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An Astro-Lanceur in Super Mario Odyssey

I am a big fan of the Mario series, a male teenage user on this website, and a rookie, and last but not least, a die-hard baseball and St Louis Cardinals fan. My real name is Sasank (suh-SANK), but I'd PROBABLY like it if you call me Sparky. I have lurked on the wiki for a long time, but I officially joined it in November 2016. I am a complete kid

I have been a die-hard fan of the Mario franchise since 2008, when I played my first video game ever, Mario Kart DS, a game I still consider to be one of the best in its series. I have also played Mario Kart Wii, 7, and 8, and I regularly follow news of the Mario franchise to this day. It was on this website and many others that I learned who the famous red-capped plumber and his brother was, as when I saw the character selection screen for the first time when I played Mario Kart DS, I had absolutely no idea who the strange-looking characters were. I saw two men in overalls who looked almost the exact same, except one was green, and one was red. I saw a green dinosaur who looked somewhat small for his species, and I saw a huge dinosaur who had a huge spiked shell on his back and who looked like the man you would not mess with if your life depended on it, and who I assumed was the green dinosaur's counterpart. I saw a giant ape and a skeleton who looked like he shouldn't be standing. I saw a fat man who looked like he had eaten too many pizzas and had nothing to do with anybody else in the roster. It was on this website and many others that I truly learned about the Mario Bros and their buddies, and the story of the Mario franchise. And over time, I came to know an encyclopedia's worth of the franchise, and I became a die-hard fan as I played games like New Super Mario Bros, Mario & Luigi, Mario Party, and most of all, Super Mario in general. I came to have a blast of fun playing them, and I still do love playing them to this day and onwards.

Most recently, I beat Mario Kart 7, a game I've logged more than 100 hours of gameplay on. I got triple-star rankings on all cups, especially the 150cc and Mirror classes, where most people believe the real race and test of Mario Kart is. My favorite combination is Luigi with the B-Dasher and the Paraglider. It has been my best combination, and it is extremely invaluable. Also, I am one of the people who actually enjoyed Mario Party 9, a game that some Mario Party fans despise, due to the car system and overall gameplay, which I actually enjoyed and loved playing. Don't get me wrong, I still take the traditional gameplay over the car gameplay, as Mario Party DS was the peak of my childhood, but I still think Mario Party 9 is a game worth really playing.

I have played all of the different sub-series in the Mario franchise, and I have ranked each of the games from worst to best. I'm currently excited for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, as a classic relegated to the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console releases and loved by tons of fans in the Mario franchise makes its return better than before.

Currently, I have a YouTube channel, lcrossmk8, but it's not active right now. Hell, I don't actually have anything there right now, so I don't think you'd want to check it out right now unless you want to know my subscriptions. But I'll try to get some content on there if I ever get the chance. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to be a real YouTube video game LPer like many others have.

But if anything, I'm not only involved with video games; in fact, I love baseball more than anything else in the world, and I consider it to be number 1 to everything. Video games are a close second, the reason being that they're my favorite hobby, but ultimately, when push comes to shove, they're just a hobby. I am a die-hard Cardinals fan, and I will sink and swim with the team I grew up with since 2003. (Rangers fans must still be feeling the pain! One last strike!) However, I am a Rockies fan as well; they are my second-favorite team. If you want to talk about baseball with me, then that is perfectly fine, and in fact, I encourage you to do that.

Who's online: Memelord2020, Dorkfishie, PhGuy12, SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA), BMfan08, Dwhitney, Yoshi the SSM, RetroNintendo2008, Power Flotzo, Bloober, BFDI Maker, Mymax162, Dark-Boy-1up, MightyMario, OmegaRuby, Drago, Nuisance233, Porplemontage, ReeceeYT, Zaku, ChristopherPAraujo, Candyandcigars, Kieran376, Defefefe, Nate Gillson, SUPEDUPEmario, PrincessLover7777, 10smears, Dus T., GuntherBB, Duraner Hawkeye, Jkgkffdfb, SpikeTheChespin, Jumbo Ray, TomZhao, AGFA1


Favorite Characters (in no particular order)

Artwork of Luigi jumping from New Super Mario Bros. WiiFile:Mario (jumping) - New Super Mario Bros Wii.png Yoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS. Bowser Artwork of Boo playing Coney Island. Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine King Boo Artwork of Wario for Super Mario 64 DS (also used for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix) Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. Fawful's artwork in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Artwork of Bowser Jr. in New Super Mario Bros. Artwork of Koopa Kid from Mario Party 5. Artwork of Toad from Mario Party 5.
Mario Bros Yoshi Bowser Boo Petey Piranha King Boo Wario Dimentio Fawful Bowser Jr Koopa Kid Toad

Characters I don't like

Artwork of Pink Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8 Super Paper Mario promotional artwork: Mimi Artwork of Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star Huey Pauline File:Flurrie2.jpg
Pink Gold Peach Mimi Kersti Huey Pauline Flurrie

Favorite Enemies

Worst Enemies

Friend Request

If anyone wants to be friends with me, that's fine. But you might need this box. Just be sure to ask me first on my talk page. |-

Artwork of Luigi jumping from New Super Mario Bros. Wii

My Rankings of All of the Mario Party games

# Game Console Creator Rating Notes
14 MariopartyGBA.jpg
Mario Party Advance
Japan January 13, 2005
Game Boy Advance Hudson Soft 6.3/10 Mario Party Advance is the black sheep of the Mario Party series, but it's not necessarily a bad game. In fact, it pioneered a notable amount of unique aspects, such as individual characters named after their species, and the characters were pretty interesting. Solo Mode was fun also, and the minigames were cool. But its weirdness is something I find hard to overcome. But if you have nothing else to play and want some innovation, then I think you will like this game very much.
13 Boxart of Mario Party 8
Mario Party 8
USA May 29, 2007
Nintendo Wii Hudson Soft 6.5/10 First brought up as a GameCube game, Mario Party 8 was eventually transferred to the newly-successful Wii, and it shows. Many people's first impressions of the game were mixed, and for some reasons; the graphics didn't look too pretty, and all of the minigames were based off of motion comtrols, which could cause problems at times. The music wasn't too great, either, and was a little lackluster. However, the boards were all unique and interesting, and they offered a different aspect and dimension of the luck and board game content, and combine it with the best character selection in the entire Mario Party series and you have got something cooking. Overall, the game felt a little more like a low-budget cash-in than the previous entries, but it has some enjoyable aspects that make it worth playing.
12 North American box art for Mario Party: Star Rush with a red box
Mario Party: Star Rush
Europe October 7, 2016
Nintendo 3DS Nd Cube 6.7/10 The most recent installment of the Mario Party series comes back to the Nintendo 3DS once again, and some fans were jovial that the car gameplay was removed. However, I was a little more cautious to the game, as I wasn't too impressed with Toad Scramble, though it offered some cool and interesting things to the game. The music was lacking, and the gameplay was better than mediocre. But I found Coinathlon to be an enjoyable experience. The game had a lot of content, but the replay value is a little questionable. In the end, however, this installment is very optimistic about the future of Mario Party, and it's not a bad choice to play in the series.
11 Final box art of Mario Party: Island Tour.
Mario Party: Island Tour
USA November 22, 2013
Nintendo 3DS Nd Cube 7/10 After a while in the dark, Mario Party made its way to the Nintendo 3DS with this solid entry in the series. I had fun with this one; the minigames were some of the best in the series, the boards were once again unique and had their own gimmicks, and the music, especially the main menu theme, was above-average. Bowser's Tower, which served as the story mode and minigame mode, was fun to run through. But the game felt a little underdeveloped, and the content could have packed a little more. But overall, this is a solid entry in the series, and one I find worth playing.
10 North American box art for Mario Party 7 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included
Mario Party 7
USA November 7, 2005
Nintendo GameCube Hudson Soft 7.3/10 Mario Party 7 was the last Mario Party for the Nintendo GameCube, and Hudson Soft came out with something really solid. The minigames were good, the boards were once again unique and offered a different aspect and had different gimmicks, and the character selection was pretty solid. But just like the last number, the game felt a little underdeveloped, and the content felt a little lacking. The music could have also gotten a lift. However, this is an overall solid entry that will satisfy Mario Party fans.
9 The North American box art for Mario Party 5
Mario Party 5
USA November 10, 2003
Nintendo GameCube Hudson Soft 7.7/10 After the success of Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5 hit the stores in 2003 three days after Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was released. The game was a solid one; the minigames were great, and the music was some of the best. But the capsule system was what gave it away. The capsule system was great, but it was underdeveloped, and because of that, the game suffered a little bit. The players had to spend money to use the capsules, which could cause problems. It was just better to pay for them at the item store and then use them appropriately, as that would have made it a little more convenient for the players. Also, players suffered by landing on their own spaces, making them question their usage a little more. The boards, however, were good, as creative designs and unique events on boards such as Toy Dream, Future Dream, and Pirate Dream made their replay value much better. Overall, a solid game, and a great starting point for Mario Party noobs.
8 File:WiiU MarioParty10 pkg.jpg
Mario Party 10
Japan March 12, 2015
Nintendo Wii U Nd Cube 7.8/10 Mario Party 10 was released for the Wii U after the Mario Party series was spending a little time in the dark and not doing much after the series hit the Nintendo 3DS. Nd Cube came out with this installment, which turned out to be a fun entry in the series. Mario Party 10 takes Mario Party 9's gameplay and adds more content to it and some cool minigames. Add that with some amazing graphics and you have an entry with real potential to be a winner. And for the most part, Mario Party 10 was just that. Its boards had some interesting events, such as taking down Bowser's airship in Airship Central, and the spin mechanic at the end of Whimsical Waters which was basically Chance Time and could basically give away the game to one player. The minigames and minigame modes were also interesting, as games such as Paintball Battle and Ice Slide, You Slide made the replay value go up higher. Free Play was a good mode to play these minigames for hours on. And most of all, Bowser Party was great, as five players could join in on the fun. Unfortunately, the problems with the car gameplay still return, making for rage-inducing moments. Also, the music was lacking. The car gameplay was best suited for Bowser Party, as trying to escape from Bowser was a cool and creative idea. However, Bowser Party at times could feel unfairly weighted in favor of Bowser, as he gets to reroll if he gets a bad roll. Amiibo Party was also fun, providing some escape from the chaos of the car gameplay and a simple return to the original gameplay, but with a touch of modern times. Overall, the game is fun to play, and is a worthy addition to the series.
7 Mario Party 4 Cover.jpg
Mario Party 4
USA October 21, 2002
Nintendo GameCube Hudson Soft 7.9/10 After three installments of success on the Nintendo 64, Mario Party 4 took to the GameCube, and was just brilliant. The graphics were pretty, and the boards were great. The item system that had formed the basis of the Nintendo 64 entries, however, was awesomely adapted into the GameCube adaptation; I felt like I was playing a real GameCube Mario Party that took its roots from the Nintendo 64 entries and felt just like the N64 entries. The minigames, however, were a little average, and the music needed a little improvement. Also, the mini-mega system, while great, could cause problems at times, such as not being able to purchase a star while Mega, or not being able to challenge Bowser while Mini. Overall, a great starting point for many Mario Party noobs and fans alike who are past the Nintendo 64 days and into modern territory, but want Mario Party classics adapted for the new consoles.
6 MP9Boxart.jpg
Mario Party 9
Europe March 2, 2012
Nintendo Wii Nd Cube 8/10 After an eventful five years of hanging in the balance, Mario Party 9 broke the silence and hit the Wii in 2012, near the end of the console's lifespan. Nd Cube's first Mario Party game was a winner, as the new car gameplay was very fun to play, and the minigames were some of the best in the series, and the graphics were beautiful. Boards such as Toad Road, Bob-omb Factory, and Blooper Beach were fun to play on for hours, as they offered different gimmicks and board events that made for a great replay value. Solo Mode was also fun; although the story was very loose and flexible, it gave me a lot of fun to play the boards in order and see how many mini-stars I could get. Also adding in to the fun was that the game could be played with not only the usual four characters, but also three and two characters, and the ability to not play with CPUs, even when players were only grouped in two or three. As a kid who grew up knowing the traditional Mario Party gameplay like the back of my hand, I genuinely enjoyed and liked Mario Party 9, a game that gets too much unnecessary hate, if not for being different, then for being an inferior product to the Mario Party classics of the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. What gave it away in the end for me was the music, which I consider to be some of the best in the series, only inferior to a game higher up on the list. Overall, this is definitely a solid and great game with lots of potential, as it adapted the Mario Party style to a more New Super Mario Bros tone.
5 North American box art for Mario Party 3
Mario Party 3
Japan December 7, 2000
Nintendo 64 Hudson Soft 8.1/10 After the success of the first two entries of the Mario Party series for the Nintendo 64, Mario Party 3 completes the trio of Nintendo 64 classics that are loved by fans of the Mario Party series and always rank high up on their lists of Mario Party game rankings. Mario Party 3 is a worthy successor to the first two, with great minigames such as Merry-Go-Chomp that were always fun to play, and boards such as Spiny Desert and Deep Bloober Sea inducing tons of rage among so many people. Princess Daisy and Waluigi, two characters that were loved by many fans, made their first playable appearances of the Mario Party series in this game, albeit playable only in Party Mode, the heart and soul of Mario Party. New characters such as the Millenium Star and Tumble made their mark on the series, with the latter serving as the memorable host of the game. Mario Party 3 was the first Mario Party game to have a true solo mode, culminating in a final boss with the Millenium Star. Board events were interesting, and the game had good replay value. However, the music was lacking, and Game Guy made for a powerful and harsh addition, which many fans would come to fear. Overall, a great game to play, and a great entry in the series, albeit not as good as the first two.
4 File:MP1 Cover.png
Mario Party
Japan December 18, 1998
Nintendo 64 Hudson Soft 8.2/10 Mario Party's first entry is one of the best in my opinion, and it epitomized exactly what the Mario Party series would be all about as the years rolled by. Mario Party was rough and harsh at times; the times we spent losing our hands while we spun the control stick furiously at Tug o' War and Paddle Battle, and the times we stole coins from each other in Grab Bag, were all harsh for everyone, but that was what Mario Party was all about. It's tough, harsh, and treats everyone the same, no matter what. The boards were all fun, and the endings for each were great, in which the first, second, and third place players celebrate, while the last place player gets their ass kicked in a different, but equally hilarious, manner each time. The minigames were also great as well; sometimes, all the players had to help each other to win the minigame at get coins, and sometimes, everyone's coins were up for grabs, and players could steal as many coins from each other as they wanted. It was awesome fun, and I never got tired of it. But what truly gave it away was the soundtrack of this game. The music of Mario Party is pretty much the best in the entire series, as songs such as Tropical Island and Eternal Star just blew the gauntlet open. I kept listening to these for hours on end, and I never got tired of them. Considering that the composer of this game, Yasunori Mitsuda, composed Chrono Trigger, I'm not surprised that the music is the best. In the end, this is a classic of a game that is great, and is very worth the money and time you spend with it. The first game of the series is just that great. Get some popcorn ready for this one, because this is where the games really become amazing.
3 North American box art for Mario Party 2
Mario Party 2
Japan December 17, 1999
Nintendo 64 Hudson Soft 8.3/10 Following up the cult classic of Mario Party, Mario Party 2 matched its predecessor, becoming a classic of its own, and did even better than the first game; as a result, I consider it to be one of the Terminator 2: Judgement Days of the series: a sequel to a already-famous cult classic that manages to do even better than its predecessor. The now-beloved item system first made its mark in this game, with items such as the Golden Mushroom and Magic Lamp becoming favorites among players, as they attempted to speed up their paths to a star and eventual victory. Minigames such as Grab Bag and Skateboard Scamper from the first game returned with even better setups and objectives, making them just that much more fun than the original versions. The music was good, too; Western Land is my personal favorite of all of the tracks, with its western-sounding melody and the bass in the background complementing it greatly. Minigames such as Day at the Races and Bowser's Big Blast were blasts to play, no pun intended. The boards were cool and interesting, too; boards such as Space Land and Horror Land had different gimmicks to them and never got boring, but the endings were even better; when Bowser's appropriate alter-ego starts breaking in and causing havoc, the Superstar comes at the right time and fights him, and ultimately comes out victorious. However, the item system was rather limiting, as you could only have one item at a time. Overall, once again a cult classic of a game, and a much better game than the first one. Nintendo outdid themselves with this game, and it is very well worth your time and money--even more than the first game, and you are going to have yourselves a party with this one. You might want some Mentos and Coke with this one--I don't think popcorn is enough anymore.
2 North American box art for Mario Party 6 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included
Mario Party 6
Japan November 18, 2004
Nintendo GameCube Hudson Soft 9/10 During the meat of the Nintendo GameCube installments of the Mario Party series, Hudson Soft delivered a bang with Mario Party 6, the sixth console installment in the Mario Party series, and released on November 18, 2004, exactly eight years before New Super Mario Bros U and the Nintendo Wii U were released (I know, I'm a nerd!). And boy, I had my fun picking apart this bomb of a game; the minigames were fantastic and made for hours of fun, the graphics were excellent, and the music was a pleasure to listen to. But the day-and-night system of the game made it twice as better, coupled with the mic system. The boards are some of the best in the series, as grinding away on E. Gadd's Garage and Snowflake Lake never got old. The gimmicks of the day-and-night system were great; some minigames, such as Conveyor Bolt and What Goes Up... had one set of rules during daytime and another set of rules during nighttime, making them just that much more fun to play. And given the option to play to fifty turns like the other Mario Party games, you could have yourselves a whole lot of fun. In the end, this is an amazing game with amazing replay value and different content and options that make it a must-buy on my list. Mario Party noobs and fans will love this game, as it is classic and appealing to the older classics of the Nintendo 64, yet at the same time, it adds a whole lot of new and modern ideas that enhance and make the classic ideas even better. I don't Mentos and Coke are gonna do the trick on this one anymore--full speed ahead, boys!
1 North American box art for Mario Party DS
Mario Party DS
Japan November 8, 2007
Nintendo DS Hudson Soft 9.7/10 And here it is, the best and most underrated Mario Party game, and one of the most underrated games in the entire Mario series--Mario Party DS, Mario Party's installment for the Nintendo DS. Mario Party DS was Hudson Soft's last Mario Party game, and they came out with an absolute and complete nuke. If you eliminate the little, inevitable, and tiny mistakes that inevitably come with any video game, Mario Party DS was, and still is, a masterpiece in the Mario Party series, and it took the Mario Party formula we all know and love and made it completely flawless for the Nintendo DS with this game, which I grew playing for hours on end. This game was my childhood, and for good reason; the minigames were fantastic, and the best in the entire series, as they flawlessly utilized the gadgets of the Nintendo DS, the microphone and the stylus; the music was some of the best in the series, only inferior to Mario Party 9 and Mario Party, and the boards were some of the best as well. Classics such as DK's Stone Statue and Kamek's Library and Bowser's Pinball Machine were hours of non-stop fun, and the minigame modes were the best, with modes such as Score Scuffle, Free Play, and Battle Cup just never getting old, no matter how much I played them; in fact, they are still so amazing that even when I try to make them feel old and boring, my efforts just inexplicably fail. Minigames such as Soccer Survival, Hot Shots, Whomp-a-thon, Crater Crawl, Hedge Honcho, Trace Cadets, Boogie Beam, Soap Surfers, Cyber Scamper, Raft Riot, Boo Tag, Fast Food Frenzy, Track Star, Flash and Dash, Plush Crush, Cube Crushers, Book It!, Cucumberjacks, Shorty Scorers, Mole Thrill, Sprinkler Scalers, and basically every single minigame in the game was a blast to play, even the ones I kept losing to some cruel and harsh computer players, which is the way the computer players should play like. I constantly played this one for hours on end, without ever, at any time, feeling bored or unsatisfied. It was always a nuclear blast of fun playing this game, no matter what. I can only speak of it with such critical acclaim, like people do with Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker, because it was that good of a game, and it was my childhood growing up, along with New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario & Luigi, and just some great and classic Mario games that I know will stand the test of time. In the end, I strongly recommend that you get this game, because it is an awesome and flawless time when you play this Mario Party game. It is absolutely worth your time and money, and Hudson Soft came out with a Mario Party was an absolute nuclear bomb. Damn the torpedoes, we're going full speed ahead on this one, boys!

My thoughts on various Mario games (in no particular order)

This section is incomplete. I'm planning to add to it later when I have the time.

2D and 3D Mario Platformers

Box art Game Thoughts
Box art of New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros (2006) My first 2D Mario game, one of the best Mario games ever, and the game that really jumpstarted my eternal Mario fandom. Star Coins, amazing level design and graphics, and the Mini and Mega Mushrooms turned a classic into a masterpiece that silently holds its head high with the big boys. Although I used to suck at this game (I died on the first world a lot of times!), I got a lot better, and I've beaten this game many times over.
Sm64ds.jpg Super Mario 64 DS (2004) Super Mario 64 was not meant to be played with a D-Pad, but this launch title for the Nintendo DS, my first console, and remake of the iconic Nintendo 64 launch title is easily and hands down the better version, and the one I recommend. Yoshi being the main protagonist, all of the new content, the amazing graphics, and Luigi and Wario make for a more satisfying adventure, as well as raising the stakes higher, as Yoshi must now rescue Mario, Luigi, and Wario, and they must all rescue Princess Peach. And finally, it was awesome to see Wario fight along the Mario Bros' side in a Super Mario game. But I think he just wanted to get Mario's treasure. Who cares, though? At least Wario is actually being a true hero for once in his life--and he doesn't completely hate the Mario Bros, although that could be because they're related.
File:Box NA - Super Mario Sunshine.png Super Mario Sunshine (2002) Another game that I loved to play, and one that reminded me of being a kid. Blue coin missions were an arduous chore and wasted time at times, but the game is easily one of the hardest Mario games to play, and I loved to keep pushing against every new challenge the game gave me. No other game in the series is like it, and with an environment filled with unique enemies perfect for a 3D Mario game, such as Strollin' Stus, Electro-Koopas, FLUDD and his kinks, an appreciation of Mario's Italian heritage, and so many iconic species and characters, this is a game that really diced it out, and a game I loved even more than Mario 64.
Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Everbody and their grandma can't stop praising the hell out of this game, and I don't exactly think they're wrong, as this game is one of the greatest Mario games of all time. Great concept with amazing physics, an excellent soundtrack, breath-taking graphics and visuals. I also liked the new enemies and characters, such as Octoombas, Lumas, and Rosalina. People hate the Purple Coin missions, and for good reason. However, I had more of a problem with the slow and tedious missions, as they were a crawl.
Boxart for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) As the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, one of the best Mario games you'll ever see. It's much better than the exceptional first one, with amazing soundtrack and visuals, better powerups, and just a more linear style. Barring all of the very unimportant and minor mistakes that inevitably come with any video game, this game is perfect, and a masterpiece. I can't say it any other way.
The North American cover for Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D Land (2011) A solid platformer that takes 3D Mario and converts it into 2D Mario, and mixing elements of both. Powerups such as the Tanooki and Statue Leafs, the Boomerang Flower, and the Fire Flower were awesome to use, and the special worlds were a treat as well. I did NOT like, however, that you had to play as both Mario and Luigi in every level to unlock Special 8-Crown and 100 percent the game. Come on now, that's just wrong and dumb. And plus, I wanted Luigi to be able to use the White Tanooki Leaf. He can, but it's kind of difficult to get him a leaf.
North American box art of Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World (2013) 3D World does with 3D Land what Galaxy 2 did with Galaxy 1: take a great game and make it even better and exceptional. But 100-percenting goes even more down the dumb route; you need to complete all of the levels with ALL five characters, one of them which is only unlocked in the special worlds. Also, while the linear games are outstanding in their own right and are really fun to play, I'd like to see a return to the sandbox Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine style, as I loved that more. And plus, the cat suits are not really interesting to me.
NSMBW NA Box Art.jpg New Super Mario Bros Wii (2009) And here we are now, as the follow-up to New Super Mario Bros is one of the best Mario games in the series, and a game I had many fond memories of. New Super Mario Bros Wii is a silent classic of its own, as the amazing graphics greatly pair with the amazing powerup roster, as the Propellor Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Ice Flower take center stage as the main powerups of the game, with the Penguin Mushroom not far behind. The level design was near-perfect, as the levels were not only challenging to complete at times, but could kill you if you were not careful at times. Also, the soundtrack is one of the best in the entire series. But god damn you, World 9!
The front North American cover art for New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros 2 (2012) Another game I have fond memories of, and one that I still play to this day. Once again, the level design was amazing as usual, and the physics were top-notch. But the game's fondness and emphasis on money, gold, and collecting 1 million coins was just a creative and unexpected objective that added more replay value to this entry than any of its companions. But the lack of originality can hurt it a little. As for the music, it shares the soundtrack from New Super Mario Bros Wii with no new tracks, but the added "bah"s make the music a little more enjoyable.
New Super Mario Bros. U North American box coverFinal North American box art for New Super Luigi U New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U (2012 and 2013) A great pair of platformers that I love to play, and Luigi's platforming kinks in the latter game make it even better. Once again, the level design was being the level design, and the graphics were being the graphics. The Super Acorn and Flying Squirrel Mario was the best addition to the game, and it is a powerup that rivals the Raccoon Leaf. The pair have the same soundtrack from the past two games, with the exception of the world map music. But Luigi's low traction could cause problems at times. God damn SLIPPERY SHOES!

Luigi's Mansion games

Box art Game Thoughts
!Luigi's Mansion boxart Luigi's Mansion An excellent first starring role for the man in green, and an amazing one at it. (What is this "Mario is Missing" you speak of? You must have gone all day without a nap. Go get some food.) I've loved this game for a long time, and I've beaten it countless times. The dark setting and atmosphere isn't really that scary, but boy, it makes an impact, and it really raises the stakes as to what you're doing. Although the game is short, that doesn't take away from how awesome it is. Also, one of my favorite Mario villains made his debut in this game, and became Luigi's archenemy. And when the number 2 guy gets himself an archnemesis, you know he's just as good as the main protagonist. Man, remember when the underdogs were the real heroes? Yeah, those were good times. Let's hope they are here to stay.
File:Luigis Mansion dark moon boxart.png Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Luigi's Mansion was well past due for a sequel, and boy, did we ever get one. The gameplay and atmosphere are just as good, if not better, than its predecessor, and the humor is just invaluable. Next Level Games paid so much attention to detail, and the gameplay is just a blast. Multiplayer mode was a treat that made this game even better, and the glitches were a treat to play around with, although they could be annoying, as all glitches are. But the lack of Portrait Ghosts was rather a concern. The fact that they were people with backstories, lives, and personality added a sense of depth, story, and emotion to the predecessor, and the entire Mario series. In a series not known for developing its characters too much, the Portrait Ghosts give me that feeling that I'm looking straight into someone's past life.

Mario & Luigi games

Box art Game Thoughts
North American box art of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga The first game in the Mario & Luigi series is an awesome one, and the gameplay was phenomenal and just a piece of artwork, and especially the battle gameplay, which was better than the Paper Mario series. The story was just great, and the character development was awesome. Fawful is one of the best characters in the Mario series, and fans had perfect reason to love the guy. The game also felt pretty difficult at times, which was good. But god damn it, why is Beanbean Castle Town so depressing when it's destroyed? And plus, Cackletta needed to appear more in the game. Her power and presence could have been felt a little more that way.
MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpg Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Partners in Time does with Superstar Saga what Galaxy 2 did with Galaxy 1: take an already phenomenal game and make it transcend into the second dimension, and when the former has one of the darkest and most compelling stories in the Mario series, it should be expected. The creative gameplay with Bros Items and the humor and charm that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi brought to the game make it comparable to an NHL goalie in the playoffs. Now, for all the good this game is, the levels were too linear, and moving as a group of four could be tough. But still, even better than the exceptional first game. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi may be babies, but in reality, they are just as competent fighters as their adult forms.
The North American cover of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story If you thought being in the second dimension was awesome enough, then play this game. We're going to the THIRD dimension now! Bowser's Inside Story is the best of the Mario & Luigi series, and for good reason; Fawful is at his absolute best, Bowser pairs along with the Mario Bros to stop the crazy Beanish guy from taking the Mushroom Kingdom for himself, the Mario Bros are venturing right inside their archnemesis' body, the music is absolutely awesome, and Bowser is an absolute BOSS! But god damn it, why were the giant boss battles tough? Screw you, Fawful Express! And plus, why do none of the citizens in Toad Town act frantic or something, even when their castle has been taken over from right under their nose? A MALL? Come on now, that's just stupid.