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Status: Very active. Working on designing my next Power Master game and the wiki for the series, as well as several projects for this wiki and other NIWA wikis.
Current project: Doing stuff for Icaruspedia.
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  10. Have fun!

Luigi artwork[edit]

Okay, that's fine, but why is Mario's front artwork being changed consistently for each new game released? Let me guess, it's for the exact same reasons you told me, right? All right, then. I just wanted the artwork changed, because we've already had it for a while now. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:17, 23 November 2017 (EST)

Friend Request[edit]

Hey, Alex95, can we be friends? My friend box can be found here. -SMW2yoshi.gifYoshiFlutterJump (talk · edits) 16:57, 26 November 2017 (EST)


Might I ask what kind of video it was? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 17:15, 26 November 2017 (EST)

Signature Reminder Overturn[edit]

Okay, come on, why did you overturn my reminder there? It was just a polite reminder, and nothing else. I had good reason to be concerned, right? Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:16, 4 December 2017 (EST)

It is undeserved as his edit count shows he edits mainspace more, and his edits to the signature are scattered enough to not be an issue. He does tend to edit his userspace a lot, but it really becomes a problem if it's consistent and/or his focus (i.e. more edits to userspace than mainspace). Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:23, 4 December 2017 (EST)
Okay, are you sure that is a good enough response? I'm sorry for being nitpicky, but just as a notable fact, I don't like repeated responses. But fine, you can go on and have fun with your life now. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:25, 4 December 2017 (EST)
For this specific reason, the reminder is undeserved. However, if he neglects to fix the name on his signature after a few days as I told him to do so, a reminder can be issued for that as that is in violation. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:33, 4 December 2017 (EST)
Okay. Sorry for being nitpicky, by the way. It can cause a lot of trouble at the wrong times if it's not managed carefully. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:35, 4 December 2017 (EST)

Dermatologists hate her! Try this quick trick to get your section in on time![edit]

- Hypnotoad (T|C) HypnotoadSig.gif 21:40, 8 December 2017 (EST)

He Refuses[edit]

Sorry, I just read that wrong, I thought he added a "he refuses." Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 21:54, 8 December 2017 (EST)

It's fine, don't worry about it. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:56, 8 December 2017 (EST)

What's This? What's This? Your Last PipeWarning From Me[edit]

Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg Hi, Alex95! Artwork - WARP PIPE (Simple).svg

This is your cue to get your sections done and sent to me through our forums by December 20. If you can't make the deadline and you have a valid reason for doing so, get in touch with me as soon as you can and we'll work it out.

Also, be careful to keep a copy of your work saved with you, either on your forum outbox or saved on your own devices. If you need to know anything else, hit me up! I'll try and answer any question you have.

Yoshi876 (talk)

Mario Party series game order[edit]

In case you forgot, here is the order of all the Mario Party games: Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 7, Mario Party 8, Mario Party DS, Mario Party 9, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party 10, and Mario Party: Star Rush. You don't have to make too much of this, it is just a friendly reminder since you seemed to slip up there a little bit. Don't worry, I'll tell everyone else too on the talk page. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:15, 10 December 2017 (EST)


Why are you shutting down userpedia I will finish this later

BRING BACK USERPEDIA BroccollyGuy (talk) 23:51, 10 December 2017 (EST)

I'm not the one running Userpedia. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:26, 11 December 2017 (EST)


I was wondering if Super Mario Odyssey official was called music in game, and if so than why do you think Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions music should be listed as media (as it is called "MUSIC" when accessing it). And do you think we should add a media template to List of Super Mario Odyssey music page (no matter what's decided)? Also, I am contacting the user that made the page. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 11:58, 11 December 2017 (EST)

Marachi Guy edit[edit]

I think the IP address was typing about the Sombrero Guys that appear in Paper Jam. I'm not sure if it's redundant or not, because we have this information on the Sombrero Guy article and I'm pretty sure it doesn't need a repeat on the Marachi Guy page. – Owencrazyboy9 (talk) 11:18, 12 December 2017 (EST)

Is the Sombrero Guy the only one of the Marachi Guys that appears? Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:21, 12 December 2017 (EST)
From watching videos on YouTube of both Colour Splash and Paper Jam, it is the only one. – Owencrazyboy9 (talk) 11:31, 12 December 2017 (EST)
Then just the info on Sombrero Guy should be sufficient enough. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:32, 12 December 2017 (EST)

Bowser: A Good Leader or not?[edit]

Hey, how you doing, and have I got a question for you. Do you think Bowser is a good leader of the Koopa Troop and of his soldiers and his kingdom in general? Also, why was my edit on the List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions music article reversed? Anyway, I hope you're doing well. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:49, 12 December 2017 (EST)

I know he definitely cares for his troops, but he may not be the smartest leader in the world. And having tennis matches with your nemesis may help with troop moral :P As for your edit, you appear to already be talking about it with Owencrazyboy9 (talk). Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:53, 12 December 2017 (EST)
Yeah, but I don't exactly understand why he reversed it still. He said that the remake's song names are what are supposed to be put in the boxes, but why can't I put in the original's song names as well? After all, it might as well be called "List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga music"; either way, I want to put in the original names in the boxes too, and I don't get what the problem is with that. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:58, 12 December 2017 (EST)
A List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga media page would probably work better for the original tracks. If the remakes song names are what's in the game, then that's what should be used for the Bowser's Minions page. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:21, 12 December 2017 (EST)
Are you sure about that? That sounds redundant when the two games, which are pretty much the same game, have the exact same soundtrack, putting aside the remixes and stuff. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:23, 12 December 2017 (EST)
Honestly not sure. But again, if the name in the remake is different than the original, the remake's name is used because that's what the page is based on. With the original tracks a part of the game, once they're uploaded, a track list for the original game can be discussed. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:30, 12 December 2017 (EST)
The only difference (in terms of in-game names) for the same song in the original and the remake is an added DX with the exception of two songs: "To Challenge!" to "Let's Kick it into High Gear" and "It's My Turn" to "Star 'Stache Smash!". There are more differences between the songs, but you know they are the same song. In terms of what they were once called, hey songs change names even in the same series. I know there are a few songs in Paper Jam that uses the same music from Dream Team. And the song "Let's Go (DX)" in the game is named "Come On!" in Paper Jam. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 22:46, 12 December 2017 (EST)
But still, why are we only focusing on the remake names and not the original names as well? I'm not asking for one or the other, I am asking for both of the names. Why can't we have both of them? Or how about this, why didn't we have a "List of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga music" article in the first place for both the original and remake names? That is the question I am asking, why are we all of a sudden focused on the remake without paying any attention to the original? Let me guess, you just answered my question for me. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:53, 12 December 2017 (EST)
One, it is in-game names in the remake. Two, using the remake in the name is necessary due to it being only in the remake and having songs of the remake. Three, I guess they could have alternate names so long as they are officially known. If not, then don't add it. However, since the remake songs are lower on the page, don't do it like you did, but, instead, mention the alternative names like (this was originally called "Come On!") for Let's Go. But, don't do it to the remake songs as they don't have previous names. This can't be done if a Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga media page is created. However, I strongly advice against this as it will be against Once and only once policy. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 23:09, 12 December 2017 (EST)


That means "second from final," not "secondary." Just clearing that up. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 00:39, 13 December 2017 (EST)

I looked it up after I used it. I guess I did know what it meant at first, but I doubted myself :P Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:53, 13 December 2017 (EST)

Quote Change[edit]

Well, thanks, buddy, that was really appreciated. Okay, enough with the sarcasm, isn't Luigi as silent as Mario in the Super Mario series and all other games except the Paper Mario series? I'm not counting Fortune Street for anything, but in all Mario sub-series except Paper Mario, isn't Luigi as silent as Mario? I'll give you the edge for the Paper Mario series, but I still think he deserves to have a "silent" quote. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:35, 14 December 2017 (EST)

By "discussed" I meant on Luigi's talk page, but whatever.
Aside from the Mario & Luigi series (where he and Mario talk in gibberish) and the Fortune Street series (where he and Mario talk in full sentences), Luigi is more talkative than Mario in just about every game they both appear in and where they talk. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 has Luigi talking to Mario (and himself), he's very talkative in Luigi's Mansion (as can be seen with the Game Boy Horror, though barely anything in Dark Moon). No one talks much in sports games, but overall, Luigi is much more talkative than Mario is. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:39, 14 December 2017 (EST)
Uh...I'm not so convinced, because I meant for the most part, but I guess I will meet you on the Luigi talk page. I've got a nice, sweet proposal coming up, or maybe not, but yeah, I still think he's as silent as Mario, if only a little bit more talkative. It's not that much of a difference, just a little. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:43, 14 December 2017 (EST)


Hi, shouldn't you have revoked this IP's talk page access as well, since that's the only page they've extensively edited? MLPJToadetteWink.gif ToadettetheAchiever 13:59, 18 December 2017 (EST)

I believe that's only an option for accounts, not anonymous users, as it's not giving me that option. They appear to be blocked from editing in general. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 14:05, 18 December 2017 (EST)


Okay, got it. I recreated the page because it felt inconsistent with every other level's name and article, and so I wanted to keep the consistency, but fine, whatever works is whatever works. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 00:06, 19 December 2017 (EST)

RE: Thanks[edit]

HDMI is better than analog interfaces (such as RCA cables) because it is digital, so no artifacts. Keep in mind that Retron consoles are reverse engineered counterparts of the official console it is based on, so mistakes could occur at runtime that would otherwise not happen on official hardware. This will likely not happen with popular titles because they are so commonly tested but more obscure titles could showcase a bug with the console. I still hope one day you are able to solve your emulator problems. If only I can see what you see, so then I can start tinkering to fix your issues. --Wildgoosespeeder (talk) (Stats - Contribs) 10:46, 21 December 2017 (EST)

3DS, there is an emulator, but it is not worth looking into. Many graphical glitches and some games refuse to boot. Same goes for the Wii U emulator as well. It also has a steep PC requirements. However, how I submitted my screenshots for 3DS, homebrew, not emulators. Anything analog, there is some degradation. It's one reason why digital signal alternatives were developed. --Wildgoosespeeder (talk) (Stats - Contribs) 17:16, 21 December 2017 (EST)

What do you mean?[edit]

in Bin page, there's a Megaman text on trivia. Lucina SSB4.pngMusic Video 123 (talk) 10:56, 22 December 2017 (EST)

Currently a citation needed, and LinkTheLefty is the one who added the information, so I'll contact him and see what he's able to find. Otherwise, the trivia is pointless. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:14, 22 December 2017 (EST)


I must have relayed that idea from Fizzle here. It's plausible, but you're right. It's also unlikely to ever have an official source backing it up. Feel free to remove it. LinkTheLefty (talk) 12:42, 22 December 2017 (EST)

Friend Request[edit]

Hey, Alex95 I think it's awesome how you created all those Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels levels and wanted to congratulate you. Would you like to be friends? My friendbox can be found here. LuigiMaster123Icon.png LuigiMaster123 21:23, 23 December 2017 (EST)


Hey. So I'm currently working on a media page for Mario Hoops 3-on-3, but the template:media table is not allowing me to use files uploaded with .ogg. Is there something I'm doing wrong. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

Yea thanks I realized that just after I contacted you. I'm reuploading them as .oga and requesting deletion for the originals. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE


Oh, didn't see that. No problem! SMB Smallmario.png Mario JC 22:44, 25 December 2017 (EST)

Triple Jump[edit]

Not in Mario 64, right? As far as I know, he only performs the pose in Mario Odyssey. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 23:21, 26 December 2017 (EST)

It's in Super Mario 64. If Mario performs the Triple Jump and doesn't move upon landing, he'll have his arms outstretched and cheers. You can kind of see it in the middle pic on the Triple Jump page. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 23:23, 26 December 2017 (EST)

Cole Hayes[edit]

he made a spam article block him. King boo dsfs.pngMKDSFTalk!King boo dsfs.png

Done. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:36, 27 December 2017 (EST)

Cat Goomba Vandal[edit]

Ouch, he used the darn N-word? Uh oh, that's not good. That's just racist and dumb. Gotta watch out for that. I was going to undo his ugliness, but you did it for me anyway. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:21, 28 December 2017 (EST)

Please stop talking about vandals unless you're reporting them. There's no point to bringing them up after they've been dealt with. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:24, 28 December 2017 (EST)
This was racism, so that's why I'm talking about it. If you see what's happening around the world, you would know why I'd be a little on edge about that. Other vandals weren't racist, so I didn't mention them. But anyway, ignore my rambling and go on with your life as you wish. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:28, 28 December 2017 (EST)

Fire Mario adventures[edit]

Man, wouldn't it be sweet if we, as the players, could gain Fire Flowers and just shoot fireballs as much as we want? Our lives would be a ton more adventurous and better! :) Lcrossmk8 (talk) 19:57, 1 January 2018 (EST)

It would make life a lot more interesting, wouldn't it? I've always wanted a Wing Cap. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 20:00, 1 January 2018 (EST)
I'd go with a Propeller Mushroom anyday if I had the choice. I could just spin up in the air and go as high as I want! Maybe get some air time jumping off the roof and other high buildings. That would be the life!!!!! Lcrossmk8 (talk) 20:03, 1 January 2018 (EST)

Vote Removal[edit]

I have one week to fix them, right? And plus, can anyone help me with the tables? I'm not too experienced with fixing tables, so there's that. Also, as for the tables looking terrible on mobile devices, they seem to be as good as they can get for now, and that's all anyone can ask. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:36, 1 January 2018 (EST)

That's a discussion for the 3D World unfeature page. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:40, 1 January 2018 (EST)

Hi Alex95!!!!![edit]

Wanna be friends my code is|-

Astro-Lanceur Icon SMO.png

so.... you accept?? King boo dsfs.pngMKDSFTalk!King boo dsfs.png

Regarding said edit on the Princess Daisy gallery page[edit]

Hey, Alex95, I noticed you still undid my edit on the Gallery: Princess Daisy page - why is that? The reason I took that out was because the said art in question itself is the same from what we saw for Mario Party 10 (which has now become her "standard" as of late). Let me know really soon, thanks. --M. C. - Profile | Talk Page 08:47, 5 January 2018 (EST)


So, was it not okay for me to post that [Kojo proposal] on the main page? I'd have thought that something like deciding whether or not a game should be covered at all would be prominent enough for the main page. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 19:03, 5 January 2018 (EST)

I was referring to the previous proposal as an example, but okay then. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 19:07, 5 January 2018 (EST)

Does this also apply to proposals involving games that are listed on List of Mario references in Nintendo video games? Hello, I'm Time Turner. 14:25, 7 January 2018 (EST)

Star colors[edit]

Are you sure? It can't be. I learned science, and I know my science teacher would say that blue and green are the warm colors. Art class is not a reliable source for determining the colors of stars and how hot they must be. I might search it up on Google, though. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:38, 6 January 2018 (EST)
Also, science isn't really the place to go for art advice. In terms of fire, blue would be hot (because fire), but otherwise, it's a cool color. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:41, 6 January 2018 (EST)
This isn't art we're talking about, this is science. Stars aren't art, they're science, and science says, blue is warm and red is cool. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:56, 6 January 2018 (EST)
I am so unfocused right now. I misunderstood the point. My bad.
While there are varying degrees of fire, there isn't one you could really classify as "cool". This is fire after all. Blue is definitely hotter than red, though. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:02, 6 January 2018 (EST)

New year, new you, same criticwarning[edit]

- Hypnotoad (T|C) HypnotoadSig.gif 03:03, 8 January 2018 (EST)


Just to make sure you know, it's Chinese. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 18:17, 9 January 2018 (EST)

That's what I meant :P. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 18:21, 9 January 2018 (EST)

SMB3 Sky Land[edit]

Hey Alex, do you have the original version? Because I tried it on the All Star Versions (Wii, but should be the same) and that's not the case. It is the case before you changed it. So, unless you can prove that it is that way in the original, we should have the one before you change it. If it is that way, both should be mentioned. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 12:14, 10 January 2018 (EST)

I remember going back and forth on the Tower to see if I had to go through the whole thing in the Advance version, though tbh, my memory is blurred, so I'll double check. Don't currently have access to the original or All-Stars version, so maybe I can find a video on those. If not, it may take a while. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:17, 10 January 2018 (EST)
I don't remember much of the play I did for Advance, but I'm pretty sure that it is the same as All Star Version I tested it on. Which, you have to replay the level again if you go back to the ground, but if you go to the Pipe/Tower by mistake, you can fall down and go back to the sky with the cost of a life. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 12:22, 10 January 2018 (EST)
Okay, double checked Advance and it looks like my memory has failed my. The Warp Pipe from the sky takes you to a small segment, but you have to replay the Tower from the ground. Apologies, I will change it back. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:30, 10 January 2018 (EST)


Whoa, I really like what you just added to your User Page. Would you mind if I steal your idea and use it on mine as well? DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

Yeah sure go ahead! It's not like the coding is owned by me or anything :) Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 17:20, 10 January 2018 (EST)
Awesome. Thanks a lot I appreciate it. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

Re:Character Categories[edit]

From what I can glean from the pages, they aren't actually characters, hence why I'm swapping in the general tags (since the games don't have specific species categories). Hello, I'm Time Turner. 20:07, 11 January 2018 (EST)

I'll defer to your logic, then. Hello, I'm Time Turner. 20:12, 11 January 2018 (EST)

Legend of Zelda[edit]

I know "the" is part of the title, but a phrase like "the first The Legend of Zelda game" doesn't sound right imo. That's why I thought it should just be omitted. SMB Smallmario.png Mario JC 22:57, 12 January 2018 (EST)

idk, even if it's grammatically correct, some instances of English will always sound weird to me. "The first Legend of Zelda" and "The first The Legend of Zelda" both sound correct to me, as "Legend of Zelda" is a shorter form whereas "The" is actually in the title. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference, but then the edits could cycle back and forth if it is. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 23:51, 12 January 2018 (EST)


Hey just out of curiosity, I remember there being a special page that like ranked everyone's contribution scores per week and month (and I think all time, too). Do you know why it was deleted, I used to enjoy looking at that page. It's fine if you do not know I was just wondering. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

I don't recall such a page existing, and I'm not finding it in SpecialPages. It sounds similar to something Gamepedia and Wikia does, but it doesn't seem useful, so it was probably deleted for that reason. I see you contacted Gamefreak75 (talk) about this already, they would know more about this than I do. Otherwise, Porplemontage (talk) would know more. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 17:23, 13 January 2018 (EST)

RE: Skyscraper[edit]

Didn't even read that part lol SMB Smallmario.png Mario JC 20:34, 15 January 2018 (EST)

Minigames not returned in MPTT100[edit]

What are examples of good minigames in the Mario Party series that didn't return in Mario Party: The Top 100?

MarioWiki:BJAODN comments[edit]

Yeah, got it. By the way, it can be really hard to be funny. Hope we got some good comedians on this wiki! You got a decent sense of humor in you? I hope you do. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:28, 16 January 2018 (EST)

Duly noted, brother. I hope you have a good day. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:32, 16 January 2018 (EST)

The Hilarious Confusion Maze of Sequels and Follow-ups...and unnecessarily long message topic names[edit]

On the wiki, I see articles that say that New Super Mario Bros. U, and to a lesser extent, New Super Luigi U, is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, like Mario Bros 2 is the sequel to Mario Bros 1. Is this true, and has anyone confirmed it? Lcrossmk8 (talk) 21:57, 16 January 2018 (EST)


I still have plenty more to add, but my computer started to slow down so I posted what I have just in case :P. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

I thought you'd post this on the main proposals page rather than my talk so everyone can see it, but okay, it looks good :P Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 12:10, 17 January 2018 (EST)
Yea sorry about that. I did, but I just wanted to show you first because you requested it. DKPetey99.pngDKPetey99TCE

Citation needed on Nintendo Power[edit]

I don't know. I got the information from other pages in the wiki itself, not the Nintendo Power issues themselves. It's unfortunate because I really think that Wario is Mario and Luigi's cousin. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:47, 17 January 2018 (EST)

We'll have to wait for someone else to find the issue then. What other pages did you find the info on? Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:49, 17 January 2018 (EST)
I found it on the Wario article right here, in the relationships section. You will find it somewhere there. Lcrossmk8 (talk) 22:53, 17 January 2018 (EST)
Perhaps I'll look through what I have sometime and see what I can find. Might be in a guide somewhere. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 22:56, 17 January 2018 (EST)

Order of navigation templates[edit]

I elaborated on my oppose vote on this proposal, which I think you might want to comment on, especially regarding the last point. MLPJToadetteWink.gif ToadettetheAchiever 16:05, 18 January 2018 (EST)

I'm already voting for the point. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 16:11, 18 January 2018 (EST)
Sorry, I almost didn't see your second vote there! MLPJToadetteWink.gif ToadettetheAchiever 16:19, 18 January 2018 (EST)