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Transmission received:
You have entered Ultimate Mr. L's Secret L-air. Continue at your own risk.
And I do mean risk.

Status: Retired. I am satisfied with the quality of the articles I intended to improve. I enjoyed my experience as an editor here, but I simply do not feel I am needed anymore. I will still participate in joke proposals on April Fools' Day. But otherwise, I must now say L-ater.

Ultimate Mr L.png

Ultimate Mr. L
Real Name: It starts with an L...
Age: It's a 2-digit number...
Birthday: 13-35-2277
Home: Somewhere on Planet Earth... Maybe...
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Super Paper Mario/Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Odyssey
Least Favorite Game: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Favorite Non-Mario Game: Undertale
Favorite Characters: Luigi, Mr. L, Dimentio, Fawful, etc...
Least Favorite Characters: Waluigi, Toadette, Pink Gold Peach, Francis, etc...
Ultimate Mr. L's Super Cool and Interesting Extremely Tall Tower of Boxes that Defines Him and His Opinions As A Person and All the Things He Likes and Whatnot
Ultimate Mr L.png
The cross.PNG
MP4 Bowser.png
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Dark Mechawful.gif
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Bowser - Mario Party 10.png
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Tutorial Bowser Superstar Saga.PNG
Mario Party 10 Mario running (transparent).png
Ultimate Mr L.png
NSMBW Empty Block Artwork.png
MP9 Yoshi Playing Fungi Frenzy Artwork.png

Ultimate Mr. L, also called The Black Lightning, is an evil clone of Luigi created when Bowser invented a cloning machine, hoping to make an army of Bowsers. However, he ended up zapping Luigi, creating a new Mr. L with power over electricity and machinery. This creation became known a Ultimate Mr. L. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he has been rumored to be hiding out on the Super Mario Wiki, making edits to articles in the Super Paper Mario category and acting mild mannered and business-like on Talk Pages to avoid suspicion.

In the real world, Ultimate Mr. L is the name of a User on the Super Mario Wiki who is obsessed with Mario and hopes to contributes as much as he can. Ultimate Mr. L as a Mario villain doesn't actually exist, so don't bother searching for him. The real Ultimate Mr. L is a huge fan of the Mario franchise and enjoys recording information about it and making up his own games about Mario (even though he can't actually make them). He hopes to one day establish contact with Nintendo and ask them about his made-up games and his theories. He strongly (or maybe just stubbornly) believes that King Boo and Bowser are one and the same (there's a surprising amount of evidence) and that Bowser Jr. is actually a clone of Bowser, with the Koopalings being prototypes.


I have been obsessed with Mario since I was 6 years old. My earliest memory of him is watching my mom play Super Mario Bros. on Wii Virtual Console when I was 2 years old. Some of my favorite pastimes are playing Mario on any system and making up my own Mario games and typing them up, as well as typing up info about existing Mario games (I started that before I found the Super Mario Wiki). I found the Super Mario Wiki several years ago, but didn't visit it regularly for a while and didn't join until even later. I won't be taking friend requests because I like to have met someone in person, not just in Cyberspace. So if I turn down a friend request, don't take it personally. I also won't give out my real name, age, address, etc.

General Information


I'd rather not tell you what I look like. Sorry, it's just that I grew up with the Golden Rule of "Never put your information out on the Internet."

Powers and Abilities

I have a very active mind, mostly used for thinking about Mario, books (mostly fantasy), the novel series I am writing, and such. I'm about average at most school subjects, except history.


I'm obsessed with Mario and very nerdy. Though Mario is my passion, there are other things I like. Basically, if I like something, I'm obsessed with it. I enjoy Metroid, Zelda and a few third-party games (specifically Portal and Undertale) for video games other than Mario. I read lots of books, including, but not limited to: Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, The Door Within, The Berinfell Prophecies, How to Train your Dragon and A Whole Nother Story. I like movies a lot as well. Some of my favorites are the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lord of the Rings, PIXAR, etc. I'm also a Christian and hope to spread the word of Jesus Christ. I'm very weird. That's my signature. One of my goals is be as weird as humanly possible. Random Weirdness Initiate: LEGO refrigerator en la trampoline!

Mario Games I have Played



PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png PowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png PowerstarSMG.png Bronze star.png
Perfect Excellent Great Good OK Mediocre Bad Worse Garbage Shovelware


MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png MK8 Rosalina Car Horn Emblem.png
Completed Not completed Cannot be completed In process of 100% Completion 100% Completed
* Indicates that I have played the game, but do not own it.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Notes Rating Completion
SMB Boxart.png

Super Mario Bros.

Great game, considering what Nintendo had to work with at the time. I've actually taken kind of a liking to the Bowser Impostors, though they could use a little more diversity when it comes to attacks. For example, some of them could maybe have shot heat-seeking fireballs. Another complaint is the small variety of items. I think of this game as kind of a prototype and Super Mario Bros. 3 is the real deal, since it was many steps up from this game. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Never able to get past World 4.


Wrecking Crew

Well, I like it, but it's very different from other Mario games. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Inconsistent. Not really stuck at any specific stage.

SMB3 Boxart.png

Super Mario Bros. 3

Now here is a game well worthy of praise. It introduced the Koopalings and a huge host of items (some still exclusive to it), not to mention some new moves and a map. I like the world themes and how Bowser doesn't kidnap the princess until the end. However, though the game has far better boss battles than Super Mario Bros., they are still rather weak. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Can't get past World 8-Tank.gif.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Notes Rating Completion
Super Mario World Box.png

Super Mario World

Not much of step up from Super Mario Bros. 3, but I still like it. The Koopalings' colors got very screwed up and Ludwig should have been fought last. Also, there could have been more differences between boss battles. I like the addition of a secret world and the Koopa Clown Car. But the reason I give it four Stars is because of the introduction of one of my favorite characters: Yoshi! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

At the Vanilla Dome

Super Mario RPG Box.png

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Some people may think otherwise, but I didn't like this game. The plot seems pretty decent and I like Smithy, but the graphics are kind of strange and I don't like the turn-based battles in it, though that's really just me (I don't think I'd like the battles in Paper Mario either). PowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Quit at the Mack fight.

Nintendo 64

Game Notes Rating Completion
Super Mario 64 Boxart.png

Super Mario 64

The first Mario 3D platformer and boy, is it amazing! A huge number of missions, great boss battles, the introduction of Peach's Castle, incredible music, and on and on! However, like all games, it has its downs. I know it was the first 3D Mario game, but I'm still going to complain about the camera and the small-ish levels. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Around 15-20 Power Stars.

MK64 Cover.png

Mario Kart 64*

I've only played a little bit of this game. The courses are some of the best, but the graphics aren't very good and make it hard to play. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png


Game Notes Rating Completion
Luigi's Mansion Box.png

Luigi's Mansion

I love this game. It was time for Luigi to get a starring role. Stunning a ghost and sucking it up gives exhilaration and satisfaction I can't explain! Some people don't like the short length, but I kind of like it. That way if I don't do too well, I can go back again to get more gold frames and more money. My only complaint is that it can get tense at times and I have to take a break. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed twice, lit up every room and caught every Boo the second time.

SSBM cover art.jpg

Super Smash Bros. Melee

I don't really remember this game very well, it's been so long. But I do remember that I liked it, so I'm giving it three Stars PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
Box NA Super Mario Sunshine.png

Super Mario Sunshine

A lot of this game certainly seems to be geared more toward players of a higher skill level than myself (looking at you, "Secret of ___" levels), but I still enjoyed it. I've heard that F.L.U.D.D. is hit-or-miss, but I thought it was a great idea to give Mario an exclusive tool with new functions. The tough-as-nails platforming segments could have been toned down, but I liked the exploration-based segments. There were some very creative puzzles and a couple fun boss battles.

I wish Shadow Mario was just his own character instead of a Bowser Jr. alter ego. The reveal was wasted for those who hadn't seen Bowser Jr. before and Shadow Mario would have been far more interesting as character with a mysterious backstory.

PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed Corona Mountain.

Nintendo DS

Game Notes Rating Completion

Super Mario 64 DS

A great remake. A like the addition of playable characters besides Mario and of new Stars. The graphics are more pixelated than the original, but still better. However, the extra Stars make for extra gameplay before the final battle with Bowser and Bowser's entrance in the original was far more dramatic. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed Bowser in the Sky, still have only 80 Stars.

MKDS NA Box Art.png

Mario Kart DS

Not the best Mario Kart game. The graphics could have been better and the drifting doesn't work as well. But when there's no other Mario Kart around, I'll play it. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Never played the mission mode, so...

New Super Mario Bros box.png

New Super Mario Bros.

Ah, a callback to the classic NES games. Good concepts, power-ups and boss battles, but none of the music is really noteworthy. I wonder if anyone was expecting Dry Bowser! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed every level, have not collected every Star Coin.


Mario Party DS

A pretty good game. There could have been more boards, but I do like the ones that there are and the boss battles are the best of any Mario Party game. I especially like the Boss Battle music. As with all other Mario Party games, multiplayer offers more than single player. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed the Story Mode.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story*

Now here's an RPG I like. The battles in the Mario & Luigi series are more engaging and give me more of the feel that I'm fighting something. It keeps you on your toes. I have to pay close attention to which Bro. is being targeted or whether an enemy is going to try and trick me into jumping or something that will harm me. The plot starts out kind of goofy, but soon changes to a darker story. It's probably the best plot in the series. I HAVE FURY! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed twice.


Game Notes Rating Completion

Super Paper Mario

This is one of my favorite video games of all time. In-depth and complex plot, epic boss battles, fun characters, beautiful music, creative worlds, the list goes on. I love everything about it. No complaints! (The fact that it's getting old after seven plays doesn't count.)


PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed seven times. On one file, have all optional Pixls and have completed Flipside Pit of 100 Trials and Duel of 100.

Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg

Super Mario Galaxy

What's not to love? It's the perfect mix of linear and exploration-based 3D gameplay, it's got great boss battles and unparalleled music, as well as the best plot out of the 3D platformers. The atmosphere is stunningly well-executed and the time-travel implications leave me thinking about this game long after I've beat it. Best Super Mario game and one of the greatest games overall. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Unlocked Super Luigi Galaxy.

SSBB Cover.jpeg

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This is a great game. It's way too slow ofr the standard Smash mode to be fun, but it gave us Nintendo's Infinity War, the Subspace Emissary, which keeps me coming back. The platforming may be simplistic, but it's still entertaining and Nintendo managed to tell a heartfelt, epic story that ties everything together flawlessly without any dialogue. If you don't think that's impressive... then Falcon PUNCH! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed the Subspace Emissary, unlocked every fighter.


Mario Kart Wii

Best Mario Kart game yet. The menu music is cool, the menu itself is cool, I like how the different files are drivers licenses and the courses are awesome. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
NSMBW NA Box Art.jpg

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Amazing game. A worthy successor. Awesome new items, the introduction to co-op gameplay, and the return of the Koopalings. Co-op mode is great, but sometimes unruly. An accident can leave someone with one less life, which starts a fight (at least in my home). PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed twice without warping, beat World 9-1.


Super Mario Galaxy 2*

A great sequel, but the first was better. The music wasn't quite as good and neither was the plot or atmosphere. They abandoned the subversive nature of the original for your standard fair Mario romp, but in space. However, I do like Starship Mario and the new power-ups. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

80-90 Stars (?), completed World S until Boss Blitz Galaxy.

Nintendo 3DS

Game Notes Rating Completion

Mario Kart 7

Not quite as good as Wii. The graphics were decent, the courses were good, and kart customization was a really cool concept, but overall, Wii was just better. (Honey Queen? Wiggler? Come on!) PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
SM3DL UScover.png

Super Mario 3D Land*

Decent game, put it just doesn't compare to 64 or Galaxy. It's essentially a New Super Mario Bros. game with 3D graphics. The bosses are kind of disappointing. There's not a lot of variety. The Koopalings should have been in it. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Didn't play long enough to get past World 4.

NSMB2 NA box cover.png

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Another NSMB game. I like them, but their kind of getting old at this point. Anyway...

I didn't think a game focusing on coins could be very fun. I was wrong. I like the power-ups in this game. Raccoon Mario's return was long awaited and the Gold Flower is very fun to use. The boss battles were fairly good, not the best, but not bad either. It seemed short. I made it to World StarStaricon.png-Castle Icon.png in just a few days. Since the focus is coins, it's difficult to get a game over and, while the levels are slightly more difficult than the other NSMB games, it isn't enough to compensate. It was still very fun though, if not entirely fresh.

PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed all worlds, including optional ones.

Luigis Mansion dark moon boxart.png

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Doesn't compare to the original (literally, the gameplay is almost totally different), but that doesn't mean it's bad! Frankly, I think it's good to throw a new spin on things when it comes to sequels so it isn't the same game over and over. *cough**cough*NSMB*cough*. Pretty much everything about this game was spot-on fun. There is only one problem: checkpoints (or lack thereof). PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed the game.

Box NA - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

While not as fun as Bowser's Inside Story (I miss playing as Bowser), Dream Team is still a good game. The Luiginary Works are fun, especially the Luiginoid Formation. Once again, there is are both 2D and 3D worlds, though the Dream World is far more engaging, with the overworld being little more than a map, except at some points.The game would be a lot better without the excessive tutorials. Having one tutorial per Luiginary Work is quite unnecessary.As for plot, not as good as Bowser's Inside Story, like most of this game, but still good. Antasma is a good villain and while I find a part of myself wishing Bowser was more of a goofy anti-hero, he still works well as a main antagonist. I like that the plot focuses on Luigi. I can't say how excited I was by the Luiginoid army or Giant Luigi. After all, what's better than more Luigi? PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed, rescued every Pi'illo, reached Rainbow Rank.

Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam - NOA Boxart.png

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam*

The Mario & Luigi games are going downhill at this point. The plot here isn't nearly as interesting as the last two games and I'm still wondering why the Marios and Luigi are thinking "Hey, the princesses are kidnapped! Let's rescue them!" and not "Hey, a bunch of paper copycats just randomly jumped out of a book! That's not good!" The gameplay remains quite engaging, however, with Paper Mario being a great addition. The overworld gameplay is pretty fun, as are the little missions, but I miss the jumping between 2D and 3D worlds from the last two games (the Paper universe seemed like such an obvious Dream World alternative). Really, the idea of Mario & Luigi crossing over with Paper Mario was a fun one, but it could have been executed so much better. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed, rescued every Paper Toad.

Wii U

Game Notes Rating Completion
NSMBU boxcover.png

New Super Mario Bros. U

An amazing game, but it doesn't offer too much more than Wii. I like the connecting maps and boss battles. But the thing that I like most about this game is the final battle with Bowser. Finally, Mario fights Giant Bowser head-on instead of running away! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Mario Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed without warping.

NSLU NA Box Art.png

New Super Luigi U

I've never liked strict time limits... PowerstarSMG.png MK8 Bowser Car Horn Emblem.png

Played the first four levels and quit.

Box NA - Super Mario 3D World.png

Super Mario 3D World

I liked this game. We were able to beat it pretty fast, but then there's a bunch of bonus worlds. However, I much prefer exploration/puzzle-based gameplay. I also feel like it should have had the Koopalings. The bosses it did have, though, were quite fun. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Green Yoshi Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed main game and first three bonus worlds. Beat Worlds 1 and 2 100%.

MK8 NA Box Art.jpg

Mario Kart 8

Really fun game, but still not as good as Wii. I like the anti-gravity and the new items, but it doesn't have nearly as many characters. I was very upset when I found out Bowser Jr, didn't appear at all. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
SSBWiiU NA Boxart.png

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

I can't decide which is better this or Brawl. I'm not sure why there isn't a story mode. I like the new characters (Bowser Jr. is my signature character), but I notice that not everyone from Brawl returned. The name is a little weird. Kind of unimaginative and it doesn't go along with the other names (Melee, Brawl). PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
Mario Party 10 box.png

Mario Party 10

Some (or maybe a lot) were disappointed in this game, but I wasn't. It's hard to be disappointed when your expectations are low. After all, it's a Mario Party game. It's not going to be great. Bowser Party can be fun, but I can't help but feel underpowered as Team Mario. amiibo party is boring. We still have cars. Boss Battles should never consist of competing against other players. Seriously, no. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
Super Mario Maker - Artwork 04.png

Super Mario Maker

Finally! The game I've been waiting for! An official Mario level designer!!! But it's still not perfect so here we go:

There's not as many course elements as I would like. Ground should shake into slopes and Dry Bones should turn int Mechakoopas. The biggest thing I want is boss battles. More work goes into them than it should. Someone should be able to tap Bowser and bring up a menu similar to the Mystery Mushroom's which lists Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom and of course, the Koopalings.

PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png

Nintendo Switch

Game Notes Rating Completion
SuperMarioOdyssey - NA boxart.jpg

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has created an instant classic. This game is almost entirely perfect. The open world exploration is amazing, the graphics are stunning, the outfits and captures are genius. The story isn't much different from other Mario games, but it's done so well, I don't care. The soundtrack will be remembered right up there with 64 and Galaxy. The bosses are the game's weak point and the story is short, but the rest of the game is so good, that's easy to ignore. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Rosalina Car Horn Emblem.png

Collected all 880 Power Moons and Purple Coins!!

MK8 Deluxe - Box NA.png

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I'll say this: this is, in every way, an improvement. The inclusion of Bowser Jr. and King Boo is quite welcome, as is the automatic DLC. The battle mode, of course, is the best part. But half of it is a different game, so it gets a star deducted. PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.png MK8 Toad Car Horn Emblem.png
SSB Ultimate box art.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The most ambitious video game crossover event ever just barely lives up to hype. The massive roster ensures that any player will be able to find a fighter that works for them and the fighters are more balanced than they've ever been, ensuring even low tier characters a chance at victory. I do miss custom characters, but with so many options, it's easy to overlook that. This has the absolute best Classic Mode in Smash history, with a different route for every character. I find myself wishing for a wider variety of bosses, however. I really like the ability to customize your own rulesets, something I have wished for my entire Smash career. Despite loathing World of Light initially, I grew to really like it when I looked past the lack of story. Still, I want the Subspace Emissary back! PowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngPowerstarSMG.pngBronze star.png MK8 Rosalina Car Horn Emblem.png

Completed World of Light 100%.

Other Nintendo Games

10 BEST Mario Characters

10 WORST Mario Characters

Favorite Boss Battles

Considering how much I like Boss Battles, it's fitting to have this.

Boss Battle Image Notes

Bowser (Super Mario Bros. 3)

SMB3 Bowser Battle.png Best boss battle of its era. More innovative than most, which is one of the things I look for in a battle. all the other battles were just jumping on the boss's head. Though I haven't played the actual battle, I did recreate it exactly in Super Mario Maker.

Bowser (Super Mario 64)

Mario vs Bowser 64.png Really gives the feel of a one-on-one heroic showdown. Bowser has a wide variety of attacks, which is always more fun. Bowser's entrance in the original was more dramatic in the original than in Super Mario 64 DS. In the original, Bowser stomps in time with the music (which is awesome) as the camera pans up to his head and the camera bounces out when it gets there. In DS, he just walked up to Mario. In the original, there were four mines, but that was a little too difficult. In DS, there were eight which was effortless! The next Super Mario 64 should have six mines. That would be just the right level of easy and hard.

King Boo (Super Mario 64 DS)

SM64DS BBH Kingboo.png Interesting battle. I like his ability to appear only in the mirror. It also interests me that no matter what player you are, you will always show up as Luigi in the mirror.
Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy.png

Kamek (Mario Party DS)

Book Bash.png I don't know why, but this battle is really fun! It may have something to do with the fast-paced feel of it matching the fast-paced music.

Kretin (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

Beta Kretin battle.png This battle keeps you on your toes. It's fun to figure out where the real Kretin is hiding and Beta Kretin's laser attack is fun to dodge.

Dark Star (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

Dark Star battle.png I like this fight because you have to use a special technique to beat the boss, rather than just attacking it over and over again.
DarkBowserAni.gifFawful Darker.png

Dark Bowser/Dark Star Core

ShadowBowser.png For one thing, Dark Bowser is awesome. For another thing, Fawful is awesome. For another, it's awesome the way they turned it into two battles in one! Finally, the music is awesome!

Fracktail (Super Paper Mario)

SPM Fracktail Battle.png I like the concept of riding on a boss while attacking it.
Bleck SPM art.jpg

Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

SPM Bleck Battle.png Normally, I go for bosses with a complex defeat strategy, but Count Bleck's wide variety of interesting attacks cannot be ignored. I like pretty much all he can throw at me. Plus, this is the largest boss arena in the game (Frackatil's doesn't count; he's huge) and the only one with platforms, so part of the challenge is just finding Bleck. This might just be more worthy of being a final battle than Super Dimentio.

King Kaliente (Super Mario Galaxy)

Crownless.png I have no idea why this battle is so fun, but it is!
Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy.png

Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy)

FinalReactor.png This is my favorite Mario boss battle of all time. I like that you have to do a whole bunch of different things to count as one hit. The final battle at Bowser's Galaxy Reactor is especially elaborate.
NSMBW Bowser Jr Artwork.png

Bowser Jr. (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

NSMBW Mariocar.png The first battle isn't the best, but the second and third battles are awesome! I just like it when you do something other than stomp the boss's head.
NSMBW Ludwig Artwork.png

Ludwig von Koopa (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

Mario vs Ludwig2.png Ludwig's unique magic shots are interesting and I love the fast-paced second battle.
NSMBW Kamek Artwork.png

Kamek (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

NSMBW Kamek Tower Battle.png Just a cool concept. Once, I almost got stuck because Kamek had broken almost all of the blocks in front of me. I had to make a huge jump--right on his head!

Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

BowserGalaxyGenerator-BowserBattlePlanet.png The final boss was too effortless, but the rest of the battles were awesome. The meteors are just small planets--and Mario's shooting them at Bowser!
NSMBU Boss Sumo Bro Artwork.png

Boss Sumo Bro. (New Super Mario Bros. U)

NSMBUScrewtopTowerBoss.png Once again, no idea why I like it.
Bowserjr NSMBU.png

Bowser Jr. (New Super Mario Bros. U)

NSMBU The Mighty Cannonship Bowser Jr Battle.png The battle with his boxing gloves is fun, but the underwater battle is where the actions at!

Bowser (New Super Mario Bros. U)

NSMBU Final Bowser Battle Screenshot.png The main reason I like this battle is that Mario doesn't run away from Giant Bowser. He finally fights him head-on! It's also fun when Bowser and Bowser Jr. fight alongside each other and I love riding in the Junior Clown Car.
Bowser X.png

Giant Bowser (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

No Image Available I love complexity in a boss fight and this battle most certainly has that.
Bowser Mobile Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png

Bowser (Super Mario 3D World)

Bowser Mobile Battle.png It's cool how the battlefield is constantly moving. That and I like the Bowser Mobile.
Knucklotec Artwork SMO.jpg

Knucklotec (Super Mario Odyssey)

SMO - Olmec-Boss.jpg The bosses in Odyssey are normally too easy, but Knucklotec was a decent challenge, especially the rematch. Plus, the fist capture is ridiculously fun!
Mollosque-Lanceur Artwork SMO.jpg

Mollusque-Lanceur (Super Mario Odyssey)

No Image Available A fun challenge, an opportunity to use Gushens offensively, excellent music. The rematch in the sky is especially fun!
SMO Art - Bowser.png

Bowser (Super Mario Odyssey)

SMO Bowser Battle Cloud Kingdom.jpg Bowser has a wider variety of attacks than most bosses and his music is a nice SM64 callback. The feeling of power I got when I first stole that hat is indescribable.

Master Core (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U)

Masterfortress-1.jpg The most intense Nintendo boss ever, hands down! All of the best bosses have more than one phase, so six phases definitely cuts it! This is basically every category of boss in one. A giant humanoid, a quadrupedal monster, living weapons, and a copy of your character. But things get really trippy when it transforms into a freaking living castle! It's that final phase, only found on the highest difficulties, that makes this such a great boss. I was transported back to the Subspace Emissary for those precious minutes as I hunted down the weak spots of a literally heart-pounding boss with imminent death a moment away constantly. I lost count of how many tries it took me to beat this menace, but the satisfaction I felt once I finally did rivals the feeling of elation at the defeat of Sans in Undertale.
Galeem SSBU.pngSSBU Dharkon Spirit.png

True Final Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

No Image Available Truly one of the most epic Nintendo finales ever. This sets the bar for three-stage bosses. I was treated to the platforming I had missed the entire game, as well as boss rush, a concept that is woefully rare, especially as part of a final confrontation. The actual boss fight is also interesting, as both bosses must be defeated with seconds of each other for victory to be achieved. It also has a different feel from good vs evil fights, instead being more like evil vs evil, with good just trying to break it up. Overall, one the best final battles I've had the privilege to participate in.

The Legend of Ultimate Mr. L

Mario & Luigi receive word that Bowser has created a cloning machine and plans on making an army of himself. They rush to Bowser's Castle, but the Koopa Troop buys Bowser time and by the time Mario & Luigi reach him, Bowser is already inside the machine, ready to clone. Not knowing what else to do, Luigi hurls himself at the machine. Bowser is catapulted out, the energy is directed to Luigi, lightning strikes the machine and the computer systems for it malfunction. Suddenly, there is a huge flash of light and a new Mr. L is created. Mario & Luigi attack him, but he reveals powers over electricity and machinery and easily dispatches them. He then runs off to do evil things. He goes on a thievery spree and Mario & Luigi always get there just after he leaves. They finally catch up to him at Shroom National Bank, but instead of running away, Ultimate Mr. L attacks them. He seems to have developed an inexplicable, yet extreme hatred for Luigi and, consequently, Mario. Fortunately, Mario & Luigi came prepared. They wear rubber, nullifying any chance of electrocution, and special magnets that deflect metal. They are able to beat Ultimate Mr. L, but he escapes into the internet.

Ultimate Dark Bowser
Ultimate Evil L, the Dark Destructinator

Meanwhile, back at Bowser's Castle, Bowser and Bowser Jr. try to put back together the cloning machine to give Bowser Ultimate Mr. L's powers. Kamek tries to help out with dark magic. Eventually, they think they've done it and Bowser steps into the machine. Unfortunately, the machine creates a clone of Bowser with dark powers. This monster is known as Ultimate Dark Bowser. Bowser tries to get his creation to join the Koopa Troop, but Ultimate Dark Bowser is his own master. He escapes through a portal and Bowser realizes that he has just unleashed one of the most powerful villains ever.

Back at Peach's Castle, Mario & Luigi hear about a robot attacking Toad Town. It turns out to be Brobot L-Type 7.0, Ultimate Mr. L's robot. While it's main form is just like Brobot L-Type, it can also transform into a helicopter, tank or submarine. Mario & Luigi are unable to defeat it, but are saved by the unexpected interference of Bowser. Ultimate Mr. L, however, is pulled through a portal. Bowser tells them about Ultimate Dark Bowser and asks them to work with him to defeat him. Meanwhile, Ultimate Mr. L meets Ultimate Dark Bowser, who was the one who saved him. They agree to become partners in crime. Ultimate Mr. L deducts that the key to their success is the cloning machine. In its current state, it can give Ultimate Mr. L dark powers and then he can rebuild it to give Ultimate Dark Bowser technopathic abilities.

Mario, Luigi and Bowser decide to head to the castle too and find the dangerous duo waiting. Ultimate Mr. L is just finishing powering up with darkness. He emerges as Ultimate Evil L, the Dark Destructinator! He then betrays Ultimate Dark Bowser by destroying the machine and an epic battle ensues, between Mario & Luigi, Bowser, Ultimate Dark Bowser and Ultimate Evil L. When everyone realizes they cannot beat the Dark Destructinator, they team up against him. Mario, Bowser and Ultimate Dark Bowser keep him busy, while Luigi reconfigures the machine to destroy the clones. Ultimate Dark Bowser ends up gone and Ultimate Evil L's dark powers are sucked away, but he manages to escape into the internet. He is still at large and a team of Toads is searching random URLs for Ultimate Mr. L.


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