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Depiction of PanchamBro from November 23, 2022
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Hey, it's me PanchamBro. I'm mostly active on Nookipedia, but I do occasionally come here to contribute.

I've been a heavy fan of the Mario series for a while since Super Mario Galaxy, but I haven't gotten a new game from the Mario franchise recently, primarily because I've moved on to other franchises like Animal Crossing. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Mario fan at heart, and I'm happy to assist here. I'm also the writer for "NIWA News" and "That NIWA List" in The 'Shroom, so check me out there if you will.

I'm available at other wikis as PanchamBro (for Fandom, I'm known as SansUT1), and social media as well. For more information on the list of wikis I'm involved in, check out my page here.

Something I should note now is yes, this account is extremely old, being created on February 17, 2013. My former names were MarioProject23, The Zombie Bros., and Pinkie Pie.

'Shroom Work

Last updated as of May 11, 2022.

Issue Articles
Issue 175 That NIWA List (Bag of Popcorn)
Issue 177 That NIWA List (Squirrel)
Issue 179 That NIWA List (Failed Nintendo Harry Potter pitch)
Issue 181 NIWA News
That NIWA List (PKMNaPKMNゥ ♂ fPKMNk)


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