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The user who single-handedly ended the Bull's-Eye Bill conflict. Yes, I am still bitter about it.


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StarStatus: Trying to be more active. So basically, me from February, but not as edit-warring courtesy-violating rubbish-y bad at general conduct bad.
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Praise for the Sentry Garage: ...Green is good, I guess? This is what happens when you run a Beamerbox section for several months.
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Ball Beamer Says: TDS finds it funny how most of the proposals as of late have been cancelled.
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Sentry Sherms: Back to activity. The Sentry Sherms are simply a metaphor for my constant recent changes watching and are not real.
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Recent Activity: Became the DYK Brigadier, cancelled my proposal, watched the new form of Bull's-Eye Bill discussion fade and die, quarreled over beans, and saw that darn Cheep-Cheep discussion continue, but on user talk pages.
This article is about the user who splits contractions and constantly watches the recent changes. For the actual thing, see the Dark Star.
Dark Star Animated.gif
Me, myself, and I
Other Names TDS, but never DarkStar or the dark star
Join Date February 10th, 2019
Most Recent Contribution
“Saying that there are Power Stars in Super Mario 64 is like saying there are Goombas in World 1-1.”
TheDarkStar, voicing their opinion on obvious statements.
“It's immune to ice, but it's not immune to ice? What?”
TheDarkStar, confused over Ice Cherbil's article saying that they are immune to ice, but can still be frozen.
“If (parameter5 is N/A) remove parameter5”
TheDarkStar, using their Javascript knowledge to state their opinion on {{aboutfile}}s that do not remove unused parameters, instead using "N/A".
“It's true. This signature has no link.”
TheDarkStar, referencing Ghostbusters.
“If you find yourself bitterly desiring comeuppance towards another editor, log off and calm down. Don't angrily make disruptive comments in edit summaries or delete parts of talk pages.”
TheDarkStar; this is important stuff.

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3,406 edits and counting!
Hello, I'm TheDarkStar.[1] I joined the wiki[2] on February 10, 2019. I usually put my quotes here before putting them on MarioWiki:BJAODN or anywhere else. If you need help with something, please ask me on my talk page.[3]
CURRENT PROJECTS: Cleaning up the New Super Luigi U level articles, making Template:DidYouKnow great again. It was one of my favorite parts of the wiki when I was lurking, and it still is.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am now the unofficial DYK Brigadier, the user who oversees edits on the DidYouKnow template! (And also the other Main Page templates except for the Polls.)
My shiny sandbox.

TheDarkStar's Userbox Tower
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Project C.A.R.P. (Cool Acronyms are Required for Proposals)

It has come to my attention that proposals on this wiki are often mind-meltingly boring. Studies have shown that boringness of wiki-related issues causes 149% of dolphins to pass out and forget to come up for oxygen. Obviously, this environmental issue must be dealt with immediately. Think of the paperwork all of those dead dolphins create! I propose that Project C.A.R.P. be put into immediate use. This emergency action will require all proposals to have cool acronyms for titles. What qualifies as "cool" will be decided by the C.O.O.L. (Crew Of Optimal L-power), led by me, the K.I.N.G. (Kommanding Instigator of Neural Greatness) of C.O.O.L. It is a well-known fact that 50% of our workforce consists of dolphins, so we should really do whatever we can to keep the wiki interesting for them. My hope is for Project C.A.R.P. to be a spearhead for many new projects (such as a Pie Button, a Waffle Switch, an operation that places the world under the complete control of Poochy, the basics) that will greatly improve the moral of the dolphins and the lemurs (which cover another 40% of the workforce).

Proposer: Ultimate Mr. L (talk) Deadline: A.P.R.I.L. 14, 2019, 23:59 GMT (as in Amazing Pie-Related Innovations by Mr. L)

C.O.W. (CARP On the Wiki)

  1. Ultimate Mr. L (talk) V.O.T.E (Valuable Opportunity To Ehance)
  2. TheDarkStar (talk) Y.E.S. (Yak-Eating Spinach).
  3. Toadette the Achiever (talk) T.O. (Tall Order)
  4. Waluigi Time (talk) A.R.E.A. (Acronyms Rule in Every Aspect)



(This proposal wasn't a serious proposal, and therefore can't be archived on MarioWiki:BJAODN/Proposals, but I kept it, adding alt-text to make it even better! Here ya go!-TheDarkStar)

Stuff I do

  • Split contractions; priority number one
  • Constantly watch the recent changes
  • Fix grammar
  • Revert vandalism, spam, and trolling
  • Rewrite stuff
  • The occasional page move
  • Beat other users to reminders/warnings
  • And I, like everyone else, sometimes decapitalize file extensions.

Quotes I found


“Completely agreed. It feels like at this point we're setting aside accurately documenting the franchise to focus on being petty and "sending Nintendo a message". Let's be honest, Nintendo won't care what name we use and won't change anything they do. Niiue is absolutely right, I'm sure we're going to see names used in the Encyclopedia show up in-game in the future, as we already have, and at that point we really have no excuse not to use those names. "Well the Encyclopedia got it from us, and it was in the Encyclopedia first!" So now any name that was first used in the Encyclopedia, regardless of what Nintendo themselves decided to do with it, can never be used? Going into theoretical situations a bit here, but are we really going to focus so hard on "sticking it to the man" that we'd be willing to have an enemy's article used a Japanese name even if they'd had a name in English for five games in a row just because we don't like its origins? This is an extremely dangerous and slippery slope that we're a little too close to falling down for my comfort. It might not be such a big deal now, but what about five years down the road?”
Waluigi Time
“Okay, imagine this; let's say, later this year, a new Mario Party game comes out. Nipper Dandelions appear in a minigame, and are mentioned in its instructions. Because the name appeared in the Encyclopedia, we refuse to use it, and it stays named Watage Pakkun. The next year, it appears in a Mario & Luigi game as an enemy, named Nipper Dandelion; later another New Super Mario Bros. game comes out where Nipper Dandelions appear, and their name is mentioned in a level title. That's now four different games with Nipper Dandelions mentioned by name, but because it was mentioned in the Encyclopedia first, we refuse to use that name and stubbornly keep the article as Watage Pakkun. Fans start asking why, and we tell them "oh, it's because the name was first used in a book a few years back that we agreed not to cite". Now our wiki looks ridiculous, unprofessional, and silly, because we're ignoring in-game information over the first place the name was used years ago. See the problem?”
Waluigi Time, again
“They use the same textures and they're a belligerent book. In cases like this, really the proof given should be whether they're not the same, since logic dictates they are.”
Doc von Schmeltwick
“...Before I do anything else, I'm making this clear: The list of games is meant for that. Games. Not kiddie rides. Cabinets with screens and you input controls. That is what an arcade machine is. Not a mechanical ride you sit on. So unless you can play a game on these rides, with a screen and controls like you would see for Donkey Kong, the seesaw and tobebe things are to be removed.”


“It's just a statistic, it's not a relationship chart.”
TheDarkStar, on the chemistry mechanic in Mario Super Sluggers
“It's a helicopter, for crying out loud”
An anon


“Do not undo my work!”
Several users
“'The word' is removed because it’s getting insanely annoying!!”
R1ck kn0x (multiple times)

Friend userbox

I've come up with a new system for this userbox; if you have constructively contributed to my talk page at least five times, feel free to use this userbox. It's at the top of my userbox tower, because of coding issues.

Current Signature

PumpkinheadGoomba.pngTheDarkStar Short text here SMM-SMB-Boo.png

My Wiki Records

I have officially made the largest text on the wiki!
I was the first of the active users that joined in 2019 to archive my talk page!

Conjectural Enemy Names

Mario series

Luigi's Mansion 3

  • Blue ghost: Bluey
  • Lousy Slammer rip-off: Hammer
  • Yellow ghost: IDK I need more info
  • Sneaker clone: Gooper
  • Gold and silver blue ghosts: Gold Bluey and Silver Bluey

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Reminders that I use a lot

For when users just remove {{uncategorized}} and don't add categories

Please also note that simply removing {{tem|uncategorized}} won't suffice; categories should be added, like this: <code>[[Category:Super Mario Bros. Images]]</code>. Thanks! ~~~~

Things liable to annoy me here

  • Edit wars, particularly if a vandal is repeatedly vandalizing the same page over and over.
  • Having my username misspelled as The dark star.
  • Vandals, obviously.
  • Discourteous behavior, especially if it's directed at me.
  • Flaming.


  • RV: Reverting vandalism
  • PWWB: Previous wording was better
  • STE: Saved too early
  • PW: Poorly written
  • RC: Removing contractions
  • WiKirby Writing: A small jab at WiKOligarchy WiKirby's extremely fluffy writing, used as a term for fluffy writing.

TheDarkStar's Theme Song

(to be sung to the tune of Coconut Mall)

TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They're maintenancing various stuff
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They're making minor edits
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They ensure that every talk page here has no raw signatures
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
(In any way let Tent2 come back)
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They're making minor edits
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They absolutely don't want to take over the world 
Now, if you think of marvelous, the first thing that you see
Would not be a star as evil looking as can be
But if you just take a look at my contributions you will surely shout
"Oh, golly! That great user TheDarkStar is amazing!"
But I digress
I'm not too bad, I guess
Certainly, I will
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They're the most humble in the world
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They don't like real obscure stuff
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
Don't mention Bull's-Eye Bills, you'll make them hurl
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
You can find me on the recent changes
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
"What's obscure?" That's real food for thought.
TheDarkStar, TheDarkStar
They really don't like having their name misspelled as The dark star
Now, if you think of marvelous, the first thing that you see
Would not be a star as evil as can be
But if you look at my contributions you will surely shout
"Oh golly! That great user TheDarkStar is amazing!"
But I digress
I'm not so bad, I guess
I certainly will
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
Make the Bull's-Eye Bill end
(switch to the super mario sunshine lose a life theme)
Now, before the song ends...
(my thoughts on the missile bill's 'iterations'.)

Game reviews

My own reviews of games!
Please assume that all NES, SNES, and N64 games here are on Virtual Console, except Super Mario All-Stars. That one got rereleased on Wii.

Game Pros Cons Notes/Rating Completion
Donkey Kong (NES) They somehow ported an arcade game to the inferior NES. Levels have variety (75m has moving platforms and 100m has a kinda-sorta-boss-fight) Springs make their first appearance (GO NSMB Tram.pngS). Sprites are surprisingly decent for an NES port (except for Jumpman, that sprite is the horrifying face of terrible) ♪Hammer theme♪ Falling damage in a platformer is the sole reason I haven't beat this already. Jumps are way too low for a guy called "Jumpman". He can barely clear a barrel rolling straight at him. For context, in NSMBW, Mario can easily vault over a barrel with little-to-no effort. WHERE IS MY PIE FACTORY?! Not as bad as the sequel.

Oh, and it single-handedly saved video games.
Falling damage keeps me from beating 75m.
Donkey Kong Jr. (NES) Nothing here, nope. I like to pretend this game doesn't exist, while also happily playing Action 52 and watching Foodfight! of my own free will. That should say something about my hatred for this game. Controls are of the sucky variety. Mario is the villain. Apparently, "My Theories Are A Piano!" was right. You may scream in terror when you realize that his awful sprite from Donkey Kong is back. What? No. There are no notes here.
"Hey, Larry, play that song about never being able to beat level one!" "Sure thing, Johnny!" *thumpity thumpity thump-thump* *cluster chord*
Super Mario Bros. Aw yeah, now we're doing this right! No more smelly apes, just platforming action! I can kill turtles by using their shells like soccer balls. Satisfying does not begin to describe it. Bowser is an enemy in disguise in the first seven castles. That's a really nice touch that I wish was in more games. Music is wonderful. ♪Everything looks awful!♪
♪Everything looks uncool, to the TDS "team"!♪
(You can have a team with one star, right?)
♪Everything looks awful!♪
♪It's a graphical cluster chord, I believe!♪
♪Everything may be better when the Goombas stick together♪
♪Side by side, here they are, about to change stuff!♪
♪Then they get stomped because Mario's still the villain!♪
♪This page is very bloated!♪
♪Only a megafan would read it all♪
♪Because of superfluous stuff♪
♪Like the Wiki Records!♪
Yes, I just parodied Everything Is Awesome. 7/10. 8-2 and its Lakitu can go to the Underwhere.
Super Mario Bros. 2 UNDERWHERE YEAH. This Game has deserved A Divine Sequel for thirty years, but the closest It has gotten to A Divine Sequel is Super Mario Bros. X2. A sequel to a game that got taken down. Yeah. Every boss is equally amazing, but the best would have to be Mouser, for the sole reason that you get to blow him to smithereens with his own bombs. I practically worship this Divine Game. There are no cons, as that would be blasphemy. This is my favorite Super Mario game for a good reason. 11/10. Made it to 7-2 using All-Stars's save mechanic, failed. 7-1 is very hard for a cloud level.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Difficult, but still fun. I love the Raccoon Suit, except for one detail: YOU MUST PRESS THE BUTTON CONTINUOUSLY TO FLY. Death to thumbs worldwide, I guess. New enemies are great, as always. Game is much longer than both its predecessors. No save function? In a game with eight worlds, each with seven, eight, or even ten levels? Either the devs were temporarily replaced with cymbal-banging monkeys for the day, or the devs were too distracted by fighting off Ź̧a̸l҉̶g͝o̧҉͏ to add a save function on deadline. Game gets ridiculously hard at times (I'm looking at you, 7-5) Nice, but not as nice as SMB2. 9/10. Cannot beat World 8-1.
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars D: D: D: ♪OHHHHHHHHHHH...♪
No, seriously, this game sucks even if you don't sing a song about it. THE TRANSLATORS ARE NEOSQUID LEVELS OF TERRIBLE. Everyone is a doll... EVERYONE...
I think I may have found a game capable of coming a close second to Donkey Kong Jr. 2/10. Ran out of Flower Points at Bowyer's battle, but I didn't have any Syrup. And I saved before I got there, meaning that I was officially stuck forever. The bugtesters must have been sick that day.

TheDarkStar's Guide to Being an Amazing User

This wiki has thousands of users, but very few regulars (relatively speaking, of course). This guide aims to teach users how to be amazing users in a step-by-step manner and grow the amount of regulars we have on the wiki.
Here we go.

Step One: Check your user talk page very often.

What the heck is a user talk page?!

A user talk page is a page in the namespace "User talk", used for discussing things with other users. Everyone has a talk page, except those who haven't had theirs created yet, sorry :(

Wait, how do I get to my talk page?

Your user talk page is easily accessible from the top-right corner of the GUI on the desktop site. For mobile users, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner, then select "My user page" from the menu that pops up. Then tap the discussion tab at the top, and voila. You can also press Alt-Shift-N on your keyboard for easy talk page access.

Hm, that's nice, but what's all this?

The messages on your talk page are organized by a Table of Contents, more well known by its nickname, TOC. Simply clicking or tapping any section in the TOC will take you there.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I got a reminder!

Reminders and warnings are given to users who break the rules. If you received a reminder for forgetting italics, the appropriate course of action would be to acknowledge that you forgot italics and say you're going to try to remember to italicize now.

Step Two: Check the recent changes often

What's that?

The recent changes is a page where the most recent changes are logged. It's easily accessible in the sidebar on desktop, and can be found in the menu button on mobile. It's pretty easy to use. I personally spend my entire life most of my time on the recent changes just in case any talk page contributions are made.

Step Three: Create your userpage

You already know how to access your userpage (detailed in Step One, subsection two), so it should be easy to create your userpage. Just put anything you want on there except libel of my guide and excessive YouTube videos. Basically just read over MarioWiki:Userspace, as that explains everything better than I could ever hope to.

Step Four: Contribute to discussions often

Discussions are easy to contribute to. Just add a relevant comment to a talk page and you're set. Comments not related to improving the article, known as forum talk, should go on the wiki's forum. The Bull's-Eye Bill talk is a shining example of what not to do on a talk page, as a majority of the discussion was just people endlessly repeating their opinions, myself included. It, however, is a great example of the buildup to a talk page proposal, which I will not be covering here.

Step Five: Contribute to mainspace often

It kinda goes without saying, really.

Step Six: Rejoice, for you have become an amazing user

I hope this guide is a wonderful help to whoever reads it. PumpkinheadGoomba.pngTheDarkStar SMM-SMB-Boo.png

On the position of DYK Brigadier

The DYK Brigadier (unofficial) is a user who acts as quality control on Template:DidYouKnow. They replace facts if they appear to be deathly bad or non-notable, and try to ensure facts don't get stale or reused.

The current DYK Brigadiers are: TheDarkStar (talk)


  1. ^ No relation to The Dark Star (talk).
  2. ^ Here's a truly despisable wiki: the Heffalumps and Woozles wiki... ugh. KILL IT AND WIKIA IN ANY WAY IMAGINABLE. That's your daily superliminal message, courtesy of TheDarkStar.
  3. ^ My resume.