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Status: Very active. Working on designing my next Power Master game and the wiki for the series, as well as several projects for this wiki and other NIWA wikis.

Current project: Doing stuff for Icaruspedia.

Note: I may drop off the face of the internet occasionally without notice. If that happens, know that it's out of my control and I should be back within a week.

Alex95 across NIWA
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Portrait of Alex's character Stephan for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Rank Autoconfirmed, Patroller, The 'Shroom Writer
Aliases Alex95, Bodine95, PowerMaster64, PowerMasterAlex, Powmas, Power Master
Birthday April 3rd, 1995 (Age 22)
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About Mii

I am a patroller of the Super Mario Wiki, joining on January 24th, 2014, though I really started to edit consistently near the end of 2015. I create my own game series, called Power Master, as well as being the founder of the respective wiki. I always keep an eye on the Recent Changes and help out with dealing with vandals, creating pages, providing images, etc. I also write for The 'Shroom, writing the Upcoming Game, Could Have Been, and NIWA Spotlight sections, I have a Youtube Channel called Hardcore Alex where I play video games with an extra set of rules of my own, among other things like Smash Bros. replays, and I'm an admin on the F-Zero Wiki and Icaruspedia.

I am a big fan of the Mario series, first starting my gaming "obsession" with Super Mario 64 when I was 2. Since that fateful day, I have played a lot of games, though I always claim Super Mario 64 as my favorite. Since playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, I started playing other game series as well, such as The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. As such, I can be found on various other wikis related to those franchises, also under the name "Alex95" or "PowerMasterAlex".

Once I had enough of playing other peoples' games, I decided to make my own. Many trials and errors later, I released my first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, on March 18th, 2016. The game has received many verbal positive reviews from my friends, family, and fans, though actual public reviews are few. I am currently working on the next game, and a demo for it is available to download.

I also have cases of Tourette's, Autism, and Asperger's, the later two of which could show when I edit pages on the Super Mario Wiki. English is my native language, though Autism and Asperger's makes it difficult to convey exactly what I mean sometimes. However, I'm always willing to clarify should I be confusing to anyone. My Tourette's is a coughing/throat-clearing-like noise. Be glad you can't hear that through text *cough*.

Mario (+Mario related) games I own

"*"=Nintendo Power Player's Guide owned.
"+"=Personally owned, otherwise owned by a different member of my family.
For games I own in other series, take a look at my respective NIWA page (list may not yet be up on some pages)
Intellivision Master Component
Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo 64 +
Game Boy Color +
Game Boy Advance +
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS +
Wii U +
Nintendo Powers of games I do not have

Mainspace articles created (newest to oldest)

'Shroom Articles I've Written

Issue 113: Sport Report
Issue 114: Sport Report / New Articles
Issue 115: Sport Report / New Articles / Power Master Advertisement
Issue 116: Sport Report / New Articles
Issue 117: Sport Report
Issue 118: Sport Report
Issue 119: Sport Report
Issue 120: Sport Report / Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 121: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 122: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 123: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 124: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 125: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 126: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 127: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 128: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 129: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 130: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been
Issue 131: Upcoming Game / Could Have Been / NIWA Spotlight

Mario amiibo I Own

Most of the amiibo are named after characters in my Power Master series, with some being from future titles. Those named after my characters link to my wiki if they have a page there.

Other stuff

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If anyone wants to be my friend, you can use this box here. Just be sure to ask me first! |-


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