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Yoshi YTnG art.jpg
Full Name FanOfYoshi
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
Favorite Mario fan-games Super Mario Flash 2
FanOfYoshi's Userbox Tower
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Yoshi Emblem.png
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Hey guys, i'm FanOfYoshi, an user who created this account in 26 August 2018.

Who's online: Mario jc, Tyughvbn, Semako, CaXaP, Jerryjerrycheng, Magister

Favorite characters

Least Favorite Characters (those i hate)

Games i own

My personal pictures

My project page!

Games i play on emulator

Mostly Yoshi's Island.

List of files i, or some other people uploaded (? More like fun with gallery!)


Currently, the proposal that occurs is splitting off the Yoshi's Story bees. The big ones.

Successfull proposal i proposed

Splitting Huffin Puffin and Fluffin' Puffin
Splitting MLSS Ice Snifits and YWW ones, as they're unrelated, and purely coincidental, this I already extended this proposal 2 times.
Splitting Mega Kantera from Big Lantern Ghost, as they we're neither inspired, nor based, nor intended to be the same thing at all.

Failed proposals

Merging Giant Raven with Raphael the Raven. Technically it's successful, since i was the proposer and opposed my own proposal.

Cancelled proposals

Splitting Green Toady from Solo Toady. I initially failed to reach consensus, but due to Doc von Schmeltwick's arguments, i cancelled it.


Other stuff

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Which results to |-

Yoshi Mario Hat SM64DS.png

Working on the page!