Electro-Koopa (red)

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Electro-Koopa (red)
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Parent Species Koopa

Electro-Koopas are variants of Koopa that appears only in Super Mario Sunshine. Red Electro-Koopas are one of three kinds of Electro-Koopas, all of which are all quadrupeds and have electrical shells. Red Electro-Koopas and the other two Electro-Koopas are mostly found in Pinna Park and Pianta Village. More specifically, they appear in Pinna Park in Episode 3 (Red Coins of the Pirate Ships) and Episode 5 (The Runaway Ferris Wheel), and in Pianta Village in Episode 3 (The Goopy Inferno) where they climb on metal fences.

To defeat red Electro-Koopas, Mario must kick, punch, or Ground Pound them from the other side of the fence or below them. When this happens, they fly off. They will shock Mario if he touches them, although they damage Mario by the shock and not by knocking him out of the metal fence, unlike a Klamber.

Red Electro-Koopas are found at the following locations:

Pinna Park[edit]

  • Episode 3 (Red Coins of the Pirate Ships): Climbing green fences high in the air. They must be defeated in order to get some red coins.
  • Episode 5 (The Runaway Ferris Wheel): Climbing several fences at the back of the park, guarding the Green Electro-Koopa.

Pianta Village[edit]

  • Episode 3 (The Goopy Inferno): At the underside of the village climbing fences alongside Klambers. Mario will lose a life falling into the void if he gets shocked by one, as Mario is down the fence climbing.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンキノコノコ
Denki nokonoko
Electric Koopa