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This is where I work on stuff for the Super Mario Wiki. Please do not use any work related projects without my permission. If there's anything you see that I should correct or if there's something that needs added, either let me know or wait for the finished article.

Generic reminders/warnings that get used a lot


Please remember to [[MarioWiki:Manual_of_Style#Italicizing_titles|''italicize'' game and publication titles]]. This is done by placing two apostrophes (not quotation marks) on both sides of the title, outside of any links. For example, <code><nowiki>''[[Super Mario Bros.]]''</nowiki></code> becomes ''[[Super Mario Bros.]]'' ~~~~

Release dates

We don't update the most recent game appearance in an infobox until ''after'' the game is fully released in a region. Beta releases and demos don't count, the game has to be finalized to provide a consistent update across the wiki. ~~~~

First-/second-person writing

When writing, [[MarioWiki:Manual_of_Style#No_.22you.22s|please avoiding using first- or second-person writing such as "you"]]. Use a character's name or "the player" instead, to make the writing appear professional rather than directly referring to the reader. ~~~~

Show preview

If you'd like to see how your edits effect the page, you should use the "Show preview" button instead. It will let you keep making changes, and once you're ready to save, then you can hit "Save page". This will keep the edits from flooding the page history and the [[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]]. Pages should not be continuously edited, so please make as few edits to one page in a short time frame as possible. ~~~~

Two accounts, contributions on earlier account (staff only)

Hello. Do you know {{user|NAME}}? You share the same IP address. Having multiple accounts is not allowed, so please sign back in to your previous account. If you are having trouble getting into your previous one, please attempt to [[Special:PasswordReset|reset your password]] or let me or another [[MarioWiki:Administrators|admin]] know. ~~~~

Three accounts (staff only, non-ban evading)

This is your third account after {{user|NAME}} and {{user|NAME}}, and they have been blocked. Please continue to use this {{BASEPAGENAME}} account from now on, as any further accounts that are created will also be blocked, including this one. If a problem arises with this account, please contact an [[MarioWiki:Administrators|administrator]] before creating another account, which can be done without logging in. You can also use [[Special:PasswordReset]] to get a new temporary password. ~~~~

Logging in (staff only)

When making edits, please make sure you are logged in to your {{user|NAME}} account so your edits are assigned to your username rather than your IP address, which can have multiple people editing from it. If you have a problem accessing your account, please let me or another [[MarioWiki:Administrators|admin]] know. ~~~~