: Super Mario Maker 2

Mario YouTuber: DGR

Pokémon: Metagross

Band: Imagine Dragons

Song: I dunno, I like a lot of them.

Major Character: Bowser

Supporting Character: Goomba

Mariowiki Quote: "Take that" -Random Vandal

Power-Up: SMB2 Mushroom (except that you can't defeat most enemies)

Koopaling: Roy

Least Favorites

Enemy: Pom Pom/Bowletta

Game: Super Mario Land and its sequel.

Mario YouTuber: I don't know.

Pokemon: Feebas

Band: ???

Song: ???

Major Character: Daisy

Supporting Character: Birdo

Mariowiki quote: ???

Power-Up: Superball Flower, it's so janky.

Koopaling: Wendy

Mario Games I Have

Note: I only have a Nintendo Switch.

Game Notes Completed? Rating
MTA boxart.png

Mario Tennis Aces

Ok, but it was boring after all the characters were released. (Mains Blooper) Stuck at Mirage Mansion. 5/10
SSB Ultimate box art.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Great, except that I don't have the DLC, so it's boring. (Mains Bowser) Beat Story Mode, got almost all the spirits, and have all the fighters. 8/10
MK8 Deluxe - Box NA.png

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Good, but I suck at it. (Mains Roy) See left (I suck) 8/10
SMP Boxart.pngSuper Mario Party Ok, needs more minigames though. (Mains Goomba) Don't play much. 5/10
NSMBU Deluxe Boxart.jpg

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Great, but I'm terrible, so I use Nabbit. On Meringue Clouds. 9/10
SMM2 Box Art.png

Super Mario Maker 2

One of the best games ever created. See Maker code in Friends? Section. 100/10

Mario games that I have played, but don't own: New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Other Games: To be added later.

Wiki Stuff

My Edit Count: 503

Who's online: ZelenPixel, Kombatgod, BMfan08, Mister Wu, Ethan2226, MetaKnightmare666, Yoshi the SSM, Héctor GDL19, SuperMarioMiyamoto83, NikitaGamer64, Boogs, Toadette the Achiever, Mechanical Dirge, Octoling Rendezvous, Tugstugstugstugs, Jack Wong, Winstein, Peachykeen, Mid188

Current Project(s): See here

Images I uploaded: [here].

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