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Pronunciation /ʒidtɛndo/ (zheed-tehn-daw)
Age ~25
Pronouns He/him/ワガハイ
Nationality Français
Species Human(?)
Jdtendo's Userbox Tower

“Pourquoi Mario Bros. ? Parce que Mickey Mouse.”
French joke

Jdtendo is a French Mario fan who also likes to study languages and to program software. He is also me, so I'll use the first person from now on.


I started to get interested in Mario at the start of the Nintendo DS/Wii era and have remained a Mario fanboy ever since. Even though I skipped the 3DS/Wii U generation, my interest in Mario has remained intact, and I caught up on Mario games when the Nintendo Switch came around.

I chose my username as a mix of a previous equally awful pseudonym and "Nintendo". I now spend an unheathy amount of time on gathering information about Mario on sites such as Supper Mario Broth, contributing to the Super Mario Wiki, and doing many other things that fall outside the scope of this wiki's coverage.


On the Super Mario Wiki, I primarily contribute to the "Names in other languages" sections by adding or fixing French names and their meanings. I may also add name meanings in other languages (Japanese, German, etc.) but only if the meaning is easy to figure out, since I am not fluent in those languages. I also spend too much time editing my user page.

On occasion, I also document changes that were made to French versions of Mario games, as well as changes that were made in the English version but were not retained in the French version. For example, Carbocroc's fear of frogs in the Japanese version was changed to crickets in the English version, but remained frogs in French and other European languages. Correcting the claim that her weakness is crickets "in the international versions" (even though that is only true of the English version) is one of the reasons that got me to contribute to the Wiki in the first place.


My favorite games are platformers, such as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I also like to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as Bowser Skelet riding a Quad Wiggler, and I play some non-Mario games on occasion. Although lately, I've spent more time contributing to the wiki than actually playing games…

My favorite Super Mario characters are Yoshi, Bowser, Plessie, and Koopek – none of which are humans because I am a bit of a furry. My favorite enemy is the Plante Piranha, especially the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter and Piranha joggeuse variants; this enemy strikes the perfect balance of looking fun and silly whilst being actually menacing and dangerous.

I am fond of weird Mario media in French, such as the Hotel Mario cutscenes or the infamous Mario Kart 8 Direct. I also like properly-dubbed media as well, especially Super Mario Bros. le film whose European French dub is excellent (Pierre Tessier ❤️).

My interest in Super Mario and Nintendo also led me to start learning Japanese. I'm still quite 苦手, but I 頑張る!

Favorite French Mario quotes

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 実天堂
Truth paradise
Korean 지뗀도
From the Japanese name
Greek Ζιδτενδω
Transliteration of the international name
Arabic جيدتندو
From the Greek name
Old Irish ᚛ᚇᚔᚇᚈᚓᚅᚇᚑ᚜
Portmanteau of the Arabic name and the Korean name

French Mario trivia