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Archive #1

Re: What's Up?[edit]

No, I didn't, and I didn't even hear much about it, but yeah, sounds nice. How you doing? I'm busy with school and obsessing over Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga all over again, and on the 3DS this time. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:06, 7 October 2017 (EDT)

Template Redirect[edit]

Pages will be referencing the redirect caused by your template moves. If you need assistance getting all the pages to point to the new names, talk to Porplemontage (talk). He's got a bot that can fix all that for you, without flooding Special:RecentChanges. --Wildgoosespeeder (talk) (Stats - Contribs) 04:16, 10 October 2017 (EDT)

Turns out somebody else already notified him about that, but I posted on his talk page anyway. And thanks for letting me know about that, because it would've taken forever. LuigiMaster123's signature icon. LuigiMaster123 04:28, 10 October 2017 (EDT)


The scale of the classification of berries is greater than you thought; gaze upon what chaos you have wrought! Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 06:38, 15 October 2017 (EDT)

Category:Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Species[edit]

Individual characters, such as Toadsworth and Baby Bowser, do not go under species categories. Furthermore, Baby Bowser and Donkey Kong Jr. aren't even in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! so adding them to such a category makes even less sense. If you meant Bowser Jr. and Diddy Kong, they don't belong under that category either; the playable racers are listed under Category:Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Characters.Dark BonesSig.png 17:19, 15 October 2017 (EDT)

New Licensing Template[edit]

I've noticed some of your recent uploads are from or aren't exactly screenshots taken as you play through the level. Using {{game-screenshot}} is no longer necessary. The appropriate license is {{game-map}}. If your image contains mainly level contents and not the protagonist (Mario, Donkey Kong, etc.) or HUD (score, timer, etc.), use the new tag. It should be added to the drop-down in Special:Upload by Porplemontage (talk). If you aren't the uploader, it is encouraged to fix file pages that you stumble upon that haven't transitioned to the new licensing tag. --Wildgoosespeeder (talk) (Stats - Contribs) 20:51, 19 October 2017 (EDT)

RE: Mario Kart 'Shroom Section[edit]

Thanks for letting me know, it's been sorted now :) Yoshi876 (talk)

Re: Yoshi's Island[edit]

Oy, I'm a bit late to this, but I'd like to say thank you so much for completing the items and objects section in the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, it was very much appreciated. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 01:01, 3 December 2017 (EST)

RE: Bumper[edit]

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I'm guessing they're taking much longer than usual to update this time for some reason (the same thing happened for Special:WhatLinksHere/Desert Oasis (level), which had a fewer pages left over than when I last viewed it). Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 20:34, 10 December 2017 (EST)

Edit Sniping[edit]

Hi. I assume you're trying to help with the Madame Broode and Chain Chompikins redirects, but that's a project that I started and it's against courtesy for you to make the edits. I get edit conflicts and it's very annoying. Thanks for the good intentions, but please leave it alone.
Ultimate Mr. L without the emblem behind him (for my signature) Ultimate Mr. L (Talk-Contribs-Stats) 16:04, 14 December 2017 (EST)

No problem. I hope I didn't come across as angry.
Ultimate Mr. L without the emblem behind him (for my signature) Ultimate Mr. L (Talk-Contribs-Stats) 16:08, 14 December 2017 (EST)

RE:Friend Request[edit]

Sure! Mine can be found here. Oh, and thanks for the congratulations! Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:27, 23 December 2017 (EST)


Yea I'm trying that but no luck. It's kinda frustrating lol. DKPetey99DKPetey99TCE

Link repairing[edit]

Hey, I see you repairing links on NSMB level pages. It looks pretty tedious. Did you know that the Super Mario Wiki has two maintenance robots? You can always ask Porplemontage (talk) to program them. If you're enjoying the link repair, you can keep doing it; it just looks a little tedious. -YFJ (talk · edits) 03:28, 16 January 2018 (EST)

Okay, I see. Well, enjoy repairing links! Maybe I should try doing something like that... -YFJ (talk · edits) 21:02, 16 January 2018 (EST)

Order of navigation templates[edit]

I elaborated on my oppose vote on this proposal, which I think you might want to comment on, especially regarding the last point. Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 16:12, 18 January 2018 (EST)

Mini Mario & Friends Worlds[edit]

Hey, I see you’ve created Barrel Blast Jungle. You may have known that I created Star World (Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge) a few months ago. You may want to look at that page and make any edits you find necessary, as I’m no good at writing articles. Or maybe we could make this a joint project! I can get started with Gravity Galaxy pretty soon. I’m glad to see someone wants to help! -YFJ (talk · edits) 20:09, 13 February 2018 (EST)

Sounds good to me! -YFJ (talk · edits) 20:27, 13 February 2018 (EST)
Yeah, I was going backwards through the worlds anyway. Also, are you able to find an image of an amiibo Token? I need one for this draft. -YFJ (talk · edits) 02:38, 14 February 2018 (EST)
Thanks, I’ve been looking for that for a while. -YFJ (talk · edits) 02:46, 14 February 2018 (EST)

Hey LuigiMaster123, something just hit me. Where will we put the list of main levels in this game? Will we list them on the game's page? Or will we make a new conjecturally-named page called Main Levels and list them there? I’m thinking the first option, but I’m curious as to your thoughts. -YFJ (talk · edits) 12:31, 17 February 2018 (EST)

It’s really just a matter of whether we treat “Main Levels” as a world or a list. Which will it be? -YFJ (talk · edits) 21:37, 17 February 2018 (EST)
Well, we'll just worry about getting the other worlds done for now. I should be starting Gravity Galaxy soon. -YFJ (talk · edits) 23:45, 17 February 2018 (EST)
Okay, I see. -YFJ (talk · edits) 19:57, 25 February 2018 (EST)


僕は日本人です。さっきSuperMarioWikiのアカウントを作成したのですが、利用者ページの作成がなぜかできません。なぜできないのか、LuigiMaster123さん、教えてください。--Oreo (talk) 04:11, 1 March 2018 (EST)

Not to be rude or anything, but if you can, could you please type in English? I don't speak Japanese and the only way I can read your message is by Google Translating it. I would translate my English messages to Japanese, but Google Translate isn't very accurate with that. If you want to create a userpage you must be registered on the wiki for at least four days and make at least five edits. See userpage rules here. LuigiMaster123's signature icon. LuigiMaster123 04:18, 1 March 2018 (EST)

Checkpoint (YTT)[edit]

For your user page, your Checkpoint was moved to Checkpoint warp, FTR. - Reboot (talk) 00:15, 18 March 2018 (EDT)

Rotating Magnet Stick[edit]

Hi, do you have a source for Rotating Magnet Stick's name? I checked Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!'s Construction Zone listing, and its name appears to be "Magnet Rod" (and the magnet platforms are called "Magnet Blocks"). Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 21:56, 19 March 2018 (EDT)

Well, the solid, static platforms are simply called "Magnets" in Tipping Stars. Perhaps it should be moved there instead? Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 22:36, 19 March 2018 (EDT)

Mario Maker sprites[edit]

By the way, I was not done marking them, I called it quits last night because it got late, and there was an absurd amount that needed left tagging. I was gonna reupload them at a later date when I had time, but the sooner, the better. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 17:37, 5 April 2018 (EDT)

Go ahead. I have them all in a Paint doc (minus the ones that need assembled...), but I really should be doing homework. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 17:47, 5 April 2018 (EDT)
Oh, but please make sure you get the palettes correct, the SMB3-styled red shell is not that dull-colored. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 02:13, 8 April 2018 (EDT)
That's the exact sheet I have in a Paint doc, and they look much more brightly-colored, like the original giant image. What program are you saving these in? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 02:51, 8 April 2018 (EDT)
Just look at the file history for that image and note the glaring difference in saturation, since they appear the same size in that format. You can see it, right? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 04:16, 8 April 2018 (EDT)
Well I checked again, and it appears to be in-line with the one in the paint document when I copypaste it, I guess my browser's doing something weird. Sorry! Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 23:56, 8 April 2018 (EDT)


You went all the way to complete the Power Moon lists. You deserve this reward!

A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
Power Moon Wikinarian

-- -- KOOPA CON CARNE 15:30, 26 April 2018 (EDT)~

Egg Block Sprites[edit]

According to this guy, the light blue and purple Egg Blocks in the image you uploaded aren't in the game. Wondering if you can either confirm that they are, or if you know where you got the image from? This may be unused content if they aren't in the game and aren't modified/custom. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:46, 29 June 2018 (EDT)

I've responded to this. I can confirm they're unused sprites. BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C) 15:21, 29 June 2018 (EDT)


Hey! Sorry for alerting you this late as I've only just noticed this, but please be aware that mainspace templates like {{character infobox}} are not permitted on userspace. Instead, you can use the code on the template page and copy that to your userpage. Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 08:50, 6 October 2018 (EDT)

That's fine! Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 00:10, 7 October 2018 (EDT)

About the Mini Mario & Friends world articles[edit]

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I haven't had all that much time for wiki editing and have been largely inactive for the past few months. It kinda pains me to do this, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm not calling dibs anymore and you can feel free to create my half of the Mini Mario & Friends articles. When I started this project last year, I had no idea how long or hard it would be to see the end of it. I may make a couple of the level articles in the future, but I have largely abandoned the project, so feel free to create my half of the level articles. Thanks for understanding, LuigiMaster. -YFJ (talk · edits) 14:48, 21 October 2018 (EDT)

RE: King Boo Spirit[edit]

Okay, that's interesting... GameXplain's video lists it as #49, and GameXplain is American, whereas the uploader of your video BeardBear is from Germany. Thing is I have the Australian version (which is often the same as the European version) but it still lists it as #49. Of course the North American version should take priority, but I'll add a footnote on this. Thanks for bringing this up.

This is why I hate needless regional differences... Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 04:15, 20 December 2018 (EST)

Super Bakarhythm Land[edit]

Hi. I saw you edited the Super Bakarhythm Land page and wondered if you have this course downloaded to your Wii U? I'm trying to archive all the official Super Mario Maker downloadable courses and this one was removed. --Hiccup (talk) 11:41, 7 March 2019 (EST)

Wow #2![edit]

You went all the way to create the Secret Course articles from Super Mario Run! Here's your reward:

A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
Secret Course Creater

Mari0fan100 (talk) 17:52, March 16, 2019 (EDT)


Hello, please check your PMs on the forums. Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 08:13, March 30, 2019 (EDT)


Torkdrift sends his regards and reminds you that he is indeed a Spindrift. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 00:06, March 31, 2019 (EDT)

Sorry for the lack of creativity here, but congratulations for the promotion!--Mister Wu (talk) 06:56, March 31, 2019 (EDT)

Congratulations for the promotion! Doomhiker (talk)Artwork of a Topmini from Super Mario Galaxy 08:13, March 31, 2019 (EDT)

You've reached rank 2! Congratulations! --FanOfYoshi Small heart 09:42, March 31, 2019 (EDT)
Thank you guys so much! :) LuigiMaster123's signature icon. LuigiMaster123
I'm a bit late, but congratulations! How does it feel to be a patroller? Mari0fan100 (talk) 17:48, March 31, 2019 (EDT)


I should probably tell you the same thing I told MatiasNRM:
-"The spites you're uploading are not accurate to the in-game appearances, due to the fact that they lack the environmental shading. That's what the rainbow things on TSR are about." Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 00:10, March 31, 2019 (EDT)


Congrats on becoming a patroller! Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 09:12, March 31, 2019 (EDT)


I know I'm very late to this, but congrats on becoming a patroller! TheDarkStar Sprite of the Dark Star from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey 18:53, April 9, 2019 (EDT)

"If For Whatever Reason This Is Unprotected, Please Do Not Edit It"[edit]

Don't worry, only you and MarioWiki users who have a rank of at least admin level can edit your sandbox. Mari0fan100 (talk) 00:12, May 25, 2019 (EDT)


Are you LuigiMaster41 from Fandom YoshiFan08 (talk) 18:27, June 15, 2019 (EDT)


Hey. I don't believe we've met. I'm a recently joined member and I have uploaded lots of information to this wiki. If you ever have a question, let me know on my talk page. Lord Falafel (talk) 23:36, July 20, 2019 (EDT)


Since I recall you helping describe how Block City or whatever's map isn't actually blank, and that it is rather how it is actually found, could you say the same for this map File:MKWiiGCNCookieLandMiniMap.png? Trig - 16:01, October 14, 2019 (EDT)

Category:Upload file World 6 in Dr Mario World[edit]

hello, the admins have recommended to talk to a patroller if I run into trouble uploading a file correctly. I already botched an upload twice here: - all I want to do is upload this correctly into the list of worlds bur for some reason it uploads the nocoverart-png repeatedly. Can you please tell me how to do it? I am NOT a computer expert nor do I have experience in this CSS rubbish. If you can explain it to me in baby steps and dummy talk, it'll be appreciated. Thank you!


Can we be friends? DarkNight (talk) 16:51, June 23, 2020 (EDT)

Here's mine: Click this. DarkNight (talk) 16:05, June 24, 2020 (EDT)

Wanna Be Friends?[edit]

Wanna be friends? This link leads to my site with my userbox here! Thanks!--ShyGuy123 (talk) 16:23, February 3, 2021 (EST)

Luigi (Painter)[edit]

Hi, Do you know which game Luigi (Painter) first appeared in? An IP wrote that he first appeared in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, is that true? If you don't know it too, its OK. Wario (Cowboy) from Mario Kart TourWildWario (talk) 00:21, August 21, 2021 (EST)

Kamek Cup[edit]

Hi again, it seems like Kamek has his own cup already, despite the fact that he hasn't been added into normal pipe pulls yet. Most of the other High-End characters only gained their own cups after they were added to normal pipes. Though Pink Gold Peach did also get her own cup added before she was available in normal pipes yet, so they may do that with Kamek too. Is that worth mentioning? Wario (Cowboy) from Mario Kart TourWildWario (talk) 08:56, August 26, 2021 (EST)

Note about in-game music[edit]

Hey, nice job on the Mario Party series media and in-game music lists so far. Just wanted to give you a heads-up for Mario Party: Star Rush music: since that game has no dedicated music list, when you eventually get around to uploading the game's media files, you might also want to relegate where each tidbit of music plays in the "description" parameters in the {{media table}} template. Thanks! Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 19:55, November 21, 2021 (EST)

I should also point out that some music tracks in Mario Party: Island Tour appear to be outright omitted from the in-game soundtrack. According to RickTommy, those tracks only appear through extensive usage of StreetPass. Toadette icon CTTT.pngFont of Archivist Toadette's signature(T|C) 15:26, December 31, 2021 (EST)


Hi, I would like to ask where did you get the name for Pumpjack? Does the name pop up when the "Pumpjack" is hit, or where is the name shown? I can't actually check yet since I recently lost my phone. Wario (Cowboy) from Mario Kart TourWildWario (talk) 01:51, February 12, 2022 (EST)

I'm 12, so I'm still not old enough to make a Discord account, but I do trust you. It's a bit frustrating when websites such as Mario Boards and Discord are locked behind an age limit. Wario (Cowboy) from Mario Kart TourWildWario (talk) 02:11, February 12, 2022 (EST)