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Director’s Notes

Shroom2018 ThePyroGuy.png

Written by: The Pyro Guy (talk)

Welcome to another Pipe Plaza, fresh and ready for your visual consumption. April's here, and with it comes some certified New Returns. Lakituthequick (talk) is back with another season of Anniversary Announcements, all about the ongoings of this year's Mario Awards. Check it out below. Other than that, there's the usual hotspot of information all here. Interviews, Discussions, Reports, and Spotlights- you know how it is.

This April brings beautiful days with it. Looking outside, I can finally see the sun shining, the flowers blooming... days like these remind me to look forward to the Summer even more. I hope your seasons are as bountiful as mine. Enjoy the content!

Section of the Month

Congratulations to LudwigVon for his Community Report contribution! Raregold, Pitohui and Geeky all did splendid jobs with 'Shroom Recap and Poll Committee Discussion, respectively.

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Poll Committee Discussion 5 27.78% Hooded Pitohui
2nd Interview 4 22.22% Superchao
3rd 'Shroom Recap 4 22.22% Hooded Pitohui and Raregold

MarioWiki Sections

A look over the wiki's stats of the past month.
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Non-Wiki Sections

Hungry for content? Snack on this Interview!
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The wikis you can help and how you can help them.
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The best analysis of the polls around!
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Monthly Report

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hello 'Shroom readers! Not much to say, because I am busy lately, but that does not stop me from keeping you informed with my Monthly Report! Let's take a look at the Mario Wiki's statistics for April, but also with a comparison with the previous month. Without further ado, let's take a look at it.

April Statistics
Statistic As of April 13, 2019 (20:21)*
Content Pages 21,844
All Pages 188,896
Files 106,804
Edits 2,492,726
Edits per Page 13.20
Registered Users 26,999
Active Users 375
Bots 3
'Shroom Writers 47
Autopatrolled 44
Patrollers 3
Administrators 11
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

March — April Statistics
Statistic As of March 13, 2019 (21:26)* As of April 13, 2019 (20:21)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 21,790 21,844 +0.247%
All Pages 187,496 188,896 +0.746%
Files 105,728 106,804 +1.017%
Edits 2,472,920 2,492,726 +0.800%
Edits per Page 13.19 13.20 +0.075%
Registered Users 26,835 26,999 +0.611%
Active Users 363 375 +3.305%
Bots 3 3 0%
'Shroom Writers 47 47 0%
Autopatrolled 44 44 0%
Patrollers 2 3 +50%
Administrators 11 11 0%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%

*EDT Time.

LuigiMaster123 (talk) is now a patroller! A big congratulation for his promotion. Aside from that, many things went up this month and especially in the number of active users. Let's just hope that this trend continues for the next months. To conclude, a more active month in comparison to March, which had received a small decrease on the edits per page.

And that's all for Issue 145's Monthly Report. Thanks a bunch for reading it, and come again next month. Meanwhile, have a great time!

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

“It's true, it's the only reason we keep Smasher around.”
Superchao (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

Hello again! Welcome to the first Anniversary Announcements of 2019! We're a month later than usual, but that's because we had so much time last year that it was decided to just start later!

For the people that are new to this section, Anniversary Announcements is a section that tells you about the behind-the-scenes developments behind the Mario Awards, the yearly event that celebrates the anniversary of our beloved Wiki. This includes the Awards themselves, tournaments, prizes, and all other things that influence the event.

First, let's give a hand for...

The Awards Committee

The people that will go through all awards for you, the Awards Committee! They are the awesome people that have been selected this year.

At the helm of the committee:

A full list of all members in this years Committee can be found here. You can contact any of these people if you have questions, and if they don't know the answer, they will pass it through as needed. For questions or suggestions relating to Anniversary Announcements, you can contact me (Lakituthequick (Talk Page · Forum Profile)).

Among the committee are six newcomers! This means that in a few months, they will be featured in new Committee Interviews in this section!

The Munchers

Let's start with the bigger happenings! First of all, last year thoughts have spawned to rework or abolish the token and prize system we've had for years, because of the burden the upkeep of it. This with an eye on maintaining a list of interesting prizes and the financial costs of them, as well as acquiring the prizes to be gifted since Steam changed the way gifting works. It has now been decided to completely abandon the system, meaning there will no longer be tokens to win from tournaments. Public reactions have it that this will likely have minimal effect on participation in these, however. Tournament hosts are also free to provide prizes of their own. This also means that The 'Shroom Achievements has lost its source of prizes. What will happen to that is not yet decided upon.

Other than that, a few tournaments are already in the planning or interest gauging phases on the public Awards board on the forums. For Nintendo Switch-based tournaments, which require a Nintendo Switch Online plan to participate in, at least two users have expressed that they are willing to provide access to a family plan for others to participate without requiring them to have a plan of their own.


In this part of Anniversary Announcements, I will list all awards that have been discussed and changes made to them. This includes existing awards, completely new ones, and removals, and the additions, removals, and changes within each award.

Before going in greater detail, the headlines. Plans are to rework some duplicates, redundancies and irrelevant awards within the Community category. Some of the issues are leftovers from when the User and 'Shroom awards were merged a few years ago. Several other awards are up for rework as well.

M5 through M7, Favorite DK, Wario, and Yoshi Level respectively, are rotating awards since last year, and will be changed to Favorite Character awards of their respective series.

M10 Favorite Song is up for discussion, as it was created last year with the intent of only having vocal pieces, but had a lot of non-song write-ins. These have been kept because of the sheer amount of them. Discussion will point out whether the award is going to be all-inclusive, is going to be split, or just renamed.

Refer to this document for a full list of nominees.

Mario Awards
M1 Best Sound Design
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Paper Mario, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
M2 Favorite Mario Kart Game
Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
M3 Favorite Mario Platformer
Add Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
Change New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi UNew Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Run, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
M4 Favorite Mario Kart Course
Add Koopa Cape
Neo Bowser City
Bowser's Castle (N64), Rainbow Road (3DS), Wario Colosseum, Waluigi Pinball, Airship Fortress, Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Maple Treeway, Electrodrome, N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U), Mount Wario, Mute City, Animal Crossing, Baby Park, Big Blue, Koopa Cape, Neo Bowser City
M5 Favorite DK Character (new)
Add Candy Kong
Notes The existing nominees have been carried over from M23 Favorite DK Character from 2017.
Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Funky Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, King K. Rool, Rambi the Rhino, Enguarde the Swordfish, Squawks the Parrot, Candy Kong, Kremlings
M5 Favorite DK Level (removed)
M6 Favorite Wario Character (new)
Add Lulu
Count Cannoli
Change Rudy the ClownRudy
Remove 9-Volt and 18-Volt
Notes The existing nominees have been carried over from M24 Favorite Wario Character from 2017.
Mona, Jimmy T., Ashley and Red, Dribble and Spitz, Orbulon, Dr. Crygor, Kat and Ana, Young Cricket and Master Mantis, Captain Syrup, Rudy, Shake King, Princess Shokora, Wario, Lulu, 5-Volt, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Count Cannoli
M6 Favorite Wario Level (removed)
M7 Favorite Yoshi Character (new)
Notes Yoshis is deliberately plural, as the Yoshi games don't star a singular Yoshi.
Yoshis, Kamek, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Bowser, Stork, Poochy, Spirit Who Loves Surprises, Burt the Bashful, Naval Piranha, Raphael the Raven, Pak E. Derm
M7 Favorite Yoshi Level (removed)
M8 Favorite Art Style
Add Handcrafted Yoshi style
Kinopio-kun monthly calendar wallpaper styles
Change 2D Promotional Artwork style → 2D promotional artwork style
Remove Yoshi's Story style
Yoshi's Woolly World style
Retro style sprites, Yoshi's Island style, Donkey Kong Country style, Main series 3D style, Paper Mario style, Mario & Luigi style, Wario Land: Shake It! style, Super Mario RPG style, Super Mario Strikers style, WarioWare style, 2D promotional artwork style, Super Mario-Kun style, Handcrafted Yoshi style, Kinopio-kun monthly calendar wallpaper styles
M9 Favorite Add-On Content
Add Special Episode (CT:TT)
Nintendo Labo VR (SMO)
Piranha Plant (SSBU)
The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, Peach's Castle stage (SSB4), Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4), Super Mario Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft), Luigi's Balloon World (SMO), Yoshi's Island Zone (Sonic Lost World), e-Reader Levels (SMA4: SMB3), Pixel Pack (M+RKB), Season Pass (M+RKB), Special Episode (CT:TT), Nintendo Labo VR (SMO), Piranha Plant (SSBU)
M11 Favorite Major Character
Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Toad
M12 Favorite Supporting Character
Princess Daisy, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Diddy Kong, Professor Elvin Gadd, Toadette, Captain Toad, Birdo, Kamek, Poochy, Pauline, Cappy
M13 Favorite Level Theme
Grassland, Desert, Snow/Ice, Mountain, Underground, Beach, Sky, Jungle, Space/Moon, Fire/Lava, Ghost House, Underwater, Castle, Airship, Factory/Industrial, Carnival, City/Town, Food/Sweets
M14 Favorite Species
Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Boos, Shy Guys, Chain Chomps, Bob-ombs, Dry Bones, Hammer Bros., Wigglers, Chargin' Chucks, Yoshis, Toads, Lumas, Magikoopas, Pokios, Tostarenans, Humans, Bonneters
M15 Hardest Boss (removed)
Notes This award is considered outdated and slightly redundant with the existence of M27 Favorite Boss Battle.
M16 Favorite Item
Add Super Leaf
Tanooki Suit/Statue Leaf
Hammer Suit
Super Crown
Remove Tanooki Suit
Super Leaf (3D games)
Super Horn
Super Star, Fire Flower, Mega Mushroom, Metal Cap, Wing Cap, Bullet Bill, Propeller Mushroom, Penguin Suit, Cloud Flower, Cape Feather, Gold Flower, Super Bell, Double Cherry, Mystery Mushroom, Motor Scooter, Super Leaf, Tanooki Suit/Statue Leaf, Hammer Suit, Super Crown
M17 Favorite Mario RPG
Change Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga/Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's MinionsMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
M18 Favorite Mario Party Game
Add Super Mario Party
Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 7, Mario Party DS, Mario Party 8, Mario Party 9, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party 10, Mario Party: Star Rush, Mario Party: The Top 100, Super Mario Party
M19 Favorite Actor (removed)
Notes This award is considered stagnant, with the same top results every year since introduction.
M20 Favorite Sports Game
Mario Tennis (N64), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Power Tennis, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Mario Sports Mix, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Super Sluggers, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Mario Tennis Open, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Mario Sports Superstars, Mario Tennis Aces
M21 Favorite Puzzle Game
Dr. Mario (series), Tetris Attack, Yoshi's Cookie, Wario's Woods, Mario's Picross, Yoshi, Donkey Kong (Game Boy)/Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA), Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2 and onwards), DK: King of Swing/DK: Jungle Climber, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
M22 Favorite Battle Course
Battle Course 1 (SNES), Skyscraper, Block Fort (N64), Pipe Plaza, Luigi's Mansion, Nintendo DS, Twilight House, Delfino Pier, Funky Stadium, Honeybee Hive, Battle Stadium, Dragon Palace, Lunar Colony, Urchin Underpass, Wuhu Town
M23 Favorite Capture
Pokio, Tropical Wiggler, Bowser, Gushen, T-Rex, Chargin' Chuck, Glydon, Sherm, Uproot, Goomba, Frog, Yoshi, Lakitu, Parabones/Paragoomba, Hammer Bro/Fire Bro, Lava Bubble
M24 Favorite Costume
Add Classic
Remove Caveman
Skeleton, Mario 64, Sunshine, Knight, Boxer Shorts, Pirate, Bowser's Wedding Suit, Samurai, Bridal, Waluigi, Mario Wedding Suit, Space, Tostarena Set, Cowboy, Musician, Classic, Santa, Zombie, 8-Bit
M25 Favorite 2D Mario Level
World 1-1 (SMB), Donut Plains 1 (SMW), Forest of Illusion 3 (SMW), World 1-2 (SMB), World 2-Pyramid (SMB3), Donut Secret House (SMW), Painted Swampland (NSMBU), Front Door (SMW), World 8-7 (NSMBW), World 4-1 (SMB3), Yoshi's Island 2 (SMW), World 5-3 (SMB3), World 2-3 (NSMB), World 1-1 (NSMB), World 8-4 (SMB)
M26 Favorite 3D Mario Level
Toy Time Galaxy (SMG), Good Egg Galaxy (SMG), Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG), Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy (SM64/SMG2), Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2), Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2), Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64), Tick Tock Clock (SM64), Pinna Park (SMS), Sirena Beach (SMS), Delfino Plaza/Airstrip (SMS), Mount Must Dash (SM3DW), The Great Tower of Bowser Land (SM3DW), Champion's Road (SM3DW), Metro Kingdom (SMO), Bowser's Kingdom (SMO), Wooded Kingdom (SMO), Sand Kingdom (SMO)
M27 Favorite Boss Battle
Add Bowser (SMO) o1nx6D1.png
Remove Shiny RoboBowser (M&L:PJ)
Phantamanta (SMS), Brobot (SPM), Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD), Bowser in the Sky (SM64), Kaptain K. Rool 1 and 2 (DKC2), Super Dimentio (SPM), Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT), Megaleg (SMG), General Guy (PM), Kingfin (SMG), Popple and Rookie (M&L:SS), Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS), Bowser/Meowser (SM3DW), Bowser (SMG), Knucklotec (SMO), Torkdrift (SMO), Mechawiggler (SMO), Bowser (SMO)
M28 Favorite Game Setting
Add Peach's Castle (SM64)
Remove Northern Kremisphere (DKC3)
Mushroom Kingdom (SMB), Mushroom Kingdom (PM), Super Mario RPG World, Dinosaur Land (SMW), Yoshi's Island (SMW2:YI), Isle Delfino (SMS), Beanbean Kingdom (M&L:SS), Rogueport & surrounding areas (PM:TTYD), Flipside & Flopside + dimensions (SPM), Sarasaland (SML), Donkey Kong Island (DKC), Sprixie Kingdom (SM3DW), Comet Observatory & galaxies (SMG), Pi'illo Island (M&L:DT), Prism Island (PM:CS), Super Mario Odyssey World, Crocodile Isle (DKC2), Peach's Castle (SM64)
M29 Favorite Classic Game (GCN/GBA and older)
Add Luigi's Mansion
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Remove Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
Yoshi's Story
Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2, Wario Land 3, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Mario Party 3, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Mario Sunshine, Wario Land 4, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
M30 Favorite Modern Game (Wii/DS and newer)
Add Yoshi's Crafted World
Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Mario 3D World, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World/Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Super Mario Odyssey, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Yoshi's Crafted World
Fail Awards
F1 Worst Character
Mario, Princess Daisy, Waluigi, Wario, Petey Piranha, Birdo, Mimi, Starlow, Lubba, Bowser Jr., Toad, Fawful, Pink Gold Peach, Baby Rosalina, Kersti, Rosalina, Spewart

And that covers it for all awards that have thus far been discussed, all in the big table you know and love me for! Stay tuned for the other awards and developments around them in the following months, and until next month, keep that touch screen smokin'! Buh-bye!

All information above was correct as of 14 April 2019.


Written by: Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! It's Superchao again, after yet another interview, here to bring you the results! I had planned to make a wiki staff trilogy, but unavoidable circumstances meant I had to delay one of my planned interviewees. So I moved up someone I was going to interview late in the year - Snack! He's been around since 2007, but if you're active only the wiki, you might not even know that! Primarily focusing on the community, Snack's been around the boards and IRC for years, but sometimes not as active as other times. Still, he's a longtime guy who's been doing things even in the present day, so why not listen to what he's got to say?

The Interview:
Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! Superchao here, ready to bring you another interview! Hopefully you're reading these so that this isn't just an exercise in futility!
Superchao: Today I've brought in someone who's been around the block more than once - longtime user Snack!
Snack: For some reason it’s kind of funny to me that is actually in the interview and not added after the fact or something
Snack: I dunno if I’m allowed to say that and reveal the process to readers but still
Superchao: Hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast, I'd say. And honestly, I'm pretty sure at least half of my readers have been interviewed by now, so they know.
Snack: True
Superchao: So! The basics. How did you, personally, find the wiki?
Snack: Uniju actually found it before me, and then one day for whatever I reason I was annoyed with him for something – probably stupid seeing as I was like, 14 – and so I logged on to #mariowiki IRC to heckle him
Snack: I was “Snackserv” because part of it was some silly persona of an irc service bot but for snacks
Superchao: The three great -servs: Chanserv, Nickserv, and Snackserv
Snack: yeah
Snack: I doubt I would’ve stayed long term honestly if not for the fact that this happened in 2007, and Super Mario Galaxy came out a few months later and Super Smash Brothers Brawl not long after that
Superchao: So basically, it's a good thing Uniju ticked you off then. Thanks, Uniju!
Snack: lol
Superchao: What made you actually stick around on the wiki and/or boards? Making the jump from IRC to those?
Snack: If there was anything in particular besides wanting to talk about SMG and Brawl I can’t remember it at this point
Superchao: Funny how Brawl was such a big deal for the wiki, and yet since then we carved down a lot of our Smash coverage.
Superchao: Truly, our past selves would be disappointed in us! (But they were all idiots so they don't get votes.)
Snack: I’m pretty sure the work I did on the articles for the boards (Bill Board and et cetera) in Galaxy is still the only noteworthy thing I’ve done on the wiki itself actually
Superchao: I looked at your user contributions to prepare for this interview, and... that is pretty much correct
Superchao: You did a pile of work in 2007 and then stopped.
Snack: I got Galaxy the day it came out so I wanted to record stuff I saw in it and that was the first thing I saw that hadn’t been mentioned yet, I guess
Snack: Then Galaxy 2 got me on BJAODN
Snack: I’d like to challenge anyone to prove to me that what I wrote was inaccurate and that Whittles in fact do not speak very good English for being entirely made of wood
Superchao: In fairness, just because you're made out of wood doesn't necessarily preclude you from taking the time to better your grasp of the language
Snack: I guess
Superchao: So what made you, well, not interested in continued contribution?
Snack: I dunno
Snack: I guess there just hasn’t been anything I felt the need to contribute that someone else hadn’t already done
Superchao: I think that really seems to be one of the two really big barriers of entry to new editors
Superchao: Namely, that the dedicated crew of editors tends to work so fast and quickly there's no real time to add anything that isn't obscure or cleanup work of some kind.
Superchao: On the plus side, the community aspect sure kept you busy!
Snack: Yeah
Snack: There’s a lot of stuff I don’t think I’d be doing or interested in if I hadn’t stuck around really
Superchao: Wiki-wise, or just in terms of your general interests?
Snack: General interests
Superchao: Now that's something to dig into! ...Though I think we should discuss your history a bit, first.
Superchao: What interested you when you discovered Userpedia?
Snack: Probably it being a creative outlet basically; even beyond things like comics and stories I could just write stuff that came to mind and seemed interesting to me and put it down in an article
Snack: Which is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember, I just didn’t put it to writing nearly as much
Superchao: Honestly, I feel like the relative... lack of expectations? Is that a good phrase? Anyhow, I feel like that contributed to the 2007/2008 Userpedia Boom in a big way.
Snack: In hindsight it was all really goofy so I don’t care to think about it, but, yeah, when you put it that way, like
Snack: EVERYTHING was sort of goofy, that’s just what people did, partly because everyone was really young
Superchao: And then everyone got just a little older and suddenly there were 8 million dramatic super long epics
Superchao: (7 million of which were Scarecrow's)
Snack: Oh, I was always writing stuff that was goofy in that sort of way
Superchao: That's true! Unfortunately, we had to bring this up sooner or later, so brace yourself:
Superchao: What made you decide to make a big comic in the form of Legends of the Fallenstar?
Snack: A collective episode of madness like the 17th century Dutch tulip bubble or the late 1990s web bubble
Superchao: The 2008 housing bubble was nothing compared to the 2008 userpedia comic bubble, then?
Snack: Besides that and just having silly overdramatic ideas I wanted to do something with I can’t think of anything
Snack: pretty much
Superchao: I feel like I can't give an objective assessment of anything from 2008 because I was dumb and 15. Alas.
Superchao: And then the scribblewiki crash happened! I forget, did your comic survive that??
Snack: I really can’t remember the timeline of all the different userpedias
Superchao: Imagine if MarioWiki itself had as convoluted a history as Userpedia
Superchao: scary thought, huh?
Snack: yeah
Snack: Anyway, if you mean did it kill it as an ongoing project, I’m not sure honestly because it was something I gradually lost intererst in I think, and I’m not sure offhand when Scribblewiki died
Snack: If you mean killed it as in it got wiped out and lost like a lot of other userpedia things, fortunately (or unfortunately, perhaps), for whatever reason it survived
Superchao: I primarily meant as an ongoing project, so... yeah, honestly, that doesnt' surprise me too much. A lot of the Big comics died to a case of "more ambition than energy"
Superchao: Come to think of it, I'm not sure anyone except Jorge ever completed a long-running comic series.
Snack: I’m not sure at this point if I still had the files – I’ve had at least one computer die and switched computers one or two other times, so I think a lot of my files from that time or before or lost – or if I managed to find them from somewhere, but it definitely still exists
Superchao: I look forward to when your run as a presidental candidate is disrupted by someone posting LotFS
Snack: I know I’ve made this joke a few times, but I can definitely never run for president; we’ve only had bad presidents named “Andrew”
Superchao: Thanks for preventing a 3 for 3, I appreciate it!
Superchao: So, eventually you drifted off Userpedia, and then what? Just stuck around the forum for a while?
Snack: yeah, that’s pretty much it
Snack: Although I’ve drifted on and off the forums/IRC a lot over the years
Superchao: Yeah, I remember that when I came back to the forums full-time, you... weren't so much completely absent as you kind of existed only on the periphery
Superchao: Is it just a tendency to lose and gain interest over time?
Snack: Yeah; I feel like my interests shift a lot actually, and for a while I had other communities that I was more involved in that for various reasons I’ve now drifted out of too and ended up back here
Superchao: That happens to me, honestly; I've got two major communities I'm in, and it feels like there's a push and pull between them for me
Superchao: I don't fully leave Marioboards or the other one, but I have a tendency to focus on one more than the other depending on various factors
Snack: I think part of why I stuck around has been the minecraft servers we’ve had for #mariowiki too and on this laptop I’ve had issues with the keyboard – I guess I’m just a bit hard on it – and so for a while since I couldn’t play with a broken keyboard I stopped for a while
Snack: I can’t actually remember if that was a time I also wasn’t so active on the forums or IRC though now that I think about it
Snack: so, uh, that might not actually be relevant to anything
Superchao: Keyboard issues are the worst non-fatal laptop issues, honestly
Superchao: Sometime I definitely need to get minecraft though. Maybe this year will be the year.
Snack: If you do you should get it by august for the awards
Superchao: Minecraft Games is pretty much the #1 motivating factor for me in the decision, so good work team
Snack: I didn’t really mean that as a public plug for the Minecraft Games but now that I think about it that’s what it’s going to be, lol
Superchao: If you've seen some of the shameless shilling I do in interviews, you'd feel just fine!
Snack: I really need to read more of them
Superchao: Everyone does.
Superchao: You've done some more recent writings, though, like Rideable Minecart High School. Anything in particular that got you interested in making up your own cast and world of sorts?
Snack: I’m not sure what specifically interests me about it; I guess I’ve always been interested in fantasy though; not necessarily only in the genre sense but in the idea of worldbuilding in general
Snack: Like how I mentioned earlier that I wrote a lot of articles for userpedia that were just ideas that came to me
Superchao: That makes sense - the premise means you get to explore both the characters and the minecart world too.
Superchao: Do you have a favorite Rideable Minecart girl to write?
Snack: Yeah, although it’s setting isn’t so much a fantasy world honestly, although the towns themselves are fictional
Superchao: True, but it's still the chance to write in a world out of your own personal experience.
Superchao: In its own way, that's pretty fantastic!
Snack: Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually written it – it’s another thing I sadly lost interest and momentum in before I could tie it up really – so it’s a bit hard to say, but I always liked writing Subaru; she’s very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of character and just a ball of big dumb energy
Snack: Which makes it sound like she’s not a very deep character, and she honestly might not be, but I mean that in a good way
Superchao: Heheheh, those are always fun characters. Here's hoping that someday you regain that spark - I'd like to see them again sometime! But not until you feel ready.
Snack: like, I didn’t really want her to be that archetype of someone who’s putting a front despite being really troubled internally
Snack: I always found her fun to write and it was easier for me to think of what she’d do in a given situation than some of the others – I struggled with Ran for instance, and I struggled with the group dynamic after I introduced the transfer student character who I doubt anyone remembers, which is probably part of what stopped me from continuing it since that happened right after I’d finally gotten in to a good groove with the original four main girls
Superchao: Maybe try writing a few one-shots with the four main girls when you want to return to it? Get back to them, then maybe expand out from there
Snack: maybe, yeah
Superchao: So, coming back to an earlier thing, I'm curious. What are some things you got into/stayed into because of the community?
Snack: I don’t think I ever would have watched Detective Conan without talking to marty about it, for one
Superchao: I appreciate Marty's interest in lesser-known anime/manga properties, mostly because it means I have someone else who recognizes Kinnikuman
Snack: I don’t know if I would have ever gotten in to Love Live without knowing TFP, NEX, and Star either, and without hearing Turb and GBA talking about it Fire Emblem would still just be “those weird games with anime sword boys in smash where you pet your wife with the touch screen” to me
Snack: Although I feel like when I put it that way it’s pretty
Superchao: I also got into Love Live thanks to this community, so we can be buddies!
Snack: obvious, I guess; everyone checks stuff out because they hear about it from their friends and think it sounds intriguing
Snack: But if I hadn’t been here it would probably have been other stuff for me
Superchao: I mean, it's always neat to have specific examples. I wouldn't have ever checked out F-Zero if not for specific friends, and I'm the guy who writes a section about it!
Superchao: I take it you don't mind getting into any of those, huh
Snack: Not really
Snack: well, Love Live gets kind of a bad rap and that’s something I can get too hung up on, honestly (and I’ll admit it’s not like, a masterpiece of modern literature or anything), but I enjoyed it
Superchao: I feel like as long as people can respect my positive opinion on Love Live, I will happily respect their negative opinion on it
Snack: I do feel bad sometimes that I can’t seem to stay interested in things for more than a couple years, but I can’t really do much about that
Superchao: I feel it's kind of natural? You get some things that stick with you forever, but then some that are just flashes in the pan. If I ever get an interview, remind me to put forth a couple examples of that I've got
Snack: This is another thing I dunno if you want me to give away, but I think you said you were planning on retiring in the next year or two? Whoever picks up interviews next should definitely interview you first
Superchao: I'm okay with sharing it now, honestly. It means my regular readers will know the job is open and might be inspired to think about taking it over eight months instead of one
Superchao: So, there you go, 'Shroom readers - the last interview I do (for this particular tour) will be in December 2019. Look forward to it! And the seven others in between then and now.
Superchao: anyhow clearly i should just use my 'shroom influence to make interviewing me a mandatory condition to take my job
Superchao: Out of curiosity, do you still follow Mario that much? A lot of long-time wikigoers have had their tastes shift and aren't that into the series these days.
Snack: Not all that much
Snack: I loved Odyssey though and whenever the next main series game gets announced I’ll probably tune in more, but that probably won’t be for a while now
Snack: I’m always down to watch when people here stream Mario games too, especially SM64 speedruns
Superchao: I feel like Nintendo decided to frontload the Switch with big series - Mario, Zelda, technically Metroid, and by now they've got Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on the way.
Superchao: Should make the next couple years pretty interesting... hopefully.
Superchao: someday the marioboards will produce a world record speedrunner
Superchao: and by that i mean it's going to be marty speedrunning katamari
Snack: Oh, it has
Snack: pretty sure marty still has the world record for Doraemon N64 100%
Superchao: Oh wow, I forgot that. Marty: world record man
Superchao: Do you have any interested in speedrunning, or just watching streams?
Snack: I would like to try doing an SM64 run again sometime
Snack: I feel like I’m not a very good streamer though, plus it can be a pain to set everything up
Superchao: I've never had much trouble streaming off my computer but I've never tried streaming from a console, and somehow I imagine that's juuust a bit more complicated.
Snack: Maybe not something to say in an interview given the Implications, but I’ve never tried streaming from a console
Snack: In my defense I’ve bought Super Mario 64 twice though
Snack: three times if you want to count DS, but I don’t
Superchao: I mean, I'm pretty sure we've implied worse in the interviews. Just don't post links and it's technically not against the rules!
Snack: Good to know
Snack: The main thing is there’s just a lot of windows to have open for a speedrun and you need to make sure they’re all set up right in a scene in obs
Snack: plus the timer software that most people use for speedruns is windows only which is an annoyance
Superchao: Oh, yeah, the timer and such - I just think of my own non-speed streaming
Snack: Yeah, it’s easier if you just have the game itself to worry about
Superchao: Would you say 64's your favorite Mario game, or something else?
Snack: It’s hard to say; it, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Odyssey are all really close for me, and I think in the end I might say Sunshine is actually my #1 favorite, but 64 is special to me since it’s one of the first video games I ever played
Snack: or at least remember playing
Superchao: Sunshine is a really good pick and I wish it got more appreciation, but I feel like being a followup to 64 that changed the formula and being followed by the highly popular Galaxy didn't help it much
Snack: Personally I feel like it’s hurt in people’s minds by the plot and voice acting being cheesy and a little weird for a Mario game and, perhaps also that it’s probably the hardest of the main series 3D games
Superchao: i'm a chuckster
Snack: h
Superchao: It is weird, but I think it's still got a lot of solid gameplay, and Delfino Plaza felt like it had a lot more life to it than any of the other hubs
Superchao: Also hot take the blue coins were a good concept
Snack: Yeah, Delfino Plaza is great
Superchao: So in general, you're a fan of the 3D gameplay, it sounds like.
Snack: Yeah
Superchao: In that case, am I right in assuming the Mario games you don't care for are 2D? If you've even got any you dislike.
Snack: Honestly going back to older 2D games they feel kind of punishing to me
Snack: I might’ve beaten some of the NSMB games, but I’ve never beaten any of the SMB games or Super Mario World
Snack: I was never able to beat any of the OG Sonic games either
Snack: I’ve gotten close in Sonic 2 but that’s it
Superchao: Maybe you're just not really used to 2D gameplay compared to 3D?
Snack: Probably, yeah
Superchao: Clearly we know exactly what game will fix this
Snack: I don’t dislike the 2D games though; I actually really liked NSMBWii and NSMBU because its great to screw around with four or five people
Superchao: I never picked up Wii or U in part because I didn't have anyone to play with; with how many people recommended it based off of multiplayer shenanigans, it just didn't seem worth the price to me
Snack: Yeah, that’s fair
Snack: the one game I really didn’t like much was 3D World though (was that the the game you were alluding to, actually?)
Superchao: (actually no, it was a Tobari joke) Oh, why not?
Snack: it just felt like a bit clumsy how it tried to map the 2D Mario mechanics into a 3D space, especially with how refined the SM64 and et cetera formula is
Snack: Playing it I just felt like “I wish this was more of a conventional 3D Mario game"
Superchao: And then you got Odyssey! So that worked out.
Snack: I’m still holding out for Tobari 2 getting a Switch release in English even though I know I’d die if I tried to play it
Superchao: If any Desunoya platformer ever gets an English Switch release that's a day 1 buy for me
Superchao: Outside of Mario, are there any game series you really like/would recommend?
Snack: outside of Nintendo games a lot of what I’m interested in are strategy and simulation games, which are sort of niche and can be daunting at times, so I’m not sure they’d make good general recommendations to be honest
Superchao: To be fair, I think people read interviews expecting to learn about specific tastes
Superchao: I know I did back when I actually read them instead of writing them!
Snack: In that case, I’ve mentioned it a lot in my ask thread but Railroad Tycoon II is a game I’ve been playing for a veeery long time that I still love; plus it’s on Steam for pretty cheap afaik
Superchao: It is! And I'm probably the one other Railroad Tycoon II fan on this forum, so you're talking to the right guy.
Superchao: About the only problem is that I could never transfer save data from laptop to laptop, but that's just an excuse to replay campaign mode.
Snack: Besides that, Civilization V is another one I’ve had a lot of fun with over the years
Superchao: What draws you to strategy/sim games?
Snack: Part of it is definitely my interest in history and especially geography
Snack: Something like Railroad Tycoon II is especially fun because of that
Superchao: you get to be a robber baron AND live in the 21st century!
Superchao: ...Speaking of, I just realized time is catching up to the originally-set-in-the-future campaign maps. Trippy stuff.
Snack: Stuff like that can be weird
Snack: I was playing Ace Attorney a little while ago and realizing that it was set in what was the future when it came out but is now, like, a few years ago was kind of wacky
Superchao: As someone who has plenty of science fiction from the 50s and 60s, the 2010s are so much different than what they speculated.
Superchao: -Honestly I have a theory about Ace Attorney being set in 2016.
Superchao: Namely, that it wasn't supposed to be
Snack: That’s interesting
Snack: why’s that
Superchao: The only time in the entire franchise that a specific year was ever said was the DL-6 case file saying DL-6 happened in 2001, and every other year has been calculated from DL-6. Buuut, Phoenix mentions in the first game "it's the start of a new century", and nothing is done to make the game look or feel Ahead Of Its Time
Snack: ah
Superchao: So I've always personally thought the game itself was meant to be set in 2001 and DL-6 in 1986, but one guy mixed up one date and turned the entire Ace Attorney franchise into being set in the near future
Superchao: good work, one guy
Snack: I do feel like it’s implied that the setting is sort of a dystopian future though, even if it was also intended as a satire of contemporary Japan
Snack: Of course part of that may be the localization too
Superchao: That's a fair point.
Superchao: So, did you like Ace Attorney, anyway?
Snack: Yeah, it was pretty entertaining
Snack: I only played the original cases from the first game and I should really get back to it, especially since people rave about Rise From The Ashes
Superchao: Are visual novels a thing of yours in general, actually? You've mentioned a couple in the past.
Snack: I’ve played a fair few of them, yeah
Snack: It’s hard to compare them to “traditional” video games in a way, but a few I’d probably list among my favorite games of all time
Superchao: Oh, like which?
Snack: namely Analogue: A Hate Story and Highway Blossoms
Superchao: I keep intending to look into the first but then I just... don't.
Superchao: An unfortunate common occurrence of mine
Snack: It’s a pretty challenging
Snack: Well
Snack: I was going to say challenging GAME but that doesn’t really capture it; it’s not challenging as a game but it’s a challenging narrative, which is kind of a given with the subject matter it tackles
Superchao: Easy to play through, yet hard to actually get through?
Snack: yeah
Superchao: I've had a few cases like that. They're usually worth it in a emotional way - it hurts but you feel better when you come out the other side
Snack: I’m not sure if I’d say I feel better for things like that or no
Snack: A lot of times they leave me kind of in a funk for days
Superchao: Probably the kind of thing it's good to save for rare occasions, then
Snack: Yeah, maybe
Snack: Although – this is maybe too heavy a subject for a Shroom interview honestly, but – there was one thing sort of like that kind of helped me in a way just because, like
Snack: I kind of hate how “come to terms” sounds honestly but I guess after it I realized better that depression is really an illness and not just rational responses to things
Superchao: I've had an experience or two like that, honestly. Not with that specific thing, but I remember watching a Bionicle web series with some serious moments that helped me understand "this is why I don't like people disappearing without warning/things being deleted without warning".
Superchao: It's kind of amazing what can help you, y'know?
Snack: Yeah
Superchao: So, this is probably not a good segue, but if theres one more question i wanted to ask you, it's this
Superchao: What keeps you coming back to the community, even after all this time?
Snack: I suppose just because I’ve known a lot of people here for a long time and I have a lot of friends here, mainly
Superchao: like me! hopefully
Snack: yeah
Superchao: It's a good reason, really. I'm honestly always happy to know how strong a friend group this little forum has ended up making
Superchao: I gotta ask, though.
Superchao: Is this the last question?
Snack: Good question
Superchao: Thanks
Superchao: And thanks for the interview, too!
Snack: You’re welcome

Honestly, I'm not really good at these conclusions, am I? But I'll keep on trying, because why not! Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed learning more about someone you might not have thought that much about. The next time you see Snack, give him a hello, would you? Unless of course you already do, in which case... keep on keeping on! See you next month, 'Shroom readers!

NIWA Spotlight

Written by: Alex95 (talk)

NIWA logo with the japanese characters for garden in the background (にわ)

Hello everyone! Welcome to NIWA Spotlight, a focused list that covers one article from each of our partnered wikis that need help. These can range from articles that need more information or created to images that need replacing or uploaded. Notice something on a different wiki you can't fix or aren't sure how to and want to get the word out? Let me know on my talk page or in this forum topic and it will be added to a future issue. For our Mario-related topics, check out the current The 'Shroom Spotlight!

Superjustinbros and ERROR worked on bringing Tetris 99 up to speed, Fubaka gave ChuChu her much needed list of appearances and moves, GloverMist made the Known Occurrences more known with images, and I replaced Hino's model so he has legs.

  • The F-Zero Wiki is undergoing an update, so editing is restricted for the time being.
Category Wiki Subject Direct Link
Wanted Article ARMS Institute Biff: Games are always more fun when they are played with friends! But sometimes, your friends may not be nearby, so taking ARMS online is the way to go! The Nintendo Switch Online service allows you to connect with other players, download updates, and more! Unfortunately, I don't have a full list of what the "more" entails. Nintendo Switch Online
Bulbapedia The most-linked-to red article on the wiki, what is "Miracle Twin" for the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Miracle Twin (TCG)
Stub Article/Section Dragon Quest Wiki Bounce is quite the useful spell! It sends hurtful magic right back to your attacker, at a low cost of your own Magic. But, hmm, it doth seem we are missing Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 information. Bounce
Fire Emblem Wiki Dart seems to be a character that is shrouded in mystery. He may be Rebecca's brother, he may not be. What roles does he have? What's his personality like? Dart
Golden Sun Universe Thermal Psynergy is unique to the character Eoleo in Dark Dawn, and is only used to activate certain blocks. At least, that's what the article says, but does it have any battle capabilities? And where exactly can this move be used? Thermal
Hard Drop Tetris Wiki There was a Tetris game for an old Sharp Wizard device. Tetris (Sharp Wizard)
Icaruspedia Pit: Did you see that, Lady Palutena?! I totally sniped Bowser with my Staff!
Palutena: Good aim, Pit! The Insight Staff was a good choice to bring into Smash battles.
Pit: They proved pretty useful in my last adventure, and the Insight Staff is pretty balanced. I thought others would get a kick out of it.
Palutena: Balanced, huh? There's nothing the Staff would excel at?
Pit: I'm, uh… Not… positive.
Insight Staff
Inkipedia Callie: Ink Pistons are powerful! Seriously! One blast and your armor shatters!
Marie: We could use a full list of where they are in the Octo Expansion to avoid them easier…
Ink Piston
Nintendo Wiki You ever win a contest for a TV show, but instead of a prize, you find someone rigged the contest just to kill your family? No? Well, Bart Simpson did. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
Wars Wiki The eleventh mission of Advance Wars 2 has sections, but no information. Reclamation
Rewrite/Cleanup Starfy Wiki When The Legendary Starfy was first announced, it had a special demo version cartridge available to play at certain retailers. The Starfy Wiki covers this special demo, but it could use some clarification and rewriting in places. The Legendary Starfy: Trial Version
Strategy Wiki Sonic Rivals is a racing game for the PlayStation Portable that also has platforming elements. There's a list of characters on Strategy Wiki, but it could use some work with wording and further images. Sonic Rivals/Characters
WiKirby Mario has crossed over with Kirby in a few titles. Suggested by Viperision, the Mario article on WiKirby could use both an expansion and a rewrite, as what little information is there is somewhat scattered. Mario
Additional Images Lylat Wiki Pepper: During the Command mission, there was a submarine piloted by Zako called the Devil Shark. We have information, but we would like to know what it looked like.
Slippy: I remember Zako… Okay, I'll see what I can do.
Devil Shark
Nookipedia The Pear Set of furniture consists of both a dresser and a wardrobe. Nookipedia has icons of its appearance in New Leaf, but does it have icons in other games? Some more screenshots would also be good. Pear Set
Image Quality Metroid Wiki Adam: Your Wavebuster combination from the first Prime mission is a strong weapon, but the image we have of it doesn't show that off too well. Any objections to improving it? File:Wavebuster mp1 Screenshot.jpg
Pikipedia This is an image of a Bulbmin in sublevel 3 of the Submerged Castle. It's small and blurry. File:119.jpg
Smash Wiki RIP Sonic and Pikachu. If only their demise was captured in HD. File:Beams of Death.jpeg
Zelda Wiki This is an image of Zelda calling up a Phantom in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But it is a screen capture from YouTube, so an in-game replacement would be better. File:SSBU Zelda Phantom Slash.png
Citation Needed WikiBound Apparently, the font used for Mr. Saturn's Japanese speech is based on Shigesato Itoi's daughter's handwriting at the time. Is this true? Mr. Saturn
WiKirby It seems Spinni's gender is different depending on the game's region, but both possibilities are being called into question. Is Spinni a boy or a girl? Spinni

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: MsRetroGeek (talk)

Hello Dear Readers,

Hi, it's Yeet the Jeek back with your discussion for this month. Hear my plea and follow me. Poll Committee and I had a head full of ideas for the plentiful polls for this month. I hope there are no holes within our polls. Now sit tight it might be a sight. Now take my hand and I will show the land!

Would you ever like to see Princess Peach get her own spin-off franchise to herself? (PriPeachFranchiseSupporter1337 (MFGG) and The Pyro Guy (talk), March 10, 2019)

Would you ever like to see Princess Peach get her own spin-off franchise to herself?

Yes, definitely. Princess Peach is a significant character and would benefit from her own franchise to build upon Mario's even more. 49.03% (781 votes)
Yes, but I think other characters would be better suited to have a new spin-off franchise. 18.9% (301 votes)
Maybe, but I think that Peach would be better suited as a supporting character in the core Mario franchise. 9.79% (156 votes)
No, but I think Peach should have occasional, stand-alone spin-off games. 14.63% (233 votes)
No. Princess Peach wouldn't really be necessary as her own franchise and others would be better suited for a new spin-off franchise. 5.52% (88 votes)
Not at all. Peach should have a minor role within the core Mario franchise as a simple motivation for the player. 2.13% (34 votes)
Total Votes: 1,593

What new game styles would you like to see in Super Mario Maker 2? (Roserade (talk) and The Pyro Guy (talk), March 17, 2019)

What new game styles would you like to see in Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) 26.94% (531 votes)
Super Mario Galaxy 13.95% (275 votes)
Super Mario 64 13.9% (274 votes)
Super Mario Odyssey 13.44% (265 votes)
Super Mario Land 7.86% (155 votes)
Yoshi's Island 7.86% (155 votes)
Super Mario Sunshine 5.53% (109 votes)
Other 4.92% (97 votes)
Wario Land 3.65% (72 votes)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 1.93% (38 votes)
Total Votes: 1,971

How do you feel about the upcoming retirement of Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé? (MsRetroGeek (talk) and Hooded Pitohui (talk), March 24, 2019)

Which Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer are you looking forward to the most?

I’m sad to see him go, but I feel that Reggie has done an excellent job in his position and he has earned his retirement. 63.45% (1,545 votes)
I’m very upset that he’s leaving. I would like to see Reggie continue as head of Nintendo of America in the coming years. 14.25% (347 votes)
I don’t really care who’s in charge as long as the product quality isn’t affected. 13.92% (339 votes)
While I think Reggie has done a good job, I look forward to his retirement as a chance for new people with new ideas to lead the company. 6.16% (150 votes)
This change should’ve happened much sooner. Reggie has held the company back and it is great that he is leaving. 1.15% (28 votes)
This is the time for this change. Reggie has done fine but he’s held the position too long. 1.07% (26 votes)
Total Votes: 2,435

Which upcoming Educational Mario Game are you looking forward to this year? (April Fools) (The Pyro Guy (talk), April 1st, 2019)

Which upcoming Educational Mario Game are you looking forward to this year?

Funky Kong's adventure to get a Masters in Social Media Studies 31.49% (382 votes)
Waluigi & Friends: Let's study Chemistry! 26.22% (318 votes)
Donkey Kong Jr. Math- New Pink Mode 12.12% (147 votes)
E. Gadd Writes a Thesis on Quantum Mechanics- Fun with Photons! 11.71% (142 votes)
Yoshi's Essay: Let's get Economical! 9.56% (116 votes)
Multiplication with Mario 4.45% (54 votes)
Wiggler's Wonderful Botanical Science Quest 4.45% (54 votes)
Total Votes: 1,213


Would you ever like to see Princess Peach get her own spin-off franchise to herself? (PriPeachFranchiseSupporter1337 (MFGG) and The Pyro Guy (talk), March 10, 2019)

A lovely lass should have a mass of attention. She is royal and loyal to those of mushroom. A beautiful peach at the highest point of a tree. What’s that? Peaches are not found in trees. Peaches come from a can. They were put there by a man. Now that you know how the Princess was created. I believe that we should properly look at what was stated about this fine lass before we run out of time. Alas! A large mass majority of you have said that Mario could potentially benefit from having Peach have her own series. She is essentially like the Black Widow of the Mario gang. Black Widow is also getting her own movie so why shouldn’t Peach have her own video game. After Princess Peach was given her own game, “Super Princess Peach” on the Nintendo DS. With the amount of success that the game has received. Wouldn’t it make sense for her to receive her own series? While there are some that agree there are some that disagree. There are those that have stated that other characters should have their own franchise. Maybe it’s about time we got to see that Waluigi video game that we’ve always wanted to see come to life. However, there are those that are still hoping that Peach gets her own game. The only difference being that they would like to see her being the main character of a spin-off game. The mechanics within the “Super Princess Peach” game must have great enough to make a difference. Let’s just hope that Mr. Bowser decides that Princess Peach should be more of a hero than a damsel.

What new game styles would you like to see in Super Mario Maker 2? (Roserade (talk) and The Pyro Guy (talk), March 17, 2019)

A setting is quite fetching when done right it can be as bright as a light. It can be classic and fantastic. There can be areas full of stars that might close to Mars. Many different worlds are full of undiscovered pearls. Let’s go explore the amazing world of whirls! Super Mario 2 seemed to be the most popular one that had won your votes. The game style is nostalgic for those who enjoy a time of iconic. A time where gaming was so simplistic you might even call it bombastic. Although that is not all there was a Birdo and a Shy Guys plenty. What a spectacular time that was. What a memorable memory that was. Now let me take you to a place where star bits were plentiful. The time where a Galaxy and a poor hero was full of agony. A certain game called Super Mario Galaxy. The structure of the game gave off a nice 3-D feel. That almost made the player feel that it was real. There were planets so different just waiting to be explored. With an awaiting princess with her star children wanting for their home to be restored. The last game style shall not be forgotten. For this place is what had started it all. It may have had you fall into the Mario fandom. That is the companion Super Mario 64. The game of a hero who won’t be a zero running off to save his beloved Princess. There is a series of indexed doors within his beloved’s castle just waiting to be explored. When he journeyed through these doors. Lands of ice, bombs, and koopas galore. Giant blocks just waiting for a player step in the frame. I hope these games of nostalgia are ready for action with the release of June 2019.

How do you feel about the upcoming retirement of Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé? (MsRetroGeek (talk) and Hooded Pitohui (talk), March 24, 2019)

A man who has worked and showed us a world of mushroom, princesses, plumbers, and different creatures plenty. Deserves some time to relax. We will not forget the countless accomplishments had made to turn the world of Nintendo so great. Although it would have been nice if he stayed. We must remember all great men must rest. With a heavy heart, we all see the great man Reggie leave. Although it is sad to see him leave many answered he has earned his retirement. He has taken his position with years of ease it is time for him to finally relax and see a vacation. Other do not want to let go of the beloved President wanting him to continue to be above the corporation of Nintendo. There are some who would disagree. The primary work of Nintendo should not be impacted that they do agree. However, Reggie did decree that he shall retire to that Nintendo did agree. Where Reggie goes, we can agree let him find peace with his cease.

Which upcoming Educational Mario Game are you looking forward to this year? (April Fools) (The Pyro Guy (talk), April 1st, 2019)

I’m honestly not sure why these games exist. When I look at these games I must exit. Although I suppose games are a great tool to enlist. Let’s just hope that none of these are math so that a pour soul does not go through that wrath. Fortunately, the first game that was selected was about getting your Master’s. Getting a degree is important but does Nintendo think it will prepare those that want to get ahead of their life faster. Allowing those to experiment with chemicals is a great way to learn about chemistry. I just hope that no one experiments with the selective chemicals used. Perhaps including a warning in the opening screen would help Nintendo from not getting sued. The last game that was voted on was the newest Pink Mode Donkey Kong Jr. game that involves…. Math. Math out of every subject….it just had to be math. Although I have heard that there’s a fun portion that focuses on Calculus. It doesn’t matter… for that’s all I will say on the matter.


My time is currently up as your host. I hope I made the most of your time. I have also run out of rhyme, so I shall end it here. Next month tune in for there will be a Raregold who will be taking over for me. Thank you all your time it sure was sublime. Now enjoy your day while I say, thank you for reading dear readers.

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