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Jokes about enemies! Yes, these things were on actual articles.

Air Bag[edit]

  • The name is a pun on the word airbag.

(Hey, Joe, I got a pun!

Yeah Bob?

What do you call air in a bag? AN AIR BAG!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - Flogger (talk))


Albatosses used to be normal residents of Subcon until the maniacal Wart seized power. The toad king ordered the red birds to be part of his military. Albatosses were trained to carry Bob-ombs and drop them on civilians who would otherwise make for the new dictator.


Most of the time, Artichokers remain stationary, appearing to be normal shrubs. This is, in fact, a clever survival mechanism that allows the Artichokers to prey on unsuspecting travelers. Since items can sometimes be found in shrubs, an unlucky adventurer may accidentally stumble across an Artichoker, instead of treasure. After falling for the deception, the adventurer will have to fight the plant monster in combat. Unfortunately for the traveler, Artichokers prove to be very tough opponents.


Paper Mario

They can dash at an amazing speed towards Mario.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

They have lost their amazing speed.


As revealed in the Game Boy Advance remake, Bazzas can live in both fresh and salt water.

Bee (Donkey Kong Jungle Beat)[edit]

Bees are a species of bee-like enemies from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

(Pirate Goomba's revenge? -FanOfYoshi (talk))


The two different colored Beezos that debuted in Super Mario Advance.

Beezos are a sub-species of Shy Guys that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 2. These types of species appear to have tridents armed as weapons. In addition to their physical appearance, they also have wings on their back; capable of flying.

Beezos attack by flying towards Mario or one of his friends using their pitchfork and then get within contact towards the character. They normally appear in packs as they proceed to attack the character that was played by the player. Beezos in packs endlessly appear on the screen; they won’t leave the character alone until the character leaves the current level the player is currently playing in.

Artwork of a yellow Beezo.
An illustration of a yellow Beezo.

To defeat them, there are two methods of basic defeating. The players can use the Vegetables that appeared growing in the ground or other throwable objects and throw it to one of them. Sadly, more and more Beezos will endlessly arrive by proceeding to attack the character. Another method is by first simply jumping on one of them, pick up the unit that the character is standing on and can throw it towards another Beezo.

Beezos reappear in Super Mario Advance, as the same attack methods exist being used. During gameplay, if the player defeats a single Beezo, the player acquires 4000 points total.

A similar species called a Shy Away appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Appearances In Other Media
A Beezo, dressed up as a knight, from The Super Mario Bros Super Show!

Beezos made several appearances on The Super Mario Bros Super Show!, usually serving as guards.

  • Beezos are found in two colors: red and pink (in newer versions they are pink and brown).
  • In Luigi's Mansion, Beezos are referenced by Shy Guy ghosts that could levitate and were armed with a pitchfork.

Behemoth King[edit]

Behemoth King Is The Main Antagonist Of Mario Sports Mix He Is A tougher guy than Behemoth please lookout for his attacks

("The concern for the reader's well-being is admirable, at least.")

Big Scorper[edit]


("For context, the page was named "SandWorm" before being moved. This is what happens when you're not careful with Word search & replace.")

Blindfold Boo[edit]

As they cannot see where Yoshi is located, they trust in their auditive senses to perceive the Yoshi's location and then attack.

Blooper Stack[edit]

A stack of Bloopers is formed when multiple Bloopers group up, forming a stack.

(A Blooper Stack is formed when Bloopers form a stack. By the way, what's a Pirate Goomba?)

("A Goomba that illegally downloads game ROMs on the web, of course!") - Shadic 34 (talk)


{{species infobox
|image=[[File:Bobomb - MarioPartyStarRush.png|200px]]<br>Artwork of a '''Bob-omb''' from ''[[Mario Party: Star Rush]]''.

(This was in the page source for, most likely, years. - Binarystep)

Bombshell Koopa[edit]

Bombshell Koopas are the most common enemy in the Super Mario Land, appearing in all levels except for 2-3 (the underwater level), and 4-3 (the flying level). Like red-shelled Koopa Troopas, Bombshell Koopas do not walk off edges, but merely pace back and forth on the platform.

(This was around for eight years before finally being fixed in 2019. -TheDarkStar (talk))


[...] booes are scared of themselves when they look in a mirror.

("...Isn't the plural boos?")


There are two types of Boos in this game. One type stays visible and does not hurt Mario until transparency is achieved, at which they can harm the heroic plumber.


  • The boos' ability to freeze when looked at and move when not is used by aliens called Weeping Angels in the British Sci-Fi show Doctor Who.

("Someone explain to me how being forced to freeze when looked at is an ability. --Ultimate Mr. L (talk)")

Boo Guy[edit]

Boo Guys employed a variety of traps in the game, including maces. Individual Boo Guys operated a single mace attached to a long chain. When a Boo Guy spotted a Yoshi, the ghost would drop the mace from the ceiling, hoping to crush the dinosaur. However, the Yoshi would have to be directly under the mace for the attack to be effective, and the Boo Guys tended to simply drop their maces continuously, instead of dropping the weapon at the most opportune moment. Since the weapon was heavy, it would take some time for the Boo Guy to pull the ball up to attempt another attack, allowing the Yoshis to pass safely underneath the weapon. This was the only way to get past these weapons, as the chain itself would actually damage the heroic dinosaurs.


After dropping the bomb, the unfortunate Boo Guy would eventually hang its head down in shame, while the other ghosts shook their heads in disappointment.


If it spots the player, it blows the player, yet it cannot hurt the player directly.

("Oh my god." - Binarystep (talk))

Bowser Monument[edit]

As the racers drive past it, the Bowser Monument punches into the track, sending ripples through the track that cause it to continuously ripple.

Brobot L-Type[edit]

Its HP amount is a reference to the Nintendo 64, since, as seen in Luigi's Diary in Paper Mario, he likes Nintendo 64s (at least at the time of Paper Mario), since he wonders excitedly if the Shy Guys have a Nintendo 64.


Very little is known about what is under a Broozer's sheet, or if it even is a sheet. It may be a special type of Boo, but it just as likely could be a entirely new being. The only parts not hidden are their shoes and boxing gloves, although the latter could just as well be their hands. Their seeming lack of intelligence could mean that they are lowly enemies, like Goomba, in disguise. It is possible that they are mechanical, as they twitch when attacked and seem to have no memory. Their masks could even be a part of them, like theorized of Shy Guys, rather than just a garment, like Nabbit. They chiefly inhabit Ghost Houses, meaning that they could be under the control of the Boos.

(" This is just full of overly complicated and silly speculation.". - WildWario (talk))


Two Bullies appear in a screenshot on the Japanese website for Super Mario 3D World. In Super Mario 3D World, the Bullies have your paper of Super Mario 64 and are defeateds how in Super Mario 64 and with your voices of Super Mario 64.

("This appears to be a literal translation from Portuguese, or a similar language. The author likely intended to say "the Bullies had their role from SM64 and are defeated like in SM64 and with their voices from SM64"." - Flippy Bear (talk))


If defeated, these rotund ballerinas will yield two Stars or three Coins.

("Wow! I didn't know that Burt took ballet! What's next, Prince Froggy taking hip-hop?")

Buzzy Beetle Tower[edit]

They can be produced if the player stacks a Buzzy Beetle on top of the other

SUPER MARIO RUN the buzzy beetle tower apperad in super mario run as a enemy in 8-9

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. the buzzy beetle tower reapperad in nsmb they can knock down

MARIO PARTY 3 buzzy beetle tower also apperad in mario party 3


A chair hurling itself at the unsuspecting Mario

("That's some real Wikipedian cow tipping captioning there.")


A Cheep-Cheep.
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom, Koopa Troop, Mario
First appearance Super Mario Bros.
Latest appearance Mario Kart Wii
Notable members
Chef Shimi
Bessie Bass
Cheep-Cheep Pufferfish

(Spot the error)


Apparently, they are based off a pair of buttocks.

("I originally asked for source on this claim, but it appears both Tippi and O'Chunks imply it having a butt-like appearance. Still, this wording is funny to me." - Alex95 (talk))


Their name and abilities might also be a reference Chernobyl, a famous nuclear meltdown in Ukraine which among other things emitted toxic gasses throughout parts of Europe

Chomp Shark[edit]

Occasionally they are misattributed to the fictitious 'dog chomp', a false term created by the anti-shark Willuigi. This assertion is clearly wrong, and all edits to support Willuigi and his pro-dog propaganda should be swiftly deleted.

(Ah yes, Willuigi, Waluigi's evil twin brother. - Somethingone (talk))


Clambos also appear in Donkey Kong Land. However, instead of shooting pearls, they are constantly opening and closing their spacey mantles, which makes them hard to avoid.


ComBat are a distant relative to the Swooper, but VERY distant. They are much closer to the Catbat. ComBat live in the darkest reaches of Yoshi's Island, and nowhere else. As such, they may be found circling the Tall Tower, hunting in the Neuron Jungle, or stalking Bowser's Castle. They pose little threat to most residents, as they hunt small things such as Nomadimice. Nonetheless, ComBats will attack anything that gets too close, and are immune to most things other than eggs.

ComBat only appear in Yoshi's Story. Pictures of them are extremely rare, some of the rarest of the already rare Yoshi's Story official artwork. For those who wish to view one outside the game, it is best to buy the official guide to Yoshi's Story, which is full of the artwork.

("Are we writing a documentary or something?" - Somethingone (talk) 09:01, May 31, 2022 (EDT))

("Can't wait for the overly-detailed documentary on Bumpties") - Shadic 34 (talk)

("Hello and welcome to Super Mario Wiki, THE documentary for critters from the Mario franchise."") FanOfYoshi (talk)


Condoms are enemies appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
("Sickest typo I ever saw." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


An old version of '"`UNIQ--templatestyles-00000000-QINU`"'<span title="File:Klepto.jpg" class="fakelink">File:Klepto.jpg</span> that was used for the Condor article, which is now immortalized in the BJAODN archives. Go to Klepto for more info.

("Laziness 101. They could've at least had a link!" - Flogger (talk) 02:27, October 27, 2019 (EDT))


  • Creepers may have been inspired by the actual Creepers in Minecraft.

("What makes this funny to me is that the name "Creeper" didn't even originate from Minecraft. Kingdom Hearts 2 for example, which came 5 years before Minecraft, has an enemy called a "Creeper" in it." Keyblade Master (talk))


Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロスケー[citation needed]
Black Dude

Drool Hard[edit]

Drool Hards are relatives of Hanging Blow Hards but don't have the swing.

Dry Bones[edit]

Dry Bones (also known as Skeleton Koopas[citation needed])[...]

("What's funny is that the 'citation needed' was used in an FA summary." RickTommy (talk))

  • According to the New Super Mario Bros. series, Dry Bones never walk off into pits or lava. This suggests that Dry Bones are no ordinary undead Koopa Troopas, they are undead Red Koopa Troopas, since these enemies never walk off cliffs or into pits, either. It may also be that these Koopa Troopas decided to be more careful for now on, after whatever decision they made before they died.

Fire Snake[edit]

[...] it begins to chase him by bouncing and try to touch him with its flaming body.

("That sounds wrong in so many ways." - Binarystep (talk))


Luigi and some Fuzzballs.
Subject origin Cat-like furry ball
Gold Fuzzball


  • Galoombas are infinitely better than Goombas and if you disagree you are wrong.

Gargantua Blargg (tall)[edit]

Gargantua Blarggs are tall Gargantua Blarggs that are found in Yoshi's Island DS.

(That means that Gargantua Blarggs are short Gargantua Blarggs.)


Rambi the Rhino defeats a Gnawty in Jungle Hijinxs of Donkey Kong Country
Several Gnawties, including one which has just made Rambi's acquaintance and regretted it, in Jungle Hijinxs.


No one ever knew but the goomba's where hiding a secret identity. You may know and love these mushrooms as goombas but they are really called Jimmy!!! Jimmy is a common name for a retard but if you have ever [played mario superstar baseball, jimmy runs super fast and is not that smart for wearing two shoes on one foot. So that is how he got the name jimmy.Now,you all must think that Jimmys live in the Mushroom Kingdom but that is so fake!!Jimmys are very poor and live in boxes on the streets on Mushroom Kingdom.They are drug-atics and they sell drugs in their boxes.Well,now i hope you know the real story of the goombas(Jimmy)


Goombas resemble mushrooms very closely. It is important that when playing Super Mario that a Goomba is not mistaken for a mushroom. Goombas are very hard to destroy, however, they appear to be small and weak looking.

("If Goombas are 'very hard to destroy,' I question what is very easy to destroy.")


grindels are just mummified thwomps they are only in the shifting sandland course they try to smash mario whenever he goes beneath them they have made an appearence in mario party they are most powerful and cannot be destroyed!!

a realitive is the spindle they make strange grunts


Hyper Spiky Goomba[edit]

A Hyper Spiky Goomba is a Hyper Goomba with a spike on its head. It has extremely powerful attacks, and it itself is not easy to take down, either, with that nasty spike on its head. Ordinarily, their attack power is three, but when Charged, watch out for an incredible nine attack point attack. Mario needs to really stay on his toes with this Goomba.

Ice Cherbil[edit]

An Ice Cherbil is a semi-common enemy from Super Paper Mario, found in various locations such as the Yold Desert, the Overthere Stair or the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. These blue counterparts of Cherbils blow icy clouds at the four heroes, which can freeze them in a block of solid ice. Shaking the Wii Remote repeatedly is the only way to break the icicle. Ice Cherbils are also immune to ice attacks, as their name implies, although they can still be frozen.

(It's immune to ice, but it's not immune to ice? What? -TheDarkStar)


Curiously, instead of running away from the invincible Mario, the K-9s will foolishly continue to home in on Mario, running right into him and being instantly destroyed.


  • Most think Kackle is the 5th scariest thing in a Nintendo game.


“These ghostly, Kremling spirits haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle.”
Donkey Kong Country 2 manual, page 30
“These ghostly, Kremling spirits haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle.”
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest SNES instruction booklet, page 30
“These ghostly Kremling spirits haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle.”
Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA instruction booklet, page 23
  • According to the game manual, Kackles are said to haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle. Despite this, they are only seen in one level.

("Wait, where do Kackles haunt again? (Yes, all four of these were on the page at once.)")

("We get it already..." - PanchamBro (talk))

("Note that the manual actually uses this description as an umbrella for Kackle and Kloak, so it's not even all that wrong." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))


Klamber 50% spider 50% crab 100% annoying.

("And this is 150% nonsense." - Tsunami (talk)")

("So does that make Klamber 100% spider crab, 100% crab spider, or 50% both species each?" -Arend (talk))

("Maybe it's instead 450% spider crab, crab spider, spider, crab, AND nonsense!") - Shadic 34 (talk)


(On March 30, 2008, the content on the Klepto page was replaced with a cut & paste of the Wikipedia article about Infocom, a well-known publisher of interactive fiction games. The vandalism was reverted nine hours after it was made, but the vandal soon struck back and replaced the content with that of another Wikipedia page, this time the article about the Star Wars character Jango Fett (a reference to Klepto's Japanese name). Because of the sheer length as well as the amount of broken coding involved, those revisions aren't directly archived on BJAODN.)


Not all Kremlings are bad, though; some, such as K. Lumsy and the Kritter goalies of Mario Smash Football seem to be decent individuals

("See, you say that, but how do we know the league isn't extremely lax about the criminal records of their players?" --Lord Grammaticus)


  • Without their helmet and shield, Koindozers resemble Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

(Well, this statement isn't relevant, but it's not far off...)

Koopa Troop[edit]

The Koopa Troop [...] is a militaristic dictatorship led by Bowser, King of the Koopas. [...] According to Kammy Koopa in Paper Mario, the motive for the clan is to have revenge against all who have treated Koopas poorly. However, most of their clear goals some based entirely on Bowser's own interest.

("The fine example of imposing a little too much darkness in what is an otherwise fantasy, gleeful series aimed at all ages." - BLOF)

("'The Koopa Troop is a militaristic dictatorship.' Damn, really? All I see are Koopa Troopas dancing to sound effects, and foolishly falling in pits.") - Shadic 34 (talk)


The Koopa Troop is unstoppable. Bowser has an unlimited supply of soldiers; the Koopa Troop also has an massive army such as (with tanks), a maritime navy (with battleships), an air force (with airships), and a space fleet with massive spacecrafts as seen in the Super Mario Galaxy series. Despite having such a huge military, the Koopa Troop is continuously defeated by the legendary Mario Brothers, the heroes of the Mushroom Universe, as well as those who assist the Mario Bros. on their missions to protect the Mushroom Universe (such as Toads).

("How can you be defeated if you're unstoppable!?" -BLOF)

("By the way, I would like to point out the absurd nature of this paragraph in general. Unlimited supply of soldiers? In a video game? Maritime navy? Air force? Space fleet? I don't see any of that. I see creatures just trying to walk into Mario." - BLOF)


Villainous Plans
All media

("Oh, we gotta add polygamy to affiliations of the Koopa Troop!" - Ralphfan (talk))

Koopa Troopa[edit]


The Koopa Troopas' most known caracterist is their shells, that resmbles turtles' shells (this fact has formed a rumor that Koopa Troopas are turtles). Another famous caracterist is their shell's protection that can be knocked, attacking other enemies (as seen in many platform games).

Physical Appearance

Koopa Troopas' shells comes in four colors: green, red, yellow and blue. The most known are the green and red ones, specially, the green ones.

All Koopa Troopas have a gold-yellow skin and a big snout. They also have light brown joints at their chests and abdomen (as seen in Bowser), however, this part of their body are covered with their shells.

Koopa Troopas also use shoes of the same color of their shells.


In the course of the Mario franchise, Koopa Troopas are seen to have English as their native language. In the games that character's voices aren't shown speaking phrases, Koopa Troopas make owl-like sounds, having English just legenged. This can be because Koopa Troopas have their own language, that Mario (or other characters) can understand. In Paper Mario series, all Koopa Troopas knows only speak English. Also having Koopa Troopas partners speaking this same language, through speaking bubbles.


Koopa Troopas have their gender differences, being male or female. An exemple is a Mario Party 5 mini-game called Flower Shower. This mini-game presents the marriage of two Koopa Troopas (one using a bow tie [a common man garment] and other using a bow [a common woman garment]).


Are not known if the Koopa Troopas' reproduction is sexually or asexually, however, are known that they born from eggs, just like Yoshis.


  • The Krashes in Donkey Kong 64 also strangely resemble the current design of a Kritter, even though the Kritters were not redesigned until DK: King of Swing, 6 years later.


  • Some one thinks Kroc is the 8th scariest thing in a Nintendo game. He also thinks Kroc uses King K Rool's vocals.

Kuff 'n' Klout[edit]

Kuff 'n' Klout (also known as the Kremling Twins[1]) are extra-big, beefed-up Kremlings in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. Even stronger and burlier than the massive Krumples, Kuff 'n' Klout are found only in Krematoa. They first appear in Stampede Sprint and Criss Kross Cliffs, and they even have their very own underground level, called Tyrant Twin Tussle, where they attack by playing a game of leapfrog and by racing about the screen, shoulder to shoulder.

The Kremling Twins are nearly invincible, since they can only be defeated by using barrels, by using Squitter's webs, and theoretically, Ellie's trunk squirting and Squawks's egg spitting. If only one of them is defeated, the other will continue to charge and then disappear when Dixie or Kiddy go offscreen, or target them to avenge his fallen counterpart (SNES version), or remain motionless and suddenly disappear a few seconds later (GBA version). According to the game's credits, Kuff 'n' Klout belong to the "Kremling Kreeps" enemy class.

  1. ^ Official Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Nintendo Player's Guide, page 112.


Kutlasses resemble another type of Kremling enemy, Klanks, who ride in Roller Coasters in amusement park levels. Despite their resemblance, Kutlasses and Klanks do not have any similar traits.


Mario Party 9

Though Mario Party 9 is a game many fans of the franchise prefer to ignore, it is nevertheless a game.

("May be irrelevant, but ain't off from the truth.") - Shadic 34 (talk)


Maw-Rays, previously known as Unagi, are moral eels that first appear in Super Mario 64.

("Takes a strong sense of good to lunge out of a hole with a star attached to you, scaring innocent children worldwide." - Doc von Schmeltwick)


Mario hanging from a Monchee in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
Mario holds onto the tail of a Monchee for dear life, as seen in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.


mooke is a kind if goomba that does not appear in any game because they are stupid and dumb. they were supposed to appear in mario & luigi partners in time but their roles were occupied by the shroobs, so thats why they dont appear in any game

("Source (s):

Dude trust me") - Shadic 34 (talk)


Ms. Mowz from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is most likely a Mowz because she's a thief (though she is white)-plus the name Mowz may even be based on her name. Also the name Mowz is a pun on "Mouse".

("For those confused by the seemingly racist implications in the parentheses, it's probably referring to Mowz in Mario Party 8 being purple." - Doc von Schmeltwick (talk))

Mr. I[edit]

Mr. I reappears in Mario Party Superstars, retaining its design from Mario Party 8. Just like in Mario Party 2, it appears on Horror Land and will warp the player to the other side of the board. They also run the losers out except for the winner after a game on Horror Land has ended.

(Breaking news: Winners are not losers.)


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

If they are jumped on/hammered at the wrong time, they will poof and leave a log (also known as a decoy) behind, meaning the attack will be a miss, then run back into battle while falling from the top screen having their arms up high and landing safely with style.

("It's not falling, it's landing with style." - Binarystep (talk))


Nosedozers are simply damaging Bandineros. See Bandinero.

("On the left is a Bandinero. On the right is a Nosedozer.") Bandinero in Wario Land: Shake It!Nosedozer in Wario Land: Shake It!


Super Mario Galaxy 2

They attack Mario by spitting rocks at Mario just like Octoguys. The species' current name is revealed by a Luma who guides Mario through a large planet.

("The tale of how this Luma revealed an out-of-universe name change to our hero Mario will be one forever remembered through the cosmos..." — SolemnStormcloud (talk))

Pak E. Derm[edit]

  • In Yoshi's Story, Pak E. Derm's path blocking is similar to that of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Pestnut (Chucklehuck Woods)[edit]

It appears that Beanies use Pestnuts as costumes but this is unknown if Pestnuts are costumes.

Pharaoh Guy[edit]

Yoshi can reproduce them to yarn balls normally.

Piranha Plant[edit]

  • In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the chomping noises the Piranha Plants make is Petey Piranha's voice sped up. They also make the same sound as Petey Piranha gets hit by an item or falls down the kart when they get hit by an item.


Types of Enemies

Pitchforks are not the bosses of levels. They are just normal enemies.



Pitchforks are Bandineros with a fork cap on their head from Wario Land: Shake It!. Not only cyan Pitchforks are in Wario Land: Shake It!: also lila-pink Pitchforks exists. These are a combination of a yellow Bandinero and a cyan Pitchfork, because they will jump.


As seen on the image identifying a Pitchfork on this article, their threat is 2/3 redstars.

("They mean the infobox")

Similar Enemies

Some similar enemies to a Pitchfork include other kinds of Bandineros, Goombas, Paragoombas, Electrogoombas, and Astrogoombas.


Related Articles

Wario Land: Shake It!
Red Star

("What the heck is an Astrogoomba?")
("That's probably in reference to its German name." - EleCyon (talk))

Puncher Boo[edit]


The puncher boos apear in new super mario bros. DS. They are just like a boo but they punch:bricks... Simply they are in the boo house waiting for mario /luigi come in then they attack!


They always seem to have a stupid grin on their face and are sometimes seen with their tongue hanging out; also, their eyes perpetually stare in different directions, which may imply that they suffer from divergent strabismus.

("Hmm, what do we know about the biology and related subject of the Donkey Kong universe, really?")

The R.O.B. Squad[edit]

Three R.O.B. Sentries as they appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

These are enemies found in the Subspace Emissary also see [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The escort the Ancient Minister brings with him is a R.O.B squad?! There are some that fire beams and others that fire missiles.

There are other enemies that will appear and try to impede your progress. Good luck! Don’t lose! And don’t run away!

There are three types:

("What a great strategy: Don't lose! I'll keep that in mind.")

Rocky Wrench[edit]

  • Rocky Wrenches look a lot like Monty Moles and use an attack pattern similar to them; they also have shells similar to those of Buzzy Beetles; this could make them a cross between the two. (Go ahead and picture how that could have been accomplished)

("We really needed that mental image.")


Roto-discs aka radioactive disco waffle balls of death, are Fire-Bar-like obstacles that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Sad Rex[edit]

Sad Rexes, like Sad Goombas, are simply sad Rexes that will simply sit in one location and weep. However, when Princess Peach approached one, the depressed dinosaur charges at her.

Sammer Guy[edit]

  • Their name is a pun on Samuri, and Guy.
  • They could be a spicies of Shy Guy they might have a mask on, because the bearded ones beards don't move when they talk. Possibally because the makers of Super Paper Mario can't do that.


  • A prize won by a character named Tino in the TV Show The Weekenders would go on to resemble Scram, although, due to the obscurity of the character, it is likely that this resemblance is coincidental.


Colonies, Settlements, and Structures

Shy Guy[edit]

Physical appearance and personality

The shy guys are one of the many rivals to Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, despite this, they are timid and soft-volumed, and kind minions, and rarely act insane

(Well, that's a relief. - Niiue (talk))

Skeeter (New Super Mario Bros.)[edit]

They skate aimlessly across the water, and drop Skull Bombs, which actually do not explode and instead smash through blocks. The explosion can also destroy blocks.


Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォーキン
Pun on “フォーク”(fōku,fork)and probably“ファッキン”(fakkin).

(Yes, it's the same word.)

(The same anon followed up a year later with another suggestion:)

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォーキン
Derived from「フォーク」(fōku, fork) and possibly "kink"

Small Spider[edit]

Small Spiders are large purple spiders[...].

(So it’s small and big at the same time. By the way, what is the opposite of Pirate Goomba? -OhoJeeOnFire (talk)


  • Although it is unknown why a Smeech kisses Yoshi, it could be that they are in love with him.



(Reminder to editors to always be careful when spelling the word "bestiary." - Mario jc (talk))

Snake (Mario Clash)[edit]

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘビーマム[1]
Snaky Mom



The name Snoodle, may be the words snail, an small animal and noodle, another word for pasta.

Space Troopa[edit]

A Space Troopa from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Stars in Their Eyes"
What could possibly be a Space Troopa


Their name Gabon is a direct translation from Japanese, [...] and also possibly, due to the jungle setting, a reference to the country of the same name.

("This has to be the stretchiest of all the big stretches I've ever seen." -EleCyon (talk))

Spiky paragoomba[edit]

Spiky Paragoomba, hmmmmmmm? Never heard of it. It doesn't exsist. But for the fun of it, I made a page for it. HP is 3 Attack is 5 and Defense is 2. Pretty cool huh? Spiky paragoomba.jpg

("Someone give this man a medal.")

Spiky Tromp[edit]


("And then Grindels are to Spindels..." - EleCyon (talk))


Unlike Koopa or Buzzy Beetle shells, Mario can not safely jump on a Spiny Shell despite its business end being upside down (however, Mario can do this in the Game Boy Advance remake).


When attacked, they split into three smaller Sproing-Oings, giving the attacker another thing to worry about.




This statue doesn't move, athough he can only stay in one place.

Super Dry Bones[edit]

Sad Articuno tries to cry. but... dry bones and sad articuno tries someday.

("That was so.... deep")

Torpedo Ted[edit]

The Torpedo Ted was launched from offscreen, therefore, it's launcher was never shown....i hate my life

("Later that evening, the Torpedo Ted decided to cut himself." - Stooben Rooben (talk))


Torpedo Teds have very smiling grins on their faces, which means that their arms are more farther away from the face.

("Guess they got over their depression.")


Super Mario World
Sprite of a Torpedo Ted being released from a Torpedo Base in Super Mario World

Torpedo Teds first appeared in Super Mario World and resided in Soda Lake. Mario and Yoshi encountered Torpedo Teds during their adventures in Dinosaur Land. Torpedo Teds moved fairly fast and could be hard to avoid due to the narrow pathways within Soda Lake. This enemy can be defeated with a star, because this sprite was not progammed for invincibility glitch because: They give many lives when "bounce" in the player. But this star may be in code or by the level editor.

("You can see the editor's neurons progressively dying as the sentence continues.")

Thwack Totem[edit]

  • The enemy resembles a totem pole.

("Gee I never would have guessed..." - Tails777 (talk))


  • In Mario Kart 64, the track Bowsers Castle(N64 Bowsers Castle in Mario Kart Wii) is green in color and imprisoned behing bars for unknown reasons. Fans named this thwomp Marty and it is rumored he is improsoned for helping Mario reach a Star. It Returns in Mario Kart Wii but it not green in color and looks like the current thwomps.

("Fun fact: the green coloration is actually the cell's yellow light being reflected on the blue Thwomp, causing the two colors to mix. One can look closely at the floor in the cell to see it's a bit yellower than the usual black-and-white checkerboard pattern in the rest of the castle. The lighting effect is a lot better in Mario Kart Wii, hence why the Thwomp in that cell isn't miscolored."Arend (talk))


(Spot the error, Take 2)

An official artwork of a Trouter from Super Mario Bros. 2.
Affiliation(s) Subcon, Wart, 8-bits
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)
(Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic)
Latest appearance Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition (2010)

Venus Ice Trap[edit]

Venus Ice Traps appeared on Fantendo and were made due to fan demand

("Yes, give all credit first to Fantendo.")


  • Unlike most Dry Bones, Vomers do not wear shoes (however, the Dry Bones of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars do not wear shoes either).

("Then what's the point of saying that...?")


Super Mario 3D Land(2012)

This is the same thing as in Super Mario 3D Land(2011).



Whomps used to be incredibly Handsome creatures however, after years of having their only attack be slamming their faces down on the ground...well ya know

Yux (species)[edit]

  • When a Mini-Yux is in the presence of its greater being, an unbreakable shield will be created around the main Yux unit; the only way to abolish this shield is to destroy all of Mini-Yux in the way.
  • Mini-Yux are a variety of Yux that have been created to serve and protect their greater being.
  • Mini-Z-Yux are small, cone shaped offspring of the Z-Yux. The Mini-Z-Yux have an identical mission to that of a regular Yux: They must shield the Z-Yux from harm as it attacks opponents. One Mini-Z-Yux will reproduce per turn. As with the Mini-Yux, the player must eradicate the Mini-Z-Yux in order to break down the barrier protecting the Z-Yux.
  • Mini-X-Yux are the protectors of the X-Yux. Mini-X-Yux are small, blue cone shaped creatures, of which, two are spawned to protect its greater being per turn.
  • Thus, to attack Sir Grodus in a no-holds-barred fashion, one must annihilate all Grodus Xs.